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Malaga Cabbie - Enjoy the Costa del Golf

So You Want To Play Golf

Costa del Sol is a top destination for golf enthusiasts. With a huge variety of hotels, resorts, spas and amazing restaurants dedicated to golf lovers, Malaga offers everything your family or group of friends need to spend some quality time, doing what you love.

There are approximately 70 golf courses along the coast, from Gibraltar to Malaga. Amazing weather, beautiful locations and top quality service guarantees perfect conditions and all necessary resources for the fans of this sport, all over the year. There are 300 days of sunshine and some breathtaking views of the Mediterranean to make the experience unforgettable. For the cold months, the conditions remain positive with a steady temperature up towards the mid twenties even in December.

For amateurs or professionals, some of the Europe’s top 100 finest courses are located here. From Cádiz to Granada, a number of 27 spots were listed on a new UK guide for golf courses.

In 2015, 300,000 golf players played at Costa del Sol and the number keep on rising. This year, the Andalusia region expects an increase in Asian golfing tourists as well as golfers from Germany, Holland and France, who are also flying over to tee off on the Costa del Sol.

Female players also make their presente at the region. There is not only a wide range of courses and facilities, but also a great number of open tournaments. For example, this September, Club Lauro Golf will receive Alps Tour, and Club Aloha will host the Ladies Open.

Why not arrange a trip and rely on Malaga Cabbie your transport to your destination? Malaga Cabbie has cars for groups up to 20 people to make sure you have the best golf holiday on the Costa del Sol.