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Origins and Population

First of all, Almerimar is a population centre. Which is currently due to the project of the Urbanization of Almerimar of 1967.

The project of this urbanization was born under the protection of the law of Centers and Zones of National Tourist Interest of 1963 (CITN). The objective of this law was the tourist planning of the territory of the nation. That is why the idea was to create a Centre of National Tourist Interest.

Also under the protection of the same law, the Urbanization of Aguadulce and the Urbanization of Roquetas de Mar are developed. As well as other urbanizations along the whole coast of Andalusia.

That is why this work enjoyed exemptions and funding for its proper development and its promoter was Agustín González Mozo. Who was a landowner of Campo de Dalías. Because the CITNs of the time in Andalusia almost always had as a promoter a local landowner who saw in these projects the possibility of revaluing his rustic lands.

In 1971, a partial plan began to be developed to develop a total of 281.8 hectares around the San Miguel cove. In which at present is the Lake Victoria. And in 1976 the Centre of Tourist Interest (CITN) “Oasis de la Costa del Sol” was approved. Which was the original name of the Urbanization of Almerimar.

It was a project of 23,000 hotel places for foreign tourists and using as a claim the beach, the marina of Almerimar and the golf course of Almerimar.

But in the mid 80’s only 20 percent of the original project had been developed. That is why the developer decided to change the business model to quality tourism and second homes for inhabitants of El Ejido. To do this, he took advantage of its tourist infrastructure, its low building density and the quality of its natural environment and good condition of the green areas.

A little later, in the 90’s, the Japanese capital came to house Japanese retirees who were very fond of golf. However, the economic crisis in Japan put an end to the initial project and meant the exit of Japanese investors from the project.

At the present time Almerimar has stable population thanks to its equipment and infrastructures and is the main tourist population of El Ejido together with Balerma.

Beaches and lake Victoria

Almerimar is an area that is located in the region of West Almeriense bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. It also borders on 

the districts of Baños de Guardias Viejas and Matagorda.

In Almerimar and near its port there are several beaches. First of all the one of San Miguel. Which is also called the Beach of Ejido or the Cove of San Miguel. That has a length superior to the two kilometers, always with Blue Flag and in addition it counts on all the services of an urban beach:

  • Bars and restaurants.
  • Accessibility.
  • Watchmen and Red Cross post

But in Almerimar also they emphasize other two beaches. These are known as the Poniente and Levante beaches of Almerimar.

The Lake Victoria

Also called Ensenada San Miguel or Salinas de Guardias Viejas. Because from the end of the 19th century until the beginning of the Spanish Civil War it housed some salt mines of about 150 hectares. 

Until the urbanization of its surroundings at the end of the last century, just behind there was a sandy barrier of the beach on the muddy marsh or albufera. 

The origin of the waters of Lake Victoria in Almerimar is from subway wells of the surrounding aquifers and also from the rains. In relation to its habitat and plant structure it has an average biodiversity and the perimeter vegetation is reduced by urbanization activities.

As for the fauna of Lake Victoria in Almerimar there is the presence of birds that nest, winter or use it in their migratory steps.

In the year 2.008 a cleaning of algae from the lake was done in the salty part. And also in the sweet part and carp and other species of fish were introduced.

Also in the Lake we can enjoy the School Club Free Time for the practice of rowing and canoeing.

Things to know about Almerimar, as the weather

Almerimar is dominated by the local steppe climate. During the year there is little rain. The climate classification of Köppen-Geiger is BSk. In Almerimar, the average annual temperature is 17.9 ° C. Rainfall here averages 252 mm.

The driest month is July, with 1 mm. Most of the precipitation here falls in January, averaging 36 mm.

The hottest month of the year with an average of 25.3 °C in August. January is the coldest month, with temperatures averaging 11.5 ° C.

The difference in precipitation between the driest month and the rainiest month is 35 mm. Throughout the year, temperatures vary by 13.8 ° C.


Gastronomy in Almerimar

The gastronomic panorama surprises by the richness and variety of its orchard, here they are cultivated in an organic way, they grow and they gather the best vegetables and with more flavor than one has ever tasted.

It is a field created from nothing, a land in which dust hardly grew, it was transformed by the daily and inexhaustible effort of its people until turning it into an orchard in which they grow, among others, the tomatoes with more flavor than one has ever tasted.

To be able to study and understand each of the seeds that are planted, allows us to enrich them naturally far beyond what nature itself would be capable of doing.

For once man surpasses nature! Plastics that contain a state of the art technology that they study and try to imitate from the rest of the world: ventilation and drip irrigation measured minute by minute; naturally controlled pests with spiders and bumblebees that keep the orchard clean and clinical analyses that help to measure every parameter of the plant.


Almerimar’s Best Restaurants 

 Almerimar Nautico Restaurant

 This restaurant is in the heart of the marina of Almerimar. It also specialises in rice and fish dishes and a variety of tapas. But it also has an extensive wine list.

