Transfer to La Herradura | Travel Guide by Malaga Cabbie

Malaga Cabbie, your private Transfer to La Herradura a little town located near Almuñecar.

La Herradura is about 80 kilometers far from Malaga airport. Don´t worry about the distance because Malaga Cabbie Transfer will be glad to take you here in less than one hour. On this route you will find good connections with the N340 road or by the A7 highway. It is located on Granada´s west coast exactly it is on the border of Malaga´s province.



La Herradura is a picturesque village by the sea where stress does not exist. It has about 4000 inhabitants so that it is a quite holiday destination. You will rest and enjoy the best services.

The town centre is a typical Andalusian village with narrow streets, white houses and paved floor. Here you will find nice shops to buy some souvenirs as well as bars to have a drink.

The wonderful bay located between Punta de la Mona and Cerro Gordo. The privileged beaches usually have calm and crystal clear waters that invite you to take a refreshing bath. Here you can also admire one of the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen.

La Herradura as a holiday destination also interests the celebrities. For example the singer David Bisbal who is completely in love with the Cerro Gordo´s Marine Beds. As well as the Spanish expresident Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero who spent his holidays here before winning the elections.



Almuñécar is to the east and it takes only 10 minutes by car. La Herradura belongs to it although it always had its own identity. They are the heart of the “Costa Tropical” of Granada.

Maro and Nerja are to the west on Malaga´s province but they are very close, it takes only 15 minutes by car. They are the entrance to the region “Axarquia”.

Jete is a white village to the noth  hidden between plantations of chirimoyas and avocados in the Rio Verde Valley. It could be a great trip if you are interested in tropical fruits or in canyoning that takes only 20 minutes by car.

Sierra Nevada is a little further, it takes about one hour therefore you can have a funny day in the mountains and enjoy the snow and later you can come back to La Herradura at the end of the day.



La Herradura is a pretty village in the “Costa Tropical” of Granada, which has this name because of its warm weather. Its subtropical weather allows everyone to enjoy their holidays at any time of the year. La Herradura has mild winters with an average temperature of 18ºc. Also its summers are not as warm as in the rest of Andalusia.



You will enjoy the Mediterranean diet based on really fresh food.  You can find fresh fishes and seafood that you can eat fried or in “espetos” (fish skewer that is cooked over the fire). The paella is always a good choice for lunch.

But usually before lunch, everybody prefers to drink something and have some tapas (free appetizer) in a chiringuito (beach bar). The most popular chiringuitos in La Herradura are:

“Chiringuito la gaviota” is the best valued not only by tourists in the most traditional environment, “Chiringuito bambú” has a modern decoration with traditional dishes and it is open from 10: 00 to midnight; “Chambao de Joaquin” specialized in giant paellas.  “Chiringuito la sardina” recently reformed but with the quality of always.


The Tropical coast offers a great variety of tropical fruits such as papaya, avocados and mangoes. You can easily find delicious dishes and recipes with them. Also here is the only place in Europe where custard apples are regularly grown.

You can find in the food market all these fresh and top quality products. There is a lot of variety of fish and seafood as well as very fresh meat. Apart from the most common subtropical fruits  such as avocado, mangos and custard apple, here you will also find many exotic fruits that we can rarely find elsewhere such as “carambolo”, “lichi”, “maracuya”, “guayaba”, “azufaifa”, “ nispola”, etc. All these fruits full of color give this market its own identity.

If you want to know more about this unique crap in Europe, we recommend you “Finca San Ramón” where you will taste the subtropical fruits. It has 12 hectares of fruit trees and the best views of the bay.



Here have lived ancient civilizations since prehistory, Phoenicians, Romans and Muslims. The latter left here more remains than the rest, for instance the two watchtower from the Nasrid era. They are located one of them in cerro gordo and the other in la punta de la mona (this one is nowadays it is a lighthouse). From this watchtower the military watched the arrival of ships.

