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Almuñécar Climate

 Alumuñécar a paradise on the Costa Tropical thanks to its microclimate. As one of the main cities of the Costa Tropical, Almuñecar is on the border of the Costa del Sol. And it occupies a privileged place that has the best conditions and attractions to enjoy an excellent vacation. Even more and more people are encouraged to buy or rent a property there to live.  

 Alumuñécar has a subtropical microclimate with 320 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 20 degrees. 

 The microclimate is due to its proximity to North Africa and the Sierra Nevada, the highest altitudes on the Peninsula. These protect this coast from the cold northern winds. And its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea.

 All this creates a subtropical microclimate, with 320 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of around 20 °C. In addition, thanks to this microclimate, it is possible to grow tropical fruits in its lush vegetation.

 Temperature in Alumuñécar:

 The average temperature in winter is between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius. In Almuñécar the sun shines all year round, heating it up in winter.  Summers are hot and humid, but the sea breeze and the proximity to the valley soften the high temperatures. And during the night the thermal current makes the temperature drop to very pleasant values.

 Its cliffs, coves and extensive beaches make up the landscape of the Costa Tropical, coveted and conquered by many peoples. The coast of Granada is called the Costa Tropical because of its exceptional weather conditions. The average temperature in winter is around 18ºC, while in summer it does not exceed 25ºC. 

 Beach and microclimate

 In addition Almuñécar has some great beaches where the sun and the sea are allied with the climate. The result is warm and temperate days all year round. Thanks to its microclimate, Almuñécar is the ideal place to enjoy the beach.

 Tropical fruits

 Thanks to its subtropical microclimate, it allows the extensive plantations of tropical fruits brought from America. Along with foods such as potatoes, peppers and tomatoes. Among others, it is cultivated here thanks to the microclimate:

  •  “Nispero” or loquat
  •   Mango
  • “Aguacate” or avocado
  • “Chirimoya”
  • “Guayava”


Monuments in Almuñecar

Arch of Triumph

First of all at the entrance of the city is the Arc de Triomphe “Paseo Blas Infante”. It was built as a tribute to the politician Blas Infante. Its three arches also symbolize the three cultures that have passed through Almuñécar over the centuries (Roman, Muslim and Christian).

Roman Aqueduct

The remains of this aqueduct date from the first century A.D. Several sections of this 7 km aqueduct are preserved throughout the city. It was used to carry water from the Verde and Seco rivers and to irrigate the tropical fruit fields.

Iglesia de la Encarnación

This church dates back to 1600. It was designed by the architect Juan de Herrera, and is the first baroque style church in the province of Granada. 

It also houses a Visigothic statue of the Virgen de la Antigua, patron saint of Almuñecar. This is one of its main attractions. 

Cave of the Seven Palaces Archaeological Museum 

This museum is located in the basement of the ancient Roman temple of Minerva. In which you can find many archaeological pieces, among which the Egyptian amphora from the seventeenth century BC that belonged to the pharaoh Apophis I.

El Majuelo Botanical Park

The Botanical Park is at the foot of the San Miguel Castle. The microclimate of Almuñecar has allowed the creation of this park, which hosts species from New Zealand, Africa, the Philippines and Central and South America. 

Abderramán I Monument

This spectacular monument is dedicated to the Umayyad prince and the landing in the lands of Almuñécar before the foundation of the Caliphate of Córdoba. At the foot of the Peñon del Santo.

The Peñon del Santo

It is a viewpoint on a large rock that goes into the sea. From which there are amazing views of the city. In addition, since 1900 a cross from 1900 crowns the viewpoint. And it appears in the final chapter of Verano Azul.

San Miguel Castle

The castle of San Miguel, which has been a Cultural Property since 1993.

It is a spectacular castle, from which you can contemplate beautiful views of Almuñécar.

Worthy of mention is the access flanked by two cubic structures that served as defense. 

The first historical evidence dates back to Greek times and then to the Carthaginian period. But its most relevant facts came from the hand of the Arabs. With Charles V, a series of towers and a moat were built. In the War of Independence, the building suffered great damage and was dismantled by the French, who occupied it in 1812. 

Later, it became the local cemetery. Restoration work was begun to return it to its former glory. Today, it is municipal property and houses the city’s Historical Museum.


The typical gastronomy in Almuñecar

In the gastronomy of Almuñecar several specialties influenced by the customs of the old inhabitants stand out. It is also true that these dishes have been adapted over time to the predominant crops in the area. Among others we will highlight the following:

Cazuela Mohína

which is a typical dessert from Almuñecar but of Mozarabic origin. In which there is a predominance of almonds, cultivated in the high areas of the hills, cinnamon, matalahúga and syrup.

It is made by mixing the almonds with eggs and olive oil with a mixer. To which spices and grated lemon are added, which we have previously prepared. Then beat everything until it is very integrated. According to the traditional recipe you have to beat for 25 minutes. 

On the other hand, in an earthenware casserole we smear the sides with oil where we pour the mixture. Then for its presentation it is decorated with whole almonds and sesame. Then it is cooked in the oven for about 40 minutes at 180º. And then let it cool down.

It is very delicious, a dense but soft consistency. I tell you that the next day it is much more delicious 


It is a typical dessert of the Sephardic gastronomy.  It is made of an almond-based dough with a layer of pastry cream and crowned by a meringue.

Torta de al-Hajú

Also of Hispanic-Arabic origin. It is also made mainly of almonds and honey, cloves, grated lemon rind, bread crumbs contained between wafers, avoiding the lard present in puff pastry.


The best restaurants in Almuñecar

Firmvm Restaurant

Live a unique gastronomic experience on the Costa Tropical at the Firmvm restaurant.

First of all it is important to emphasize that the products in this restaurant are exquisite, because it always cooks with products of the highest quality. Moreover, they are constantly renewing their menu in order to surprise every customer. That is why it offers exquisite menus in every season. From gourmet tapas to an extensive wine list.

It also has different areas to enjoy each environment:

Tapas area: in which you can taste their exquisite gourmet tapas from the terrace in an informal atmosphere.

Dinner area: where you can have dinner in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Restaurant: This is a place with quiet and welcoming tables where you can have lunch or dinner.

And finally the Private Dining Room: where you can celebrate family or business events. 

Another aspect to emphasize is the professionalism, kindness and good work of all the staff.

If you are in Almuñecar do not miss it.

La Última Ola Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the most famous in Almuñécar, due to its excellent location, as well as for its varied menu of dishes, among which its offer of fresh fish stands out.

It is a perfect place to have lunch or dinner, after a day at the beach. 

It also has a semi-covered terrace that allows you to eat outdoors.

Bola Marina

This is one of the most popular restaurants in Almuñecar, because it offers a rich and tasty variety of tapas. 

Here you can find delicious and special dishes such as tuna tartar, poached eggs with ham and cream of foie…

Also, this restaurant is very popular for its breakfasts because it offers delicious toasts. 

Los Geraneos Restaurant

This is a restaurant in the old town. Restaurante los Geraneos is located in a picturesque blue building and inside is an Andalusian patio. 

On its menu, it offers a wide variety of homemade and creative dishes. Be sure to try their salmorejo, fideuá and pork fillet. 


The typical “Chiringuitos”

 Chiringuito La Dorada de Plata

 This beach bar is on the beach front, and its specialities include sardine and prawn skewers. But they also offer a magnificent Galician-style octopus or grilled octopus.

 And don’t miss their rations of migas with sardines and fish. Totally renovated with an authentic African pergola. Also during the winter there is a Flamenco show every Saturday.

 As far as the quality-price ratio is concerned, we can say that it is worth going to the chiringuito La Dorada de Plata. And for dessert we recommend the excellent avocado and mango timbale as well. 

 El Tesorillo beach bar

On the beach of El Tesorillo we can find, next to its famous watchtower, this beautiful chiringuito. It has a very luminous place and it is perfect to take shelter of the sun during the day.

 Its specialities are sardine skewers and fried anchovies, which are exquisite. Either for lunch or for a drink at its bar on its terrace to sink your feet in the sand and enjoy the nights outdoors with the best food made on the barbecue fire. 

 El Piliki Chiringuito

 Bar in the Rincón de la China in Almuñecar where there is no shortage of sardines or prawns with the special touch of the Piliki family’s seafaring tradition.

 It offers magnificent sardine dishes, homemade prawns or its unique Portuguese brochette. Here you can also drink a recommendable beer. It is also worth mentioning its good service 


Hotels in Almuñecar

Hotel Bahía Tropical

This is a 4-star hotel on the beachfront. It also has all the services such as spa, pool, restaurant with free buffet …

Because the hotel Bahía Tropical has spacious and luminous rooms.  They also have a terrace with a view of the sea and the swimming pools.

