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Origin and traditions

 Cajiz is a district of the municipality of Velez-Malaga, in the region of Malaga’s Axaquia.

 It is a small population centre of Arab origin. But its church is one of the oldest in the bishopric of Malaga. Because it already figured in the ecclesiastical distribution since 1505. It was dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary until 1897, when St. Joseph was named patron saint.

 In the upper part of the village there are also archaeological remains of a fountain and a well from the Mudejar period. 

 It is known that there were at least four Mudejar sites in this area: 

  • Macharalate
  • Benadalid
  • La Mezqueta 
  • The Iberians

 Cajiz also has the districts of Los Claros, Cajicillos and Las Huertas in its territory.

 It should also be noted that the most important festivals are the traditional ones of San Antón and San José.

 The Cajiz Passage Representation

 It is also traditional to represent the Paso de Cajiz, in April. This is a popular and religious event which is the oldest in Andalusia. The origin of the texts, which constitute a great part of Cajiz’s heritage, dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries, when they were initially performed in the atriums of the town’s church and later in other open-air venues.

 With their theatricality, they satisfied the illusions of some of the faithful who thus experienced religiosity and who thus made up for the lack of images for processions. 

 The performance consists, as in a Greek theatre, of a choir which brings to life the characters wearing masks. On the other hand, the saetas enhance the moments of greater spirituality. 


Typical gastronomy 

 The excellence of the most traditional Mediterranean cuisine together with the most innovative proposals of the new cuisine season the rich variety, in dishes and natural products, of the gastronomy of Cajiz in Velez Malaga

Cajiz’s cuisine is very rich in flavours of Phoenician and Arabic origin and is especially based on wine and oil.

 They are typical dishes of the place Las Gachas, cabbage, pumpkin stew, crumbs, gazpacho and white garlic. As for the confectionery we can highlight the roscos de vino and the mostachones.

 The cabbage:

 This is a typical autumn and winter dish. When the country people made the slaughter, they had the custom of eating the so-called “cabbage of the slaughter”, made with:

  • chopped cabbage
  • white beans
  • parts of the pig that had just been killed (knuckle, legs, bacon, ears, tail, etc…) 
  • different spices. 

 Nowadays this dish is still eaten by adding black pudding to the aforementioned ingredients.

When times lacked the current acceleration, the preparation of this dish began the day before. The cabbages are a lie to those who consider that our Malaga cuisine is a light thing incapable of satisfying voracious appetites.

 The Ajoblanco or White Garlic:

 It is a very popular cold soup of the gastronomy of Andalusia and Extremadura. It consists of bread, ground almonds, garlic, water, olive oil, salt and sometimes vinegar. It is usually taken with grapes or pieces of melon.

 It is considered a variant of the Andalusian gazpacho, because it is based on bread, oil and garlic. Almonds, salt and vinegar are usually added, as well as other ingredients. 


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