 This restaurant has a large hall for celebrations of up to 150 people. 

 And most important its food is very rich at a reasonable price. With an excellent service it gives a lot of tranquility and with a view to the port.

Enjoy a good dinner in a quiet atmosphere.

 Restaurant El Segoviano De Almerimar

 The restaurant El Segoviano De Almerimar offers its impressive dishes. They come to the table with all the flavour of the best traditional Castilian cuisine. 

 The fresh grilled vegetables and the saffron monkfish stand out. Also its typical roast suckling pig. In addition this restaurant has a parking lot for its clients and an extensive terrace. 

 Pizzeria Guzzi

 First of all it is the Italian restaurant par excellence in Almerimar. In addition to its good atmosphere, its excellent pizzas should be highlighted. They are made with a fine dough. Also their salads in special the one of chicken with pink sauce and nuts is a delight.

 In addition it is necessary to emphasize its artisan furnace of firewood. 

 Yachting golf pub Restaurant in Almerimar

 This is the most charismatic restaurant in Almerimar, in the marina, a few meters from the boats.

Besides its excellent service and its terrace with live music on Fridays. You can also enjoy the sports broadcasts on its big screen.

 As for its dishes, it offers an exquisite rice with lobster, and an entrecôte of the best meat. In addition to a very varied menu.  

 Here you can also enjoy its rations, and its fabulous menu of tapas.

 Restaurant 7

This restaurant in Almerimar offers a wide variety of homemade tapas. It also has a wide range of recipes made with touches of the past mixed with the influences of today’s cuisine. 

 Besides the treatment and the atmosphere is very cozy. Those who visit the restaurant will appreciate the good treatment, a friendly atmosphere and the fresh ingredients present in each dish.


The best ice creams in Almerimar

 Ioogo Almerimar Yogurt Shop

 It is an ice-cream parlour where they offer natural frozen yogurt with a wide variety of toppings. But you can also enjoy smoothies, crepes, etc.

Besides, the place has a modern design, it is in very good conditions, it looks clean. But it is not very big, so it has few tables if you want to take it in the premises.

 However, it is important to mention that the frozen yogurt they serve is delicious and there is a great variety of toppings to choose from. On the other hand, we have to talk about the quality-price ratio.

 Peccato Gelateria

 The authentic flavour of artisan ice cream in Almerimar. The ice creams are made in the same place. That is why the customer can choose from more than forty different flavours. 

 This year they also offer their latest creation inspired by a famous character from the whatsApp…Chocolate of African origin with orange… 

 It must also be said that the cones are made on the premises. Ice creams made with the best raw materials: milk, sugar, cream, etc. Because they love the artisan, they enjoy the artisan.

 Cafeteria-Heladeria Fuentes

 If you want to enjoy a good dessert with ice cream and coffee or if you prefer a good ice-cream shake This is your lifelong café in Almerimar.

On the promenade with great views of the beach. Come and enjoy your ice cream in Almerimar in Cafeteria-Heladeria Fuentes. The best ice creams in the whole of the Poniente according to their customers.

They also offer crepes, waffles and all kinds of sweets.


The underwater fishing and Dorada fishing in Almerimar

Dorada fishing in Almerimar

By all the fishermen it is known and coveted, searched and rarely found, elusive and at least appreciated, the Dorada. 

Because the Dorada fish is since a few years the most coveted species by the majority of fishermen.

When we speak of great Doradas, the Almeria coast is one of the best scenes for its fishing.

Normally, this fish is in clear and deep waters. Because it loves to seafood looking for small crustaceans. Which it looks for with greater assiduity in the surroundings of the coast in the hours of more heat of the day. 

Also in the western area of the coast of Almeria, there are real paradises for this species. Among them are areas of Roquetas de Mar and Almerimar.

Because they are deep beaches and with a rich variety of food in their bottoms.

In addition it is necessary to bear in mind that this fish has a powerful teeth. So to go fishing we will need hooks that go from number 1, to 3/0 for the biggest and hardest baits. Because the Dorada is a fish that can crush even the biggest of the crabs or mussels. 

Also the line for the packing of the hook, in this case should not go below 0.30 mm, always making use of the fluorocarbon for the day fishing.


Also the marina of Almerimar is an excellent place to start a route of underwater fishing by great extensions of stony bottoms. The most outstanding places are Punta de los Baños and Punta Entinas. 

Because in these reefs great surfaces are located and in all the depths, from the 2 meters until beyond the 20. 

These sea bottoms are characterized for being mixed of argueles, sands, loose stones and vast rocks. This makes it an ideal place to practice all the underwater fishing techniques.

Besides, the diver can sneak up to the area and make a first descent with a long and discreet apnea, hiding well among the rocks. 

But if the possible preys notice a lot of movement, they are alerted and leave. 


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