Low cost airport Malaga transfers

;Low cost airport Malaga transfer

Malaga cabbie is one of the best run Low cost airport Malaga Transfer company, they take priLow cost airport Malaga transferde in what they do, reliable, trustworthy, safe and reasonable prices, they make a great start to your break especially if you can save a few bob. One of the main concerns of using a Malaga taxi service that you won’t recognize the driver. So and picked up by an illegitimate taxi that has no license or insure for paying customer services. Malaga Cabbie provides Low cost airport Malaga transfer transport; we ensure the safety of our passengers and go to great lengths to ensure our drivers are easily recognizable.

Low cost airport Malaga transfer

Once you have landed at Malaga airport and collected your luggage from the baggage reclaim belt, and pass the arrivals hall your licensed Low cost airport Malaga transfer taxi or minibus driver will be waiting for you and your party holding an official OMT (Spanish airport authority) sign with the lead passengers name clearly printed on it. You should not get into a car with a driver that does not have your information. You should have with you a print off of the confirmation email you will receive after booking; to ensure you match with the driver that assing to you.

It can take a while to get through customs and clear, but you can rest assured that the driver will wait for you for up tLow cost airport Malaga transfero one hour which will give you plenty of time. If you have a delay, strand and will first check with the flight company before leaving. This is the process all drivers will go through to ensure that there is no reason for genuine delay.

The best way to avoid the driver leaving is to include a mobile phone number when you make your booking. As soon as you are able to do so after leaving the plane you; will need to switch it on so that the Malaga taxi service can ring you to see how long you are going to be or; whether it is best to send another driver later. Alternatively you can ring the emergency number printed on the form you will have in your booking confirmation. You can then advise the office of the delay to make sure the driver doesn’t leave without you.

Low cost airport Malaga transfer

Malaga cabbie offer private Low cost airport Malaga transfer services ensuring all passengers are transported safely, we also provide a child seat hire service for only 3 euros. If you already have a seat you can use that instead. The Malaga airport transfers service is usually a door to door service as long as the street is not pedestrian, but if you do need to stop off to pick up some essentials on route, let the office know if this is your intention as you will need to ensure the driver does not have other bookings to go to straight after you that will be delayed.

If you need to collect the keys to your destination while on the way, you can do so at no extra charge so long as it does not defer from the planned route. If it does there may be extra charges to cover the extra mileage.Malaga Transfer

Low cost airport Malaga transfer

Malaga cabbie offer Low cost airport Malaga Transfer service to any destination in Andalusia if you are looking for the cheapest and best start to your vacation so donot hesitate when looking for a Low cost airport Malaga transfer, book with Malaga cabbie.