Taxi from Malaga airport to Manilva


Taxi from Malaga airport to Manilva

Taxi from Malaga airport to Manilva

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Taxi from Malaga airport to Manilva


Manilva is located at the southern western edge of the province of Malaga, on the border with Cadiz. Manilva is very close to the Mediterranean Sea with a long history of settlement which dates back to the Stone Age.Taxi from Malaga airport to Manilva

Manilva is a destination for many tourists looking to spend time in a place that offers Spanish influence and charm, it’s a wonderful location for sightseeing and a perfect place to sit back and enjoy the wonderful Spanish life.

The town of Manilva was founded in the 16th century and gained its independence from Casares in 1795, since its independence Manilva has grown to what it is today a place for tourists seeking sun, sea,Since the 70s, when the Marina and golf course was built, tourism has been added to this list, and in recent years Manilva has enjoyed the status of one of the fastest developing municipalities within the costa Del sol, with an amazing trebling of the resident population in recent years.

For many years the main industries in Manilva were based on fishing, agriculture with huge range of fruit, including locally-grown avocados and cherimoyas ( custard apple)and viticulture. Manilva is famous for its Moscatel vineyards; the sweet Moscatel grapes have been grown since the 16th century and are used to make the aptly named Manilva wine and Manilva raisins, another area of development has been the business sector, with the establishment of an industrial estate just a few metres from the Manilva exit to the nearby motorway,  due to this large industrial estate there are also literally hundreds of small shops and office units available thanks to the construction boom of recent years.

Places of Interest:Taxi malaga manilva

Ingenio Chico:

El Ingenio Chico is a sugar mill that was built by the Duke of Arcos. The aqueduct preserves the union with the rest of the construction in mud, reminding the medieval buildings and making us think about the labor Moorish tradition.

Castillo de la Duquesa ( Duquesa castle)

The Duquesa castle occupies the same land once a Roman villa it was built In 1767  by Sevilla neighbor Don Francisco re using some of the materials of the ancient roman Villa, due to this the king granted him the command of a cavalry company.

La Hedionda Roman Baths:

Situated in the La Hedionda Valley, just behind Manilva you will find Los Baños Romano la Hedionda, or the Hedionda Roman Baths.

These Roman baths date from the 1st century BC it is known that Julius Caesar regularly took the waters, and cured himself of a skin complaint, during his period as Governor of Southern Spain in the middle of that century.

The water has a high sulphur content, which turns the waters a milky colour, the source is a number of springs which originate in the huge limestone ridge of the Sierra Utrera which runs behind the town of Manilva.

Torre de Chullera:malaga taxi manilva

In Chullera there are two watchtowers, dated back to primitive Nazari times

Manilva archaeological Museum:

The exhibits in the local museum come entirely from the Roman archaeological site of “the Castillo de la Duquesa” a museum worth a visit a tour through the history of Manilva.


Taxi from Malaga airport to Manilva

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