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In  summer traffic jams grow due to a high number of vehicles that want access to Gibraltar, all our Taxi Malaga Gibraltar suppliers have Spanish Public Service license plates which means they are not permitted within Gibraltar but they can drop you off very close to the frontier in La Linea and you can just walk across (it is the best choice in most cases due to the long queues and police controls to get in and out) and once inside you can get a bus into to the center, if you like you can also walk to the center which will take you about 15 minutes.

Book your Transfers From Malaga Airport To Gibraltar also known by the locals as the Rock with its imposing appearance which is visible 100 kilometres away  is a self-governing British colony at the southern edge of Spain measuring about six square kilometres in total, overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar and the northern coastal areas of Africa. Gibraltar has been home to the most fascinating blend of cultures throughout its history making it what it is today

Main Street.

Main Street is a pedestrian street which runs from North to south all the way through Gibraltar, main street is appropriately named due to the fact that it is the only large street in Gibraltar and is the main site of both commerce, shopping, night life and day-to-day needs attracting tourists from all over looking to buy duty-free products such as tobacco, alcohol and perfumes, be warned the Spanish customs are strict about the amount of alcohol and cigarettes passing through the frontier we recommend you check the local authorities website before purchasing large amounts.

If you walk the full length of main street  you will  come across the  John McIntosh square in which the Town Hall Is situated, King’s Chapel, and the Courts which is where where  John Lennon and Yoko Ono Were married.  If you walk a bit further than Main Street you  can contemplate the Alameda Gardens.

The Rock

The Cable Car is the recommended way to climb the Rock , visitors will be able to experience the breathtaking views of Europe and Africa from the Top of the Rock, If you have decided you would like to drive up to the top of the Rock you can negotiate the price with the local minibus or taxi drivers that offer rock tours they offer the possibility to move freely within the natural reserve and they are able to park very close to various points of interest and more importantly is that you can see the main attraction the Apes, be Warned you are not permitted to give the Apes food you Will be fined and careful with your pockets they tend to put their hands in them and steal whatever they can find.

The other major point of interest in La Reserva is La Cueva de San Miguel (St Michael’s Cave), This amazing, natural, phenomenon has attracted  thousands of visitors each year. With a few steps it is an easy access for almost anybody who wants to visit it. The St Michael’s cave whose entrance is usually very busy and where stalagmites Can be seen is definitely worth a walk inside.

The Great Siege Tunnels.

Once you have enjoyed the Apes you can visit “The Great Siege Tunnels” probably the most impressive defense system devised by man, this tunnel Was built during the war of American Independence, when France and Spain made an all out attempt to recapture the Rock from the British in Gibraltar’s 14th Siege, the tunnel was built to get guns on to a projection on the northern face of the Rock known as the Notch.

Work on the tunnel began and relied on the strength of the tunnelers arms & their skills with a sledgehammer and a crowbar they were also aided by gunpowder for blasting, it took 18 men and five weeks work to make a tunnel 8 square feet (2.40sq.m) by 82 feet long (25m) into the Rock.

The Moorish Castle.


The Moorish Castle is one of the first sights you will see as you enter Gibraltar, it was built in the 11th century, it was rebuilt in 1333 and the only original remainder of this castle is The ‘Tower of Homage’, which today Is used as a prison.


Shrine of Our Lady of Europe.

The Shrine of Our Lady of Europe at Europa Point. The church is dedicated to Our Lady of Europe, the Catholic patroness of Gibraltar. It was originally a mosque and converted by the Spanish into a chapel in the year 1462.


Nelson’s Anchorage.

The old port of Gibraltar was built in 1627 by the Spanish this port was formerly referred to as Rosia Harbour, it is situated at the southwest side of Gibraltar. Rosia Bay was the site of the Royal Navy Victualing Yard complex which was built-in the early 19th century, it allowed vessels to anchor and get provisions, including food and water for there long voyages. It was from this same anchorage that the vessel HMS Victory sailed with Nelson’s body after the Battle of Trafalgar. Nearby you will find Parson’s Lodge where three 18 ton ten inch rifled muzzle loaders were once housed and replaced during World War II with more modern weapons. At the top of Main Street just beyond the Southport Gates you will come across the Trafalgar Cemetery which Was named after the famous battle only has the remains of two sailors who died of wounds at the battle. As 2005 was the 200th anniversary of the sea battle a statue Was erected to Admiral Lord Nelson you will find this statue next to the cemetery.


The Great Synagogue.

Gibraltar is known to have a large Jewish community. The Great Synagogue dates back to 1724 and is one of the oldest on the Iberian Peninsula. On Line Wall Road you will find the Flemish Synagogue you can get guided tours, which include a short history of the Rock’s Jewish community.  We recommend you have a look at ” Jews Gate”,  which belongs to the Jewish part of the Rocks history and from whence you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Rif Mountains.

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