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Climate of Cabopino

Cabopino is warm and temperate. There is little rainfall throughout the winters. This location is classified as Csa by Köppen and Geiger. In Cabino, the average annual temperature is 17.8 ° C. The average rainfall is approximately 602 mm.

The driest month is July, with 1 mm. The highest amount of precipitation occurs in December, with an average of 104 mm.

The hottest month of the year with an average temperature of 24.7 °C in August. The lowest average temperatures of the year occur in January, when it is around 12.2° C.

Gastronomy of Cabopino

Cabopino is surrounded by the mountain and by the sea , it means its gastronomy is based in mountain products and fish. There are must product in Cabopino as Gazpacho and ajoblanco,  especially during summer time. On the other hand If you are planning to visit Cabopino in Winter  Sopa Campera is the best option.

Malaga style Salad is a typical dish as well. It contains fresh products as potatoes , tomatoes, peppers,onions and either cod or tuna (the most famous one is with cod).

What to visit in Cabopino

Torre Ladrones

Torre Ladrones is located on the Puerto de Cabopino beach in Marbella, Spain. Due to its architeture and its materials we know that Torre Ladrones was built during the periob of Arab Domination . There are three rooms and a housetop in the interior.The tower was created to defend the city and to organize the attacked in case the enemy came.

In 1985, it is declared Good of Cultural Interest and actually it is one of the most visited attractions in Marbella.

Cabopino Beach

Cabopino Beach , is a beach In Marbella in the province of Malaga , Spain. It is a quiet beach of moderate wages and gold sand.It is located in Dunas de Artola which is a protected area with about 30 meters wide and 1,200 meters long. It is known to be nudist area.

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