The most important historical moment was undoubtedly in 1562 while Felipe II was the Spanish King, the “Armada de España” that was formed by 25 warships was wrecked in the bay of La Herradura and 5000 people died. The ships were looking for shelter from the bad weather in the bay however an unusual strong wind surprised them so they crashed into the Punta de la Mona´s rocks and the others boats.

The sculptor Miguel Moreno made a bronze statue in La Herradura which name is “Monument to the men of the sea” to remember this historic shipwreck.


La Herradura´s the castle was a defensive fort to monitor the possible pirate attack of the epoch of the illustration (century XVIII). The king Carlos III commanded to build it to improve the defense of this area. Its name was “bateria para 4 cañones” that means “battery for 4 cannons”.  It is on the left side of the river Jate and 150 meters from the beach so that its privileged position allowed to defend the town and the river from any attack.

Napoleon´s troops attacked it during the war of independence later from 1839 to 1940 it was the headquarters of carabineros  and from 1940 2003 it was the headquarters of the guardia civil (Spanish police). Nowadays it is a cultural center which it is well preserved. It is a good of cultural interest from 1985 because of its interesting history.

The entrance is free if you want to visit it and here you are the opening times:

From 1st July to 15th September: from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 13:30 and from 18:30 to 21:00 (Sunday and Monday it closes)

From 1st November to 31th March: from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 13:30 and from 16:00 to 18:30 (Sunday and Monday it closes).




People from everywhere come to La Herradura to dive because it has one of the most beautiful sea beds of the Mediterranean Sea which is natural reserve. The clear water as well as the sea beds full of life make La Herradura a perfect destination for diving.

It is the perfect place to have your very first diving experience. Thanks to its quiet waters and not so deep, you will find very beautiful submarine flora and fauna.

There are a lot of diving schools here that will show you everything you need about diving. The most populars are “Buceo Natura” that is located in Paseo Andres Segovia, nº 67 or “Scuba Tropical” in Los Eucaliptos street near the bay.


Direct at La Herradura or Cantarrijan beaches you can book and practice all kinds of water sports such as windsurf, diving, kayak, SUP or Jet Ski. For example “active8you”offers many water activities and it is located in Paseo Andres Segovia, 12.


Now we present you two good routes if you like hiking. Because La Herradura is not only sun and beach and water sports:

Cotobro Beach Route – Punta de la Mona

It is a route that goes from Almuñecar to the Pedanía de la Herradura. From Cotobro beach to the west of the town of Almuñecar. This route begins on the same naturist beach of El Muerto. From there a small route of little more than three kilometers arises.

Its difficulty is low and can be finished in just over an hour. It is a very pleasant route with some slopes. There are also magnificent views of the Marina del Este marina. And also on the other side views of the mountains of Sierra de Lújar and Sierra Nevada. 

There are also two options, once you arrive at La Herradura you can return or continue the walk along La Herradura beach and end up climbing Cerro Gordo.

This route is also called: “The Fisherman’s Route” (Ruta de los Pescadores).

Route of Torre de Cerro Gordo

First of all very few routes are as short and yet as spectacular as this one. Because it passes through high cliffs, and we can also observe a magnificent stretch of Mediterranean coastline. Crystalline waters and spectacular cliffs, and with luck we will be able to see some wild mountain goat.

To the east is La Herradura and to the west, wild and unpopulated, Cantarriján and Las Alberquillas.

There is also a beautiful viewpoint with a wooden platform, where you can rest. In the background, the Cerro Gordo watchtower, which is in an unbeatable location.

Cantarriján to El Cañuelo

This is a route that links La Herradura, the last town in Granada, with Nerja, which already belongs to Malaga.

It is considered one of the most beautiful routes on the coast of the Almijara. It is a part of the Natural Park of Maro Cerro Gordo. 

This route is an easy path that starts from the parking lot at the Cañuelo beach. Then it deviates almost to in its beginning by a way that leaves to the left. This will take us to Cantarriján beach. 

