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Malaga Cabbie, your private Transfer to Duquesa service has the pleasure of introduce you La Duquesa Port where we will glad to take you by either a transfers from malaga airport or from Gibraltar airport. La Duquesa is very well connected with both airports:  Malaga airport which is 95 km away and with the airport of Gibraltar which is only 30 km.  It is a picturesque village in La Costa del Sol to west in Málaga but near the border with the province of Cadiz.


La Duquesa has a privileged weather. Its temperatures are mild both in winter and summer, thanks to the influence of the Mediterranean Sea. The sun shines about 300 days a year for this reason everybody knows this area as the “Costa del Sol” which means in English “the sun´s coast”.


It is a sailor town that belongs to Manilva. Its name means the duchess which represents very well the international and sophisticated atmosphere that you will feel here.

The most representative of La Duquesa is without a doubt its marina of the year 1980. It has a very attractive residential area formed by apartments with Andalusian style as well as in the vicinity there are several luxury urbanizations and 2golf courses. It is located between Marbella and Sotogrande and it is the Málaga´s marina closest to Cádiz.

This lovely leisure port has 328 moorings for yachts and sailboats and the 25% are for rentals and it is one of the best marinas in the Costa del Sol. There are daily and nightly departures with bats yachts and sailboats to know and enjoy this amazing coast.

Here you can not only do activities related to boats, but also offer different possibilities. It is a very lively area with restaurants and shops where you can take a walk, enjoy its gastronomy in some restaurant or buy some souvenirs.


Ancient civilizations have settled in this area due to the fertility of their lands. The first inhabitants, that we know, are from the Paleolithic era and later the Phoenicians. However the Romans left in these lands the most important remains such as the remains of a Roman Villa, a necropolis and salted fish and a market everything next to the castle.

In the XVI century there was a great insecurity on the coast, so the nearby towns asked King Charles V to create a town on the coast. This was the origin of Manilva or “Cortijo de Casares” that was its first name. Manilva depended on Casares until the year 1796 althouhg in the year 1600 there was already a stable population there.


This defensive fortress is located in La Duquesa beach. In 1756 the King Charles III ordered to build it to reinforce security in the coast.

At the beginning of the XIX century, Napoleon´s troops occupied the castle to defend this strategic area. Both the National and the English troops tried to attack them many times but they failed. Until in 1830 France conquers Algeria and ends piracy so the fortress has no defensive value and they leave it.

Later it was the headquarters of the “Carabineros” (Spanish police”) until in 1890 they had a new one.

Nowadays it has several uses: in one part is the archaeological museum of Manilva, in another the fencing museum and in another the public library.

Next to the castle we found the “Entorno del Castillo” that is a set of very important Romans remains which are a villa, a necropolis, a salted fish and a market. It is a good of cultural interest.


It is in the castle so that has a location of great historical importance.  There are 11 showcases that show to the visitor the Roman remains are from the site “Entorno del Castillo”. You will find here funerary objects, coins, amphoras, fishing tools, bonze tools, etc. The museum is very careful with the conservation of the remains.


The Romans left here some remains thanks to which we know more about their lifestyle and about part of the history of La Duquesa. According to the remains the Romans lived here from the I century AD to the V century AD and the fishing was the most important business here.

In this archaeological site you will find 3 types of constructions:

The Termas: there are still 3 rooms: cold zone, warm zone and hot zone.

The Necropolis: there were 140 tombs

The Salted fisch: It was a big building with 3 different areas: one of them to chop the fishes, another one to stock it and the other to sale it like a market.


This watchtower of the sixteenth century is on a cliff to increase the security on the coast. On the other hand its ancient inhabitants also stored salt in it. For this reason his name is the tower of the salt.


Manilva has 8 km of coastline, that belong to Puerto de la Duquesa and  Sabinillas. The Puerto de la Duquesa´s beaches have fine sand and clear water as well as many services. For this reason they have the blue flag which is the quality distinction of the European Union. They are the ideal beaches to enjoy an unforgettable holidays.

Beach “El Castillo” or “las Gaviotas”: It is close to the castle and the marina. This beach has everything to have a good time with the family. There are some chiringuitos (beach bar) where you can enjoy of the local gastronomy. It is a great beach with fine and fine water to sunbathe or take a refreshing baht. There is also a rocky area where you can fish if you prefer it.

Beach “del Negro”: It is close to the marina which is more than 1 km long. Here you can enjoy a wonderful walk on the sand overlooking the boats in addition to a great bath.

Beach “Paraiso”: It is 3 km far from Puerto de la Duquesa.

Beach “de la Colonia”: between the marina and Sabinillas you will find this beach which is kind friendly. There is a playground in which the children will have fun. It has many services for the whole family to spend a perfect holidays.

Beach “de Sabinillas”: the village San Luis de Sabinillas has this amazing beach which has a beautiful promenade. The sand is fine and dark and the water is clear and quiet. You will find a lot of services such as chiringuitos (beach bar), access for the handicapped, kiosk, etc.




It is at 4 km from Puerto de la Duquesa and it takes only 6 minutes by car. Manilva is a white town with a great tradition of vineyards and wine for this reason has a very interesting wine museum.


it is a sailor village that belongs to Manilva as well as Puerto de la Duquesa. It is mainly tourist that attracts visitors for its hospitality and the beauty of its beaches. You can go there on foot because it takes only 15 minutes.


It is a typical white Andalusian village which is surrounded by nature in the middle of Sierra Bermeja. One of its interests is the “Baños de la Hedionda” that is a Roman spa with sulphurous water. You can take a bath in this historic place moreover in its good for the skin and it is only 21 minutes by car.


It is 13 km from Puerto de la Duquesa in Malaga direction. It has a lively fishing port with a lot of restaurants and bars. There are attractions for everyone from the popular nightclub “Plató 68” to the park “Selwo Aventura” with animals in semi-freedom.


This city has many things to do, for example to walk in Puerto Banus, this marina is famous because of its luxury atmosphere and the celebrities. Its old city is really nice and it will surprise you. But it is also possible to go shopping in its shopping mall.


It is a little further but it is worth traveling 78km to visit one of the most beautiful white villages of Andalusia. It has an ancient bullfighting tradition and its bullring is one of the oldest in Spain. Its most emblematic monument is the t which is a deep gully and its bridge.


In only 30 minutes you could travel to England because it is a British colony in the province of Cadiz. You can visit the rock and the monkeys who live there. It is a tax haven.


It is the southernmost city in Spain. From here you can see the mountains of morocco because it takes only 14 km to African continent. People from all over the world come here to practice surfing and kitesurfing.



The best accommodations in Puerto de la Duquesa are:

The Harbour Club Apart Hotel***: these tourist apartments are in the marina of Puerto de la Duquesa. Its rooms have fabulous views to the port and sea. It has a multitude of services such as family rooms, free parking, etc.

Marina Duquesa Apartment: It is very close to the marina and it is ideal for families. It has an amazing pool, padel courts, gym, etc.

Hotel Cortijo La Vizcaronda: this is a farmhouse converted into a luxurious hotel that is in a quitter area on a hill.


It offers a different way to stay in Puerto de la Duquesa. It adapts to the needs of the guest finding for any type of accommodation the guest is looking for. You can find it with Airbnb.


A real estate agency can advise you better towards a long stay rental or home purchase if your intention is to stay in Puerto de la Duquesa a longer season. The best valued are “Key Home Services” and “Home Quest Estate”.



Like most tourist villages, their nightlife is much livelier in the holiday season. PD offers several possibilities to also enjoy the night.

There is a jamble sale every day during the summer in Puerto de la Duquesa. Here you can buy crufts.

At the marina there are some pub to drink anything and dance, for example “Lazy Monkeys”, “the Cork tree” (is a busy and cheerful Irish pub) or the “Mirror Mirror Lounge Bar” (English 100% and very funny atmosphere).


This area is paradise for golf lovers as we can choose from several high quality options.

Golf course la Duquesa: the architect Robert Trend Jones designed it so that the players enjoy wonderful landscapes in each of its 18 holes. Thanks to the good weather you can play both in winter and in summer.

La Duquesa Golf and Country Club has a great location close to the castle and the marina but away from the hustle and bustle. Don´t worry if it is your first time playing golf because its golf school will teach you to play. It is in the luxurious urbanization of “el Hacho”. This great golf course also has a club with alternative activities for people who do not want to play golf.

There are many more golf courses in the nearby towns such as Cabopino Golf Marbella, Magna Marbella Golf, Estepona Golf, Valle Romano Golf & Resort, etc.


The Mediterranean diet is the basis of the gastronomy of Puerto de la Duquesa. Freshfoods and olive oil can´t miss in the recipes like so you will find very fresh fishes and seafood.

Its lands are also rich which there are many vineyards as a result you can taste its grapes and raisins “moscatel alejandria”. You can also find wine made with these grapes whose taste is quite sweet and is usually taken as an aperitif or with dessert

On one hand Puerto de la Duquesa has high quality food and on the other hand they make delicious dishes with them. You can discover its gastronomy in any of its restaurants that offer a variety of delicious dishes. The most popular restaurants are Bar Gecko (relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the best tapas), chiringuito Andres and Maria (excellent food service at the beach).

You can begin with their tapas (small portions of food as an appetizer). The most typical dishes in Puerto de la Duquesa are the “fritura malagueña” (several types of fishes fried in olive oil), the “espetos” (fishes crossed with a stick and cooked on the fire), the “pipirrana” (it is a salat of tomatoes, onion, pepper and cucumber chopped very small). We recommend you all of this because they are delicious!



In February comes the Carnival everybody dress up and sing “chirigotas” (songs about current events in a humorous way).


During a week, several religious images come in procession to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ.


On the 23rd June at night is magical. There are many fires at the beach where you can burn your wishes written on paper. At midnight the people wash their faces to purify themselves.


On 16th July is the Carmen´s day who is the virgin of the fishermen. In the afternoon there is a mass after that the Virgin del Carmen leaves in procession to the beach where they embark to continue the procession by sea. This day the sea is full of decorated boats that want to escort the lady of the sea.


On the 26th July is the festivity in Manilva that the neighbours and tourists celebrate it with music and dances at the streets.


On 25th August is the festivity in Sabinillas. The sea is the protagonist and along with the music that makes joy spread through the streets.


The first weekend of September in Manilva you can have a good time in the grapes harvest festival that is the only one in La Costa del Sol. At the streets the first grapes are treaded on to extract the grape juice and to distribute to the people.

Now you have a general idea of Puerto de la Duquesa by yout Transfer to Duquesa servicce. It is a small village in La Costa del Sol with a great marina and golf course. Come to discover it yourself with Malaga cabbie and our cheap transfer.