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Bubion History

 Bubión is a Spanish town and municipality in the Alpujarra region of Granada. It is in the northwest part of this region. Like Capileira and Trevelez it belongs to the Sierra Nevada National Park. And it is also part of the Historical Complex of the Poqueira Ravine.

In addition its central position in which it is allows to have impressive views. Therefore, on clear days, from Bubión you can see the Mediterranean Sea and Sierra Nevada from the same point. 

The town has a great architectural richness because several streets and houses are from the Arab period (Middle Ages). There are also frequent fountains, which can be found in any street. In addition the houses are characterized by the chimneys and the absence of roofs.

 Origins and History

 The origin of Bubion is the time of the Romans. Because remains from this period have been found, from tools to burials.

There is also information that attributes a small settlement in this area to the Goths at the end of the 4th century. 

 The Middle Ages

 But like most of the Alpujarra, the greatest influence is from the Arabs. Since the 13th century the village was the head of the Taha de Poqueira, which included the villages of Capileira, Pampaneira, Bubión and the now defunct village of Alguástar. And it was the first village in the Alpujarra to have a Town Hall.

 Modern Age

After the Christian Reconquest of Granada in 1492, the population was gradually put under pressure. This led to the Moorish Rebellion in 1568. Because a rich landowner in the area, Abén Humeya, took up arms against Philip II. Causing a general revolt on Christmas Eve among the Moors. 

 But internal dissensions among the Moors themselves, who, in 1569, killed Abén Humeya. It caused that the step-brother of Felipe II, Don Juan of Austria finished soon with the uprising. 

Finally in 1609 the Christian kings expelled from Spain all the Moors and Muslims. Like the rest of the Alpujarra, Bubión was repopulated with settlers and peasants from Galicia, León, Murcia and Castile.

 Contemporary Age

 Today, Bubión is a typically rural, high mountain municipality in the Alpujarra of Granada. Its entire municipality is part of the Sierra Nevada Natural and National Park.


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