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Get to know the climate of Aguadulce and discover this beautiful land

The climate of Aguadulce is classified as warm and temperate. Rainfall in Aguadulce falls mostly in the winter, with relatively little rain in the summer. According to Köppen and Geiger climate is classified as Csa. The average annual temperature in Aguadulce is 17.1 °C. Rainfall here averages 654 mm.

The least amount of rain occurs in July. This month’s average is 2 mm. In December, the precipitation reaches its peak, with an average of 100 mm.

Temperatures are higher on average in August, around 25.9 ° C. At 9.6 ° C on average, January is the coldest month of the year.

Gastronomy of Aguadulce

As Aguadulce is located very close to the coast of Almeria, the typical dish of the region by nature is fish anyway.

Among the gastronomy and traditional foods that accompany the typical dish of Aguadulce are a wide and tasty menu of lobsters, rice, pastas, meat of animal of corral, exquisite soups as for example the one of bouillabaisse which is prepared with seafood and mayonnaise, another example of soups is the one of white garlic.

Other dishes are the gurullos with rabbits, ajipán, sausages and different kinds of stews with fish, lobsters and seafood.

There is also the paprika of anchovies, noodles with fried fish, potatoes in garlic and tarbinas (made from pieces of fried bread, almonds, sugar and wheat flour).

All kinds of condiments, vegetables and wine are usually used to cook the different dishes. For dessert you can taste fresh fruit throughout the year and Arab pastries as well.

Monuments in Aguadulce

The monuments are part of the culture of the Aguadulce tourist because through these historical sites know their ancestors, traditions and culture.

Some of the places that you can visit in vacations are:

  • Bullring: It offers you bullfighting shows as well as music concerts and other kinds of events periodically. It can hold up to 8000 spectators. There you can also have access and enjoy establishments such as bars, restaurants and much more.
  • Santa Ana Lighthouse and Castle: This 18th century fortification was inaugurated in May 2003 after a restoration project. This historical monument has several rooms where you can observe various paintings, photographs, sculptures and participate in conferences, concerts and performances.

The equally restored lighthouse houses inside an exhibition hall of any example of cultural initiative that you can visit throughout the year.

In less than two hours you can arrive in your transfer from Malaga Airport to Aguadulce. to enjoy this small villa. In this post we present you the history of this little paradise.

Because Aguadulce is a Spanish coastal town in the municipality of Roquetas de Mar, province of Almeria. It is in the region of Poniente Almeriense.

A little bit of History of Aguadulce

Until the first third of the 20th century, both Aguadulce, the Parador de Las Hortichuelas and Campillo del Moro were part of the jurisdiction of Enix.

However, on 24 June 1927 they became part of Roquetas de Mar so that this municipality could undertake to pay the debts that Aguadulce had. After several changes and transfers in the end Aguadulce remained part of Roquetas de Mar.

Litigation between the two municipalities continued over the years. Aguadulce had a few dozen houses and more than 200 neighbors. The houses were located on the margins of the road. It also had some streets in the direction of the Loma del Gato. It had some more important houses, a rudimentary petrol pump, a grocery store and a chapel.

During the first third of the 20th century improvements were introduced such as the construction of the road, the arrival of the telephone and telegraph and a bus line. In 1936 the company “Desde la Buena Unión” undertakes the public lighting. It also had two schools and celebrated its patron saint’s day in honour of the Virgen del Carmen. In 1950 it had 27 houses and 300 inhabitants.

Annexed to the current nucleus of Aguadulce, the Urbanization of Aguadulce was created in 1964. It was created under the protection of the 1963 law on Centres and Areas of National Tourist Interest. Like Almerimar. In addition this work enjoyed exemptions and funding for its proper development and its promoter was Máximo Cuervo.

In addition with the partial plan it dates from 1967, with reform of 1973. The Urbanization of Aguadulce was projected over 75 ha to offer 12,000 tourist places. But finally the promotion for second homes predominated due to its proximity to Almeria more than the promotion for tourist purposes.

Development of tourism

Tourism developed during the second half of the 20th century. In this period they built also:

  • The apartment building El Palmeral
  • The Aguadulce Leisure Residence
  • and also the Albergue Inturjoven Aguadulce

In 1995, the A-7 Mediterranean Highway was put into service.  Therefore the section of the N-340 between Almeria and Aguadulce known as “El Cañarete” only use by cars from these towns.

In 2007 it opened the boulevard of Avenida Carlos III with garden areas, underground parking and a bicycle lane in the commercial area of the town.


The best beaches and monuments to visit in Aguadulce

Aguadulce Beach

The core of Aguadulce is more than two kilometres long. It also has the blue flag and good accessibility to the beach.  In addition, it has a rescue service and has shaded areas.

It also has all the services like:

  • adapted toilets
  • amphibious chairs
  • crutch sets
  • supporting staff
  • customised swimming area

In addition, its 2 km of coastline is divided into three different beaches:

  • Playa de Aguadulce: A beach with white sand and crystalline waters. It is the best and busiest of the whole area, and its promenade is always full of activity.
  • Playa de Las Salinas: A quiet beach with an urban character, where it is common to see people practicing surfing and other water sports to be done in Aguadulce due to the dominant wind and the strong waves that are usually produced.
  •  Playa Serena: Large beach with all the facilities, located near the urbanizations and hotels of the town.

Places of interest

Santa Ana Castle: it is a fortification from the end of the 16th century. It served as a refuge for the few inhabitants of the time and now serves as an exhibition site.

