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In Alcaidesa, summers are short, hot, humid, arid and mostly clear and winters are long, cool, wet, windy and partly cloudy.

Throughout the year the temperature has very little variation. It ranges from 10 °C to 28 °C and rarely falls below 7 °C or rises above 32 °C.

That is why the best time of year to visit Alcaidesa for hot activities is from the end of June to the beginning of September.


Beaches in Alcaidesa

 First of all, it must be said that the Alcaidesa Beach is located on the Conception Line. Which is also called El Balneario. It is an almost virgin beach which also offers unbeatable views of the Rock of Gibraltar and North Africa. 

 We can say that it is a perfect place to relax and take walks on its fine, dark sand.

 La Alcaidesa Beach

 This beach with moderate waves and dark sand is comfortable to go with children. Because despite being almost virgin it offers all the services: 

  •  toilets.
  • showers.
  • surveillance.
  • beach bars.

  And it has the Blue Flag of clean seas.

 At the main entrance, a rocky outcrop emerges from the water and forms the main point of reference of the beach. In addition, several streams flow into the shore, marking the limits of the municipality of La Línea de la Concepción. 

 La Alcaidesa Beach is approximately one and a half kilometres long. 

 Due to the interaction of the wind and its waves, it is a good place to practice some sports such as: surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing.

 Moulded by the Punta Mala overhang, its peculiar morphology increases the attraction of this area of the coast. The beach runs from the Vea stream, to the south, to Torre Carbonera. But it has different areas that can be classified according to the characteristics of the edge. The stretch normally used to enter the beach is in front of the La Alcaidesa urbanisation. It has a wider strip of sand and a lane that makes this point the main access.


Typical food-gastronomy in Alcaidesa

The gastronomy of Alcaidesa as well as that of La Línea de la Concepción is typically Andalusian with some characteristics of its own. Thanks to its location next to the Rock of Gibraltar. That is why the typical Andalusian food has to be added to it:

  • herrings
  • cheddar cheese
  • butter (flanders)
  • pistoletes (Vienna-style bread) 
  • black tea
  • jams
  • Fish

Moreover, as the raw material is fish, it is the star of the coast. That is why we can stand out from this area: 

  • Fried chocolates
  • Sardine Moor
  • Grilled Octopus
  • Fried clams
  • Potatoes on the go
  • Mackerel salad
  • Seasoned roe
  • Sardine mirror
  • Choco roe
  • Choco stew with potatoes
  • Nacalao con garbanzos
  • Brandy Urta
  • Shrimp omelettes
  • Meat

But also the pork is typical of the area. Typical is the Baked Pig’s Leg in which the pig’s leg is roasted covered with white lard and salt.

Other typical dishes from the area of Alcaidesa:

In addition to other dishes such as the Bitter Orange Gazpacho, another typical but more modern dish of the area is the Red Tuna on Balsamic Vinegar by Pedro Jiménez. And we must also highlight the snails with mojo picón.

Sweets and desserts

The confectionery and bakery is made up of handmade sweets in different styles based on both Andalusian recipes and some Anglo-Saxon recipes. Such as the famous “Queki”, a sponge with nuts and sultanas based on the Cake recipe. 


Some of the restaurants in Alcaidesa


In this restaurant you will be able to enjoy in winter its glazed lounge with sea views. In which a rainy day is not an impediment to enjoy the best cuisine on the beach.

And for the summer it has different spaces to be able to choose where to enjoy that special moment.

It also has vegan and vegetarian menus, and adapted to food intolerances.

Fusion Farm

Finca Fusion is an expert in traditional Thai cuisine and British roasts. In this restaurant all the ingredients are 100% fresh and of the best quality.

La Finca works only with the best ingredients in the area and that is why it offers its customers the best quality. They also have an exquisite organic wine list.

Friday nights are nights of live music at La Finca.

Bio Pizza

In this restaurant all the food is 100% Italian. Salads, homemade pastas, pizzas with traditional recipes, excellent quality meat, fresh fish and exquisite desserts abound in our menu.

The biological products are also called organic or ecological and basically are all those “consumer products” that have not been altered by processes or chemical products and as a result natural foods are obtained.

These foods can be meat and agricultural products, as well as wines and other beverages as long as they comply with the rule of having been made following a natural process.

Alcaidesa Lounge Bar

In this cosy restaurant, don’t forget to ask for broken eggs and its exquisite goat’s curl with puff pastry.

Although they are also experts in seafood and fish, that is why we recommend the grilled cuttlefish. We also highly recommend their beef with mushroom sauce, bacon and cheese.

All the dishes are very well cooked. They are also abundant.

The Harvest

It is a quiet and friendly restaurant with a family atmosphere and exquisite food. Which is very well cared for.

On the other hand the staff is very attentive and friendly. That’s why it’s a pleasure to eat there.

That’s why we can say that it’s a good place to eat food as a family.


What you need to know about Alcaidesa

 La Alcaidesa is an urbanization between the municipalities of La Línea de la Concepción and San Roque. It has approximately 600 inhabitants.

 It is just 10 kilometres north of La Línea, next to the beach of La Alcaidesa. The urbanization also has a golf course.

 You can access this urbanization by the Camino de Estepona. This links the urbanization with the city, or from exit 124 of the Mediterranean motorway.

 Therefore we can say that Alcaidesa, is a dream come true. It is one of the most spectacular resorts in Southern Europe. Moreover, it has a high level of development, both because of its privileged location and because of the quality and typology of the houses. 

Residential Area

 Alcaidesa also has a residential area which is in a privileged location at the beginning of the Costa del Sol. Only 15 minutes from Gibraltar and surrounded by a natural park. With excellent communications thanks to the Mediterranean Motorway, both the A7 and the AP7 and the National 340 road. Less than an hour from Malaga International Airport.


 In Alcaidesa the harmony between its golf course and the beach of more than two kilometres next to the golf course. In addition, Alcaidesa has all the first-class services of the highest quality:

  •  Restaurants
  • Supermarket
  • Pharmacy
  • Fire Station
  • 24 hour private security
  • Parks
  • Children’s playgrounds 
  • International School 

 In addition, in Alcaides you will find a resort where style, nature, views, security, services and the best golf come together in one of the most exclusive areas of southern Spain. Equal to the Sotogrande Resort. Due to the original orography of the land, the views over the Mediterranean Sea are unbeatable.

Festivals in Alcaidesa

The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Fatima and parish priest of the Guadiaro Valley, organize every year the Verbena de San Enrique and the Romería de Nuestra Señora de Fátima.

Although the festivity of Our Lady of Fatima is celebrated on May 13, the verbena is traditionally held on a Saturday and the pilgrimage on the following Sunday.

The verbena takes place in the Plaza de la Bomba, and usually includes the election of the children’s and young people’s courts of the Feria de San Enrique, among other activities.


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