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The origin of Capileira

 Its origin is in the time of the Goths in the Iberian Peninsula. 

Besides, most of its municipal area belongs to the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. Even the summits of the Veleta and Mulhacén peaks, which it shares with Güéjar Sierra and Trevélez. That is why it is one of the three highest municipalities of the peninsula. The whole municipality is also part of the Historical Complex of the Barranco del Poqueira.

 This village is located in the upper part of the Poqueira valley, on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada. 


 Almost all the place names in the Alpujarra of Granada have a Latin origin. And in our case Capileira would derive from the Latin word capillaris-e = head, that is, the highest point of the Ravine. 

 It is also the closest town to the high peaks. We could say that we are in the “Gateway to the Sierra Nevada” because of its southern slope. 

 Bubión de “Bovis” = land of oxen. Pampaneira de pampinus = land of pampers. Poqueira from the adjective porcarius.a-um, which means “furrow that opens between the lands so that they give off the water. 

The whole municipality of Capileira is a Historic-Artistic Site and a Picturesque Place.  

 Other information about Capileira

 In 1996, it hosted the 15th Festival of Traditional Music of the Alpujarra.

Its location, and its altitude of almost one thousand five hundred meters above sea level offers its visitors the best views of the Ravine. That is why it has several viewpoints, and specifically from the Eras de Aldeire you can see the peaks of the Mulhacén and the Veleta. This makes it unique.

 This is also the starting point for various hiking routes.

 Another of its most unique attractions is its architecture of Berber origin. Because the ancient mountain villages of North Africa, left their influences. That is why the Council of Europe has given it the title of model of popular architecture.

 Although the origins of the region date back to the Phoenicians, Romans and Visigoths, it was the Arabs who had the greatest influence. Because they left their mark on:

  • architecture
  • irrigation systems
  • agriculture 
  • linguistic roots

 Thanks to its contribution of a culture of seven hundred years of stay in the Peninsula. 

During the last decades tourism has started to stand out in the local economy.


What to visit in Capileira

 First of all, it must be said that the whole municipality of Capileira is a Historic-Artistic Site and a Picturesque Place. It has also been mentioned by the Council of Europe as a model of popular architecture.

 This is because Capileira is a very peaceful, touristy mountain village that has taken care of its traditions and has its heritage intact. The white houses with flat roofs give shape to its steep and zigzagging streets. 

 The inhabitants of Capileira have always had a scrupulous respect for their environment, which makes this municipality an ideal place to enjoy nature.

 It also has all the titles we have mentioned before because its town centre preserves the traditional architecture of the Alpujarra. This small village has three neighbourhoods. 


 The viewpoints of Caoilerira are ideal to contemplate the spectacular views of the mountains of Lújar and the Contraviesa. The most outstanding are:

  • Tajo del Diablo, on the vertical of Pampaneira.
  • El Perchel, with its typical Alpujarra work. 
  • But the most impressive is the viewpoint of the Junta de los Ríos, at the southern end of the left side of the ravine.

 Monuments in Capileira

 Among the monuments of the village, the following stand out:

  •  The Parish Church of Ntra. Señora de la Cabeza, rebuilt in the 17th century. Inside we can also find a Baroque style altarpiece in gilded wood from the 17th century. And also an image of the Virgen de la Cabeza donated by the Catholic Kings in the 15th century.
  •  The House-Museum Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, founded in 1972 and restored in 2013 by the Provincial Council of Granada, is dedicated to the life and work of the famous writer from Alarcón, as well as functioning as a museum of Alpujarras customs and traditions.3
  •  Two public washing places under the fountains of Hondera and La Pileta, which were in use until 1965.


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