Malaga Airport Almunecar Taxi Transfers


Malaga Airport Almunecar Taxi Transfers

Malaga Airport Almunecar Taxi TransfersPre book your Malaga Airport Almunecar Taxi Transfers for €88 and simply pay your driver at your destination, no hassle, no credit cards and no waiting at Malaga Airport for your Almunecar taxi or mini bus transfer to the Costa tropical.


Malaga Airport Almunecar Taxi Transfers

Malaga Cabbie is the best way to travel, we provide Malaga Airport Almunecar Taxi Transfers in private fully licensed & insured taxis & mini buses, Almunecar is a well known national and international tourist destination, it offers its visitors a wide variety of things to do, we recommend you visit it’s monuments or simply enjoy it’s tapas bars where you can relax and drink a cool beer close to the sea with a small portion of Spanish cuisine, Almunecar is rich in history and attracts tourists from all over the world, below we have summed up a bit of its history.

The Granada coast, on the shore of the Mediterranean, has one of the oldest towns  the so-called Tropical Coast. Of Phoenician origin, the former Sexi brings together a rich archaeological and monumental heritage with excellent beaches suitable for swimming, diving and a wide variety of water sports.

It is an attractive coastal resort town with a subtropical climate and since 1975 it has become one of the most important tourist towns in Granada, this section of coast is now called the Costa tropical. Almunecar was founded by the Phoenicians 3000 years ago and like the rest of the coast has been invaded and occupied by the Romans, Moors and re-conquered by the Catholic Monarchs.Malaga Airport Almunecar Taxi Transfers

The magnificent remains of what was one of the most powerful civilizations in history can be contemplated by looking at the San Miguel Castle, an exceptional landmark in Almunecar, apart from the San Miguel castle; there are many monuments on offer to tourists through which history is recreated.

Setting off from this strategically placed fort which was used by diverse civilization, it is very easy to get lost in the traditional, cobbled streets, full of small squares, in which the remains of the Roman-Punic fish salting factory from the 4 th century B.C can be found. Authors like Martial or Estrabón make reference to this industry which, during centuries, exclusively supported the town‘s economy. It was an Empire which left signs of beauty in their town-planning, the Cueva de Siete Palacios being a prime example, which is made up of domes that now house the town‘s Archaeological museum.

Malaga Airport Almunecar Taxi Transferser

Pre-Book your Malaga Airport Almunecar Taxi Transfers for €88 & pay your driver after each journey, let us take care of your travel arrangements, all our taxis & mini buses are fully licensed and insured, your vacation begins the moment you book with us, ¿Are you still in doubt? See what our satisfied clients have to say.

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