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The history of Algarrobo

 Ancient Age

 The Trayamar hill hosted an Iberian or late Bronze Age city in the upper part. Remains of Phoenician cities from the 7th and 6th centuries B.C. have also appeared. The place chosen by the Phoenicians to build their settlement was an area of what is now Mezquitilla. 

 The Phoenicians also developed other activities. One of them was related to the obtaining of the “purple” dye, extracted and elaborated from a mollusc which grows in the coast of Algarrobo. 

 Later on, the Romans gave new life to the ancient settlement by founding a colony a little further east.

 The Middle Ages

 In the Middle Ages the Arabs arrived. They founded the current location of Algarrobo.

 The numerous villages that exist at that time in La Axarquía, among them Algarrobo, are located under the shelter of the Bentomiz Castle.

 Even today we conserve the legacy that the Arabs left in our town. Even the layout of the streets in the village is of Arab influence.

 For the Arabs, the most important trees were the almond, olive and moral trees. The latter were also used to feed the silkworms. This maintained the weaving industry. The vine and its grapes were also very important.

 Modern Age

 In April 1487 Algarrobo would be taken over by the Christian troops of the Catholic Monarchs. And after the expulsion of the Moors. Algarrobo was repopulated with old Christians from other parts of the Peninsula.

 It was not until 18 July 1821 that the town of Algarrobo was asked to form a Constitutional Town Hall. 

 Also in the nineteenth century is the invasion of Napoleon. But the rebels of Algarrobo killed a whole outstanding Frenchman. And because of this, the French commander ordered the village to be burned down. When the soldiers were preparing to carry out their mission, the villagers led by the mayor came out in their wake, managing to convince the detachment that the attackers were fugitives from other lands and asking to be allowed to intercede with the French Governor in Málaga in order to revoke the order of the French commander in Vélez. 

 At the end of the 19th century, Algarrobo suffered from a pandemic. This destroyed numerous wine plantations. On December 25, 1884, Algarrobo suffered the effects of a great earthquake.

 In 1905, the lighting system arrived in the town. 

 The Civil War did not affect the life of the people of Algarrobo, being taken on February 9, 1937 by the National side. In 1975, Algarrobo received the provincial prize for beautification.


Monuments to visit in Algarrobo

– Church of Santa Ana of the XVI century

– Torre Ladeada, this is a watchtower of Muslim origin that we located on the coast. 

– Torre Derecha or Torre Nueva, of Christian origin is also a watch tower located in Algarrobo Costa.

– Parish of Fátima

– Hermitage of San Sebastian, from the 17th or 18th century. In 1976 it was reconstructed in the image of the previous one, due to the danger of collapse that it presented.

– Virgen de las Angustias’ Chapel, is located at the exit of Algarrobo Norte. Although it is not an architectural jewel, it is very much loved in the town, and by tradition all brides carry their bouquet of flowers there. 

– Chapel of the Divine Shepherdess and Saint Joseph.

– The Necropolis of Trayamar: it is a complex of paleopunic tombs, the most important in the western Mediterranean. Because the archaeological remains found are from the 7th century before Christ. In addition it is a set of tombs in subway chambers, raised with magnificent ashlars. They are located from the Trayamar estate to a nearby hill.

Also it is necessary to emphasize that the jewels and other pieces that conformed the trousseau are in the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Malaga. In which we also find a reconstruction to scale of how the tomb must have been.

– The first urban settlements of Algarrobo, in the Morro de Mezquitilla is where the first evidence of urban settlements in Algarrobo was found. These are from the Bronze Age.


Gastronomy in Algarrobo Costa

Of Algarrobo are famous its cakes, roscos of oil of clear Arabic inheritance that have been made artisanally since 1953. With regard to its gastronomy, as in other villages of the Axarquía, it is worth mentioning the goat in sauce that can be tasted in the restaurants of the area.

The autochthonous gastronomy is based on choto en salsa, potage algarrobeño, potaje de hinojos, ajoblanco, etc.

In the village, and in the coastal area, the sardines, fish and seafood from the area. Oil cakes (the popular tortas de algarrobo) and dried fruits such as figs, almonds and raisins, plus a sweet wine of practically artisan production, complete the offer for good food.

There are several establishments that sell must, cakes and nuts.


The famous cakes from Algarrobo and where to find them

First of all, it is clear that the cakes (tortas) of Algarrobo are the most famous in the whole province of Malaga. Their preparation is traditional and handmade in this village in the Axarquía region of Malaga. 

The origins of its recipe go back to the time of the Arabs, back in the Middle Ages. They are original from Algarrobo, which is why they are known as tortas de Algarrobo. Although for centuries it was a sweet reserve for special occasions, celebrations and parties, over time it has become a daily sweet.

