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There is about 81 km far from Malaga Airport to Estepona. It is located in Malaga´s province exactly in the heart of Costa del Sol. You can choose a toll highway or a free highway and Malaga Cabbie your Transfer to Estepona service will take you there in less than one hour.

Other possibility is from the Gibraltar Airport to Estepona which is 48 km far and it takes about 48 minutes by car. Malaga cabbie will also be glad to take you there.



History of Estepona

Estepona has an ancient history. Since prehistory there are remains that confirm that nomadic tribes move through this lands. The archaeological site of alberica to the west of the town had remains of hunting utensils, vessels etc. The most important prehistoric of Estepona are the Venus of Estepona and the Dolmens of Corominas.

Later came the Phoenicians who settled here as merchants. The most important remains of this prosperous era were in the settlement of the tower where they found vessels, plates, jewels, etc.

After a time of war against the Romans and the Carthaginians, finally the Romans conquer this area. In the archaeological site of “Torre del Rio Gadalmansa” there are remains of a Romans Bath, mosaics, columns, coins, etc.

During the Middle Ages the Muslims occupied the city and built the castle of “Estebunna” this is the origin of the actual name “Estepona”. In 1492 the Catholic kings expel the Muslims from Estepona and reinforce their castle to defend the area possible attacks.  Finally the peace came and the inhabitants no longer needed a defensive fort so they used its stones to build their own houses.

An Andalusian town in the Costa del Sol

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It is a cosmopolitan and intercultural town with an Andalusian character that is known for the sun and the beaches, but it has much more to offer. You will have any problem to travel from Malaga Airport to Estepona with our Transfer.

The old town

This town has been a traditionally sailor town and you can feel it when you walk through its streets. Its old town has narrow streets and white house’s facades decorated with colourful plants and flowers that  invites its visitors to take a walk and discover cosy corners of its old town.

The oldest neighbourhood is the “Barrio de la Villa” while you walk through its streets you will find the most interesting monuments. The centre´s heart is the “Plaza del Reloj” where there are the most important buildings:

  • The church “Los Remedios” is of XVIII century. Its main frontage is white like the typical Andalusian style such as the city hall.
  • The Tejerina’s house is also a nice building of XVII century that nowadays is a cultural centre. The market and its square are full of live where you will find very fresh products especially the fishes and the seafood.
  • The remains of the Estepona´s palace “Castillo de San Luis are hidden among the houses of the centre and a beautiful garden surrounds it. The benches of this garden invite the visitor to rest and admire this castle.

The “Barrio Antiguo” is close to the beach. Its streets are very picturesque and its houses are smaller.

The fishing port and the marina

Estepona has an old fishing tradition; in fact fishing is one of its economic pillars after tourism. The port is a lively place where you can admire the different areas: the fishing port and the marina.

  • You can learn many things about fishing when you walk through the fishing port. Very early, at 6:00 arrive the boats that have been fishing during the night and in the afternoon arrives the boats that have been fishing since sunrise. They bring the fishes to the “Lonja” to sell it.
  • The marina is more modern and it has a glamour atmosphere. It has 447 moorings of which half are for rentals. Estepona´s marina is a 1st category port with all the services that you need. Here you can see the moored yachts and sailboats as well as a lively atmosphere on the terraces of the marina´s restaurants.


Weather & Beaches

Weather in Estepona

Estepona has a privileged situation between the Sierra Bermeja and the Mediterranean Sea, so it has mild temperatures in winter and summer. The average temperature throughout the year is 18º. It is in Costa del Sol, which means in English “The Sun´s Coast”. It has this name because this area shows of 300 sunny days a year. This climate allows enjoying perfect holidays and outdoors leisure both in winter and in summer.

Let´s talk about its beaches

The Estepona coast is 21 km long and 17 beaches with fine sand. They has all the necessary services to relax and enjoy such as watch towers, playgrounds, disabled access, shower, chiringuitos (beach bars), etc.   Malaga Cabbie introduce you the most popular beaches:

Cassasola-Atalaya beach

It is located 16 km from the centre. This beach is ideal to swim because of its clear water. You can book at the beach to practice some water sport, for example diving here is one of the best diving schools.

El Saladillo beach

It is 13 km east of Estepona and the biggest one in with 3 km long and 35meters width. This beach has the blue flag (European’s award to the best beaches) because of its clear water and its dark sand.  There are all the services that you need to have a perfect day at the beach.

Guadalmansa beach

It is a quiet beach and it has an area to practice kitesurf.

El Padrón beach

It is the favourite beach of the people in Estepona. It is located at the mouth of the river Padrón. You will find a high quality beach whose services have the European awards “Blue flag”. There is a shopping center close it where you will find all kind of restaurants and shops.

