Airport Malaga Frigiliana Taxi Transfers


Airport Malaga Frigiliana Taxi Transfers

Airport Malaga Frigiliana Taxi Transfers

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Airport Malaga Frigiliana Taxi Transfers

Frigiliana is located in the eastern part of La Axarquia 56 Kilometres away from Malaga Airport Arrivals and only six Kilometres from Nerja and 430 metres above sea level and has an estimated population of about 2300 residents and due to its geographical position it has a very special micro-climate with an average annual temperature of 18 ºC ensuring mild winters and warm summers.

Frigiliana is on the famous scenic route of sun and wine that is 55 kilometres long and goes past numerous villages in the eastern area of Axarquia.

The main agricultural product in these areas surrounding these villages is the grape, from which many very good wines are produced like the sweet wine that attracts visitors from all over the world wanting a piece of this extremely pretty village which has been awarded numerous prizes such as the best preserved Moorish quarter in the Province of Malaga and four major prizes (one of them national) for the embellishment and improvement of the town. It is also the purest Moorish architecture that can be found in the Province of Malaga. It is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Andalusia and also one of the most beautiful towns in all of Spain. The enchantment of this town is unforgettable with its spectacular countryside and amazing sea views.frigiliana-malaga

Frigiliana has a rich past, remains were found in a cave in 1987 proving that man inhabited this territory in prehistoric times and there are remains of the Phoenicians and the Romans. The Moors had their stronghold in Frigiliana and many important Moorish nobles lived in the town. The Reconquest in 1487 by the Christians ended the long Moorish rule. The Moors were treated in a severe manner and the Moors in the Axarquia revolted in 1569. There was a very big battle at the Peñon of Frigiliana in 1569, resulting in a big loss of life on both sides. The Moorish castle was almost destroyed and the Moors were forced to abandon Spain and go to North Africa.

Airport Malaga Frigiliana Taxi Transfers-El Ingenio Nuestra Señora del Carmen

This building was constructed towards the end of the 1767, integrating the palace of the Counts of Frigiliana which was built in 1508. It occupies 2000 square meters and is the last working cane molasses factory in Europe.

Airport Malaga Frigiliana Taxi Transfers-Church of San Antonio de Padua.

The church of San Antonio de Padua was built in 1676 and refurbished a century later. It was named after the patron saint of Frigiliana, who was born in 1195 in Lisbon, then a part of Spain, and was given the name of Fernando at Baptism. His parents, Martin and Mary Bulhom, belonged to one of the prominent families of the city. At the age of 15 he entered the religious order of St. Augustine.frigiliana church

The interior of the church has three naves separated by pilasters and covered by a wooden roof, the height of the transept is increased by means of a dome with a lantern, the church also houses a painted wooden carving of San Antón from the eighteenth century and the exterior displays a simple brick façade with a semicircular arch and a three-level bell tower.

Airport Malaga Frigiliana Taxi Transfers-Archaeological museum

The Archaeological Museum is worth a visit it has an interesting collection of objects found at different sites of the municipality including objects found at the Bat cave in 1987 which demonstrates the rich history of this town. It is integrated in the Andalusian and national network of museums and is the only one of its kind in the whole of the Axarquia .

Airport Malaga Frigiliana Taxi Transfers- To the Old fountain

This fountain was built by the Count of Frigiliana in the 17th century that is the reason the fountain has the family’s coat of arms on it, it was used as a drinking trough for the animals and the famous donkey taxis.

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Airport Malaga Frigiliana Taxi Transfers

Malaga Cabbie provide  fully licensed and insured Airport Malaga Frigiliana Taxi Transfers, Pre-Book your Malaga Airport Transfers to Frigiliana for €65, why wait in long airport queues after a tiring flight when we can whisk you straight passed them to your air conditioned vehicle, sit back and enjoy the hassle free ride.

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