Archaeological site of La Ribera de la Algaida

The archaeological site of La Ribera de la Algaida or Ribera de Turaniana is a group of archaeological remains discovered in 1859 that chronologically cover from the end of the Bronze Age, through the Argaric culture, fundamental during the Roman period, to the Muslim stage, and which is located next to the coast. It occupies an area of between 12 and 13 hectares, approximately.

The Antonian itinerary cites Turaniana as a Roman mansion on a Roman road from Castile to Malacca.

The Ribera de la Algaida was declared a Site of Cultural Interest (BIC) with the category of Archaeological Zone.

Underwater area from Roquetas to Aguadulce

Findings of amphorae and ceramic artifacts from Roman and medieval Hispania linked to the existence of Turaniana and the Torre de los Bajos. 

Also other points of interest:

  • Andrés Segovia Municipal Public Park
  • Aguadulce Marina
  • Virgen del Carmen Parish

Aguadulce Conference and Exhibition Centre, where the annual business fair Expo Agro de Almería is held

Ribera de la Algaida Wetland included in the Wetland Inventory of Andalusia

Cliffs of Almería-Aguadulce which are protected areas by the Plan of Territorial Ordering of the West of Almería due to their natural state and territorial position.


Most typical restaurants in Aguadulce

Altamar Restaurant 

With an unbeatable location it has magnificent views, as well as a first class service. In addition, this restaurant in Almería has a first class gastronomic service so that you can enjoy not only a unique space, but also an extraordinary banquet. It is a very spacious restaurant with an extensive menu of all the typical dishes of Almeria. 

Bodega Claudio

A restaurant that specialises in Mediterranean cuisine, of course. Its dishes are always very well prepared. It is important to note that here you can eat with confidence a famous fish, a unique ox and some perfectly prepared prawns. Try their well-prepared Catalan cream.

Here you can also taste a good wine, let’s not forget that we are in a winery. It should also be noted that the staff at Restaurante Claudio is extraordinary. And the quality/price ratio is very good at Bodega Claudio. You will undoubtedly enjoy its charming atmosphere and fantastic decoration. 

Restaurant El Paladar

This traditional restaurant offers several dishes, including delicious and tasty tapas and its unique laing. Also to marinate everything don’t forget to try a delicious beer that you have to taste and savour. 

Because whenever you go to eat at Restaurante el Paladar you will take away a good memory. Because this typical restaurant in Aguadulce is also famous for its great service and its friendly staff, always ready to help. According to the opinions of the users, the prices are interesting.


What to do in Aguadulce

Aguadulce has gone from being a small fishing village to become a town with an important number of hotels and urbanizations. It also has a busy marina and a great nightlife around its promenade. So you can enjoy boat trips as well as its many clubs, pubs and discos.

In addition the busy beaches of Aguadulce are the main tourist focus of the coast of Almeria. As we have already said before besides enjoying both in Aguadulce and Roquetas de Mar beaches of calm and crystalline waters. And do all kinds of sports like windsurfing. It is also important to mention the surrounding natural areas, such as the Paraje Natural de Punta Entinas-Sabinar.

Activities in Aguadulce

Enjoy its quiet beaches: let’s not forget that the main tourist attraction of Aguadulce is its beaches of fine white sand and clean, clear waters. 

Diving in its crystal clear waters: Diving is one of the most fun activities to do in Aguadulce. Because in Aguadulce there are also diving schools that offer courses and equipment rental.

Practice some water sports: Because the beaches of Aguadulce, like Las Salinas or Los Baños, are ideal for the practice of water sports that I eat:

  • surfing
  • windsurfing
  • the kite-surf 

And all this thanks to the constant presence of strong winds and high waves.

Visit some of its natural sites: 

The town of Aguadulce is surrounded by impressive natural landscapes, such as the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Park or the Punta Entinas-Sabinar Nature Reserve. Your visit is one of the things to do in Aguadulce to discover magical places. 

Also from Aguadulce you can visit other nearby towns such as Roquetas de Mar and Almería capital in the same province. But also in the province of Granada, all the Costa Tropical and Granada city. Where we will find among many monuments the Alhambra. Which is the most visited monument in Spain.


Popular Festivals

 First of all, the main celebration in Aguadulce is its popular patron saint’s day from August 23rd to 25th in honor of San Bartolomé.

 Holy Week

Also of this district we have to emphasize its spectacular Holy Week. In which you can enjoy its marches and commemorative processions on Good Friday and Good Saturday with its particular charm.

 The Virgin of Carmen

Like all the coastal and fishing villages of Andalusia, the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of fishermen and sailors, has her festival. 

It is celebrated from the 16th to the 18th of July. As we have already pointed out, she is the protector of the fishermen and is therefore traditionally celebrated in the fishing village. 

 We have to emphasize that these dates are the only ones that are official according to the festive calendar.

 Among others the activities that take place in Aguadulce in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, we have to highlight 

  • The “Cinquillo” Tournament which is a card game with the Spanish deck very popular in the town.
  • There are also chess and dominoes competitions, especially for older people.
  •  In addition, the elderly are the protagonists will be great protagonists of the meal-coexistence that is celebrated from 14:00 hours in the Nautical Club, for the members of the Association of Elderly of Aguadulce.
  •  Also at night every year there is a children’s musical show and interactive. 
  •  The official ignition of the festive lighting and the proclamation of the parties, after which the verbena will begin in the Plaza Hermanos Martín Escudero.

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