Both swimming pools have a cleaning system with saline chlorination which is very comfortable and has many advantages because it is more ecological and efficient.

The hotel also has a team of lifeguards and entertainers who organize daily activities both in the pool and in the courtyard. So that you can enjoy aquagym, gymnastics, water polo

Hotel Bahía Almuñecar

This hotel is right in the center of the city. It is an extraordinary place thanks to its year-round climate and beautiful landscape. Although it is only 150 meters from the main beach of Almuñecar (Puerta del Mar).

In addition this hotel has a restaurant service, Spa, Pool in the roof with impressive views of Almuñecar and very near the zone of leisure.

Hotel Helios

This hotel is on the very first line of San Cristobal Beach. In addition the hotel has a selection of comfortable rooms and luxurious suites. And also on its rooftop it has a Blue Bar lounge terrace. It is famous for its spectacular sunsets. 

The hotel also has a Spa with Sauna, Turkish Bath, Large outdoor Jacuzzi and a massage room. Visitors can also enjoy a heated outdoor swimming pool all year round. 

Almuñecar Beach Spa Hotel

This hotel is located on the beach, 600 meters from the old town of Almuñécar. It has a spa, a swimming pool with water slides and rooms with a private balcony with views.

The hotel also has a miniature golf course and table tennis facilities. 

The rooms have air conditioning, ceiling fan, heating, satellite TV, minibar and safe for rent.

Victoria Playa Hotel

The Victoria Playa Hotel is just over 10 minutes from San Cristobal Beach and the shopping area and the old town. 

It also has two swimming pools, terraces and gardens. It also has a children’s playground, a panoramic elevator and a bar-cafeteria with a wide range of drinks and snacks.

In addition to a complete and varied daily entertainment program for adults and children.


Almuñecar Festivals

Festivals in the San Sebastián district in honour of its patron saint: 

This is a very localized party in El Barrio de San Sebastián. It is every year on January 20th.

Holy Week

It commemorates the Catholic feast of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. It is one of the most beautiful and moving events. Many confraternities go out in procession. They carry beautiful “pasos” or “thrones” with the religious images.

Holy Week in Almuñécar is of cultural and tourist interest.

May Crosses

May 3rd is the Day of the Cross. There are organized competitions of Flower Crosses, with prizes for children and adults.

They are accompanied by drinks and tapas bars.

Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Fatima:

This is a Pilgrimage held in the town of El Cerval. It is held every year on May 13.

Pilgrimage of San Isidro Labrador

This Pilgrimage is celebrated every year on the Sunday closest to May 15. Because San Isidro is the patron saint of farm workers.

Corpus Christi

It has a variable date depending on the Holy Week. There is a traditional procession in which the children who celebrated their First Communion have a special role.

Night and day of San Juan

This festival has been celebrated since time immemorial. To celebrate the arrival of summer. As in all the coastal towns, bonfires are lit to throw into the fire all the old things and evil spirits.

Festivals in the Taramay neighbourhood:

The first weekend in July, this neighborhood has its own festivities.

Festivals of the quarter of Los Marinos in honour of Nuestra Señora del Carmen 

July 16th is the sailors’ holiday because it is the day of their patron saint. The main act of the festival is the sea procession. And it is also the festival of the “Los Marinos” district.

Festivals in honour of the Virgen de la Antigua

The Patron Saint Festivities of Almuñécar are held in honour of the Virgen de la Antigua. Because she is the Patron Saint of Almuñécar from 9 to 15 August.

The procession of the Patron Saint is on 15 August. This procession has also been a Festival of National Tourist Interest in Andalusia since 2003.

Also on these days there is a fair that is mounted on the Paseo Blas Infante.

The festivities end on 15 August with the sea-land procession of La Virgen de la Antigua. This procession is accompanied by a fireworks display. 

Festivities in honour of San Miguel 29th September

Festivities in honour of the Virgen Madre of the village of Torrecuevas:

This celebration began in the late 1960s with the inauguration of the Virgen Madre school and chapel complex.

Festivities in honour of the Immaculate Conception in the neighbourhood of Carrera de la Concepción:

Which is celebrated on December 8. Which is also a national holiday in Spain.


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