Furthermore, in this village in the Axarquía region of Málaga, Algarrobo, until well into the second half of the last century it was traditional that each family had its own recipe. It was inherited from mothers to daughters. They would prepare the dough for those special occasions and take it to the bakeries to be baked in their ovens when they had finished their day’s work.

Nowadays there are several companies in Algarrobo that cook this delicious dessert:

Carmen Lupiáñez

This company has been making cakes in Algarrobo for no less than 7 generations. Today, Carmen Lupiáñez markets its product not only in Andalusia, but also in other regions of Spain and is planning to make the jump to the foreign market.

For Lupiañez the Muslim origin of the Algarrobo cake is clear. Its ingredients are sugar, cinnamon, aniseed, flour, extra virgin olive oil, almonds and yeast, common products in Arab cuisine, he says.

The Caleteña

Another producer of Algarrobo cakes is La Caleteña. Because it has been making this sweet every day for more than half a century. The recipe they use is the same from the beginning, so much so that even the same suppliers still keep it. 


Ramos Bakery and Pastry Shop, in Caleta de Vélez, has been making Algarrobo cakes for 40 years, using a centuries-old recipe from the town of Algarrobo. This company, began its journey in 1820.

Ramos Cakes

This company is located in Malaga city and was founded by Angel Ramos. It began its activity in 1932, dedicated to the manufacture and production of oil cake. 


Popular festivals in Algarrrobo

 San Sebastian

On 20th January the festival is held in honour of the patron saint of Algarrobo, which is San Sebastian. It is celebrated throughout the day with dances, food and attractions for the little ones. 

 In addition, when the sun goes down and it gets dark, there is a procession to carry the image of the Saint from the Church of Santa Ana to the chapel of San Sebastian. 

 The Saint is also accompanied by music from the municipal band and all this is enlivened by fireworks and wheels. 

 Holy Week

In March or April, depending on the first full moon of spring, as in all of Andalusia, Easter is celebrated. With its peculiar processions or penitence stations. In which each brotherhood takes its images out in procession accompanied by the music bands.

 Cultural Week in April

During the last week of April, the Cultural Week is celebrated to coincide with the anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes.

 The Fair in August

The first week of August is the Algarrobo fair.

 Burning of Algarrobo

It is a recreation of an episode of the War of Independence that took place between 23 and 24 September 1811. 

 Oktoberfest of Algarrobo

It is usually held on the third weekend in September. This is a festival designed to promote German culture on the Costa del Sol. 

 It also coincides with the original Oktoberfest in Munich. In it, culinary specialities from the south of Germany are presented.

 There are also concerts offered by German choirs with German folk songs in German, English and Spanish.


Where to stay in Algarrobo Costa

Albatros Beach 3 Apartment

The Albatros Beach 3 apartment provides accommodation for 4 guests in Algarrobo. Because it is a 2 bedroom apartment with a balcony it also has a full kitchen.

From here guests can visit Museo de Vélez, 8 km away or Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Vélez Málaga, 7 km from the property. 

They will also be able to taste various dishes in La Arroceria, Marisqueria and El Yantar Restaurant which are 50 meters from the property. Or enjoy the beautiful promenade of Algarrobo Costa which is very close.

The apartment has air conditioning and a private safe. As well as a splendid terrace. Also for your comfort and to be able to eat in the apartment there is a microwave oven, a refrigerator and a stove.

Furthermore the staff speaks English, German, Spanish in the hotel.

Loft Macoloco

The Loft Macoloco is an accommodation with sea views in Algarrobo-Costa, very close to the beach of Torre del Mar. It is also on the beachfront and has a tennis court.

The apartment has air conditioning, kitchen, living area, dining area and flat screen TV.

Guests can swim in the outdoor pool, relax in the garden or go hiking.

Apartments Alua Algarrobo

First of all it is an apartment with spectacular sea views. Thanks to its perfect orientation towards the East, a beautiful sunlight comes in in the mornings. It also has air conditioning in all rooms, no doubt ideal for your vacation because of its proximity to the sea and its surroundings. 

Also the guests will be able to enjoy a magnificent beach. And also they have a great community swimming pool, playpark, tennis courts and great variety of restaurants and chiringuitos, stores and supermarkets to a step of the housing. 

The accommodation has a 135 cm bed in the master bedroom and a 140 cm sofa bed in the living room. Sheets and towels are provided for all occupants, as well as all the necessary kitchenware and crockery.

The apartment is for the exclusive use of the guests, the swimming pool, gardens and tennis courts are communal.

The neighborhood is also very lively because here we find all kinds of businesses from restaurants and chiringuitos to pharmacies, banks, stores.


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