Later returning by the same way we can visit the tower of the Cove with impressive views. We can also go around the cliff above Cala de las Doncellas. Until we reach the beach of El Cañuelo again.


You can enjoy this natural treasure only from the sea so if you take a boat, kayak or sup trip, you will discover a misterous cave and amazings waterfalls in the rock cliffs.


This village has a nice marina which has more than 200 moorings for yachts and sailboats. In Marina del este you can also find a diving school and some bars.  From here leaves turistic boat trip and the diving groups.


The beaches in La herradura are small and quite. They are popular because of their clear waters. The most importants are:

La herradura beach it´s a family beach and the biggest one. Here you have all the services that you need.

Los Berengueles is next to the marina. There are some services like a restaurant or  public showers.

Calaiza: you can only arrive there by boat so ther is usually not so many people.

Cantarrijan: It is the only nudist beach in La herradura.  it is also a nature reserve and it is difficult to arrive. There are a small bus which take you to the beach however here you will find many services.


Despite being a small town, it has a lively nightlife, especially in summer.

In La Herradura there is a great bowling alley which is the only one in many kilometers around. There are 3 summer cinemas where you can watch a movie outdoor.

You also have different options of bars or pubs where you can dance and drink something. You will have fun if you go to “La Cochera” where there is usually live music or to “Bonache”, but you can also go to “Café Luciano” if you prefer something quiter.  All of this options you will find in Paseo Andres Segovia that is, in the bay next to the beach.



La herradura fiesta de la cruz

La Herradura Fest a flower cross

International contest and composition contest Andres Segovia: It is a prestigious classical guitar contest with participants from around the world. This contest is especially demanding with the award-winning guitarist so the president of the Jury is always a professional musician. It began in 1985 to spread this Spanish instrument and remember the master composer who lived in La Herradura from 1983.

Town festival: on 19th March La Herradura celebrates its festivities in honor of San Jose. There are many fair attractions and festival with folk music where everyone dances as well as other funny activities for kids and adults.

Easter week: there are some very nice religious processions which they take a tour of the most important streets.

The Cross day: they decorate the streets with crosses of flowers. Everywhere is really beautiful and the people dance flamenco at the Street.

San Juan: the 24th June to midnight everybody goes to the beach to wash their face because that will give them luck and beauty until the next San Juan. That night is the only one that it is allowed to camp on the beach.

Virgin Carmen´s day: the Virgin Carmen is the patron of the fisherman and every on 16th July It is an ancient tradition that the fisherman take her in procession from the church to the beach where they go also on boat.

Puppet Festival: it is every summer in August from 1999. This event takes place in Nueva square and is very funny for entire the family.

Rosario de la aurora: on 21-24th December very early in the morning the people sing Christmas carol songs the Street.



In La Herradura you can choose several types of accommodations that fit all budgets.

Hotels and hostels

The best rated are:

Hotel Sol Fenicio (4 stars): it is located in the popular Andrés Segovia Promenade on the beach and close to restaurants, chiringuitos, diving schools, and all the services.

Hotel Best Alcazar (4 stars) located in the urbanization of marina del este and very close to the port and the bowling. It is a big hotel with an amazing pool and all the facilities that you will need.

Hotel La Almijara (3 stars): it is located just 50 meters from the beach. It is close to town centre, market, banks, restaurants and bars.

Hotel Boutique Caleta Bay (2 stars): it is small with only 20 rooms and recently opened in 2015. It is also in paseo Andrés Segovia on the beach. The cinemas, the castle and several restaurants are in the vicinity.


If you are looking for a different accommodation you can find it with airbnb. You will find from small apartments to country house.


There are 2 campings at La Herradura bay:

La Herradura Nuevo Camping and Camping La Herradura that are 3rd category camping.

Real State

When you travel to La Herradura and you know its charms maybe you prefer to stay a longer next time. In that case a real estate will advise you on long-term rental or purchase of a house. For example: “De la Cuesta Real State” or “Sun&beach Properties”.