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transfers from malaga airport to duquesa

Puerto de la Duquesa

 If you want to know a port where you can find a breath of peace and familiarity. We have no doubt that you are looking for a place like Puerto de la Duquesa.

 With the style and elegance characteristic of a Mediterranean port. Puerto de la Duquesa has among the services it offers its clients a complete dry dock that offers maintenance and repair of boats as well as an area for hibernating.

 In Puerto de La Duquