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As in all of Andalusia, Coín celebrates Easter with its processions of the brotherhoods every day of the week. It begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday. 

Spring Festivals

On 1, 2 and 3 May the Spring Festival is celebrated. The aim of these festivities is to pay tribute to the workers in the fields and to give “thanks” for the fertility of their land. 

And on the 3rd of May the Day of the Cross is celebrated. On this day, the people of Coín decorate their streets with objects characteristic of the town. They also make a large floral cross. 

Orange Festival

Also during the month of May the harvesting of the oranges is completed. In addition, during the celebration of this festival, the villagers promote products and typical foods of the town.

Pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Fuensanta 

First weekend in June. After being taken from the San Juan Bautista Church to its hermitage, the Virgen de la Fuensanta is taken back to the church. During this day, pilgrims make their way from the village to the hermitage. At the end of the day, a mass is held in honour of the Virgin.

The Coín Fair

Dedicated to the patron saint of the village, the Virgen de la Fuensanta. It is celebrated on 15 August. The origin of this festivity dates back to the 18th century. During the days before, the village takes to the streets to celebrate the festivities with music, food, drink and a festive spirit. 

New Year’s Eve

Coín’s New Year’s Eve festival stands out from other Spanish towns and cities, because it is the only town where it is celebrated in costume, as if it were a great carnival. 



Economy of the town

 The main basis of Coin’s economy has always been agriculture and small-scale livestock farming. But they have always coexisted and combined with marble mining. Because this tradition has existed since the Ancient Age, specifically since the times of the Roman Empire. And it has also coexisted together with ceramics. 

 Moreover, since the end of the 19th century and especially during the 20th century, ceramics have had great importance. It has its own style of colour called “Verde Coín”. 

 We also have to emphasize that within the economy of this small town of Malaga. The most important ceramic workshop of the 20th century was the Cumbreras Workshop. And although its impact on the local economy has diminished, this material of the traditional Coin pottery is still worked today, with more than 300 years of age by the local craftsmen.

 Cinema and Television are a source of income

 The City of Cinema was a project that was made in the birthplace area to produce television series. It has been converted into a tourist area. 

Because for years, several series have been shot in Coín, the first being the British series El Dorado for the BBC, and then the Andalusian television series Plaza Alta and Arrayán, both recorded in the Loasur studios, produced by Linze TV, and broadcast by Canal Sur Televisión.

 The new economic sectors of Coín

 Nowadays, tourism, construction, and the hotel industry have replaced the old industry, and there are still many potters and several quarries where marble, dolomite, and sand for construction are basically extracted.


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