Guadalobón, Costa Natura and Arroyo Vaquero beach

These beaches are very similar and they are one after the other. They are quiet beaches that have a beautiful natural environment with rocks and vegetation so they ideal to dive. Costa Natura is a nudist beach because of its quiet and private atmosphere.

Bahía Dorada beach

Here you can also book and practice some water sport. The seabed is rocky son it is ideal to dive. The golf course is very close.

La Galera beach

It is in a semiurban area so it is a quiet beach. The natural landscape is picturesque because of its dark sand and it’s rocky. This beach has a nautical club and rental of hammocks.

Rada Beach

This beach is the favourite one in Estepona and the closest to the centre as a result it is lively and cheerful beach where you will have all the services that you will need.


Food & Restaurants

Gastronomy information

In Estepona you have at your disposal a wide offer of bars and restaurants, however in Estepona you also have very good international restaurants and traditional restaurants , whose gastronomy is based on the Mediterranean diet that it cooks fresh food with olive oil. Estepona is a sailor town therefore the main ingredients in its dishes is the fresh fishes.

The Malaga´s wine is very popular because of its sweet and fruity taste. You have to tray the pleasure of tasting the best dishes and the famous “Tapas” in the chiringuitos (beach bar) at the beach.

Estepona has everything you need to have a perfect holiday. You will arrive there easily with our cheap Transfer from Malaga Airport to Estepona. Everyone knows Estepona because of its beaches, its weather, and its excellent golf courses, but it has kept identity as a fishing village with a typical Andalusian old town. Enjoy Estepona with Malaga Cabbie who always offers the best service to our customers.

Seafood Restaurants in Estepona

Palangre Restaurant

This is a family restaurant, with more than 20 years of experience in Estepona. It is a restaurant linked to the maritime sector, in the fishermen’s quarter of Estepona. It also has unbeatable views to enjoy. 

Being right in front of the sea, we can enjoy all day with the scent of the sea breeze. That is why it makes your palate feel the taste of the sea

Also the service is very good, the food excellent.

Restaurant La Rada

With more than 25 years being the flavour of Estepona. This restaurant keeps the same essence, selecting the raw materials with which it works for the quality of its menu we find the best:

  • Fish and Seafood from the bay
  • Rice with Lobster
  • Seafood 

In this establishment you can enjoy the best Mediterranean cuisine and also the menu of the day.

Because it is much more than a nice place where you can taste good dishes. In very few places you will find a product of such quality.

The Tobalo

This restaurant offers its lounge and also takeaway food. From all kinds of rations and tapas, and of course their unbeatable heavy and seafood. 

Come and enjoy on Thursdays, which are the days of cooked seafood:

  • Grilled prawns
  • Gambones
  • Tiger Prawn
  • Fried pollock
  • Thin shellsFried salmon
  • Oxen of the sea
  • Cooked spider crabs
  • Fried or grilled squid
  • Grilled or cooked lobsters
  • Fried lace
  • Lemon Rooster
  • ClamsClams with garlic
  • Coquinas

Also this place offers Catering Service for all kind of events.

Virgen del Carmen Restaurant

Next to the Plaza de Toros de Estepona you can find this magnificent restaurant. Its Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine is waiting for you. Restaurante Virgen del Carmen serves a magnificent tuna fish. In addition to a perfectly prepared laing and some generous squid. Another essential jewel is its wine list.

Many diners emphasize that the staff is attentive in this place. A fascinating service is always an important addition. According to the most select customers their prices are fair. Trip users awarded this place with 4 stars; you can go and check it out yourself.


Hotels & Accomodations

Malaga Cabbie will take you from Malaga Airport to your accommodation in Estepona that has tourist facilities of high quality and for all budgets such as luxurious resorts or campsites. We show you all the possibilities.



Marriot´s Playa Andaluza****

It is a luxury family resort where you can choose a room, an apartment or an amazing villa.  It offers to its guests many high quality services such as pool, spa, children play room, fitnesscenter.

Villa Padierna Palace Hotel*****

It is between Estepona Marbella and Benahavis and their 3 golf courses. This location is strategic because it is close to everywhere but at the same time it is far from the bustle. This hotel has luxury services such as a medical wellness spa, 22.00 meters to play tennis and padel, kids club, dogs’ hotel, etc.

Healthouse Las Dunas-Adults only*****

It is close to the park selwo adventure and to the golf courses. The relax paradise is here because it is only adults. The spa and the massages will help you to disconnect from the world.

Hotel Boutique Veracruz house*

This hotel is very picturesque because the buildings are 2 history buildings which are carefully renovated. All rooms overlook an Andalusian-style interior courtyard and it is located in Estepona´s old town.



Apartament Mirada

This is a beautiful apartment front of the sea with all kinds of amenities including pool.

House las Remigias

These touristic apartments are located in the old town and only 3 minutes on foot to the beach. The building is a beautiful house of XIX century and offers 4 reformed apartment with all amenities.

Miguel Angel apartament

They are in old town and close to supermarket, bars, and only 150 meters to the beach. They offer the possibility to book your vacations as well as a longer stay.


Bed & Breakfast

Romantic private cabin

Wooden cabins surrounded by trees in the middle of nature, where you can enjoy a relaxing retreat



Camping playa tropical

It is between Marbella and Estepona. It has many services such as pool, minimarket, etc.


Airbnb in Estepona

It has a great selection of accommodations in Estepona and you can choose the best option in your case.

Real State

A real state is a good option for a longer stay rental or for sale a property

Estpona living

They are specialist finding modern and luxury houses and villas for their customers.


Social & Activites

Festivals in Estepona

Estepona celebrates festivals that invite the visitor to join the fun and Malaga cabbie tells you everything you should know about them:


In Estepona the carnival has many participants who have fun dressing up in amazing costumes and makeup. The people sing at the street “chirigotas” that are humorous songs about current affairs. They also make a cavalcade to show off the costumes and the last carnival day at midnight they celebrate the “Entierro de la Sardina” at the beach.


Many people choose Estepona to spend their Easter holidays. Like in the rest of Spain, Estepona also celebrates the death and resurrection of Christ. There are some beautiful processions which roam the streets.

 The town fair

On July Estepona celebrates its town fair and during 6 days the Fair is everywhere. Day and night the bustle runs through its streets and everyone goes out to have fun. At night, thousands of lights are lit that invite to have fun at the booths where the people dress in their colorful flamenco dresses to dance and enjoy their fair.

The visitors day

Estepona stands out for being a hospitable town, as a result they celebrate the day of the tourist so that those who visit them have special memories of their stay here. It is on August.

Christmas market

Estepona lives plenty the Christmas so the city hall organizes many activities for the entire family, for example its Christmas market with Nordic style and ice skating rink.

Day trips and excursions


Marbella is the neighbouring city of Estepona and the best is that it is only 33 km from Estepona. Here you can feel the luxury atmosphere of Puerto Banus and at the same time stroll through its typical Andalusian old town. Marbella offers a many cultural events. Our Malaga Airport transfer goes near Marbella when it travel from Malaga Airport to Estepona.


This English colony, that it is a tax haven, is only 48 km by car . You can visit the Rock and the monkeys who live there.


The most popular Nerja´s attractions are:  “Balcon de Europa” that is an amazing viewpoint towards the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the Nerja´s Cave are very beautiful and it takes 1 hour and 47 minutes to arrive there.


You can visit Mijas Town that has the Andalusian Style in the mountains or you can also visit Mijas Playa that is a touristic town with many services. In mijas town you can use the traditional “burro taxi” (donkey taxi). You can be there in only 44 minutes by car.


It is a typical white town from Andalusia which is located in the mountains exactly in the “Serranía de Ronda” it is only 40km far from Estepona.


It is an international and lively city where you can visit museum, the port, the castle, the old town, the shopping centres, etc. and there is always something to do. Malaga airport is the most important in Andalusian. It is only 1 hour far from Estepona.


Only in 1 hour and 11 minutes you can arrive there. Ronda is a town where bullfighting is intensely lived. Its bullring has an ancient tradition in fact it is one of the oldest in Spain. The “Tajo de Ronda” It is a deep ravine that stars in its skyline.

Activities & events

Golf courses

Estepona is the golf player´s paradise because in this area there are a lot of golf courses to choose. Come  from Malaga Airpot to Estepona to play golf and now we show you the best ratted:

Golf course Alferini

It belongs to one of the best hotel in Estepona, Villa Padierna Palace hotel and it is an excellent golf course fully integrated in nature and ideal for large tournaments.

Estepona Golf

It has a very good reputation for the quality of its facilities and its course.

El Campanario Golf Resort & Country House

This golf course is a good option if you come with your children because while you can play golf , they play in the kids club. It is not just a golf course as it has a sports club with excellent facilities such as a personal trainer, swimming pool, tennis court, etc.

Selwo Aventura

This is a very special zoo where the animal live in semi freedom.  Each zone transports you to a continent where you will meet its fauna, for example in Africa you will visit elephants, giraffes, etc. It has interest services to know better the animals and the nature where you can also practice adventure activities such as hanging bridges and zip lines. The park has its own hotel Selwo Lodge that has very comfortable African cabins.

Botanic Garden

It has 2 different areas and a bamboo forest separate them where there are about 5000 plants of which 1300 are orchids. You will find a lake and a big waterfall that make a relaxing atmosphere.

Boat Trip

If you want a sailing trip to sight dolphins you can different options in Estepona:


It offers many sailings trips and they are very good rated. The boat is a comfortable catamaran where you enjoy the Mediterranean Sea.

Veleros turisticos

You can also make a sailor trip to know better the area from the sea moreover it is usually to sight dolphins! This boat is an amazing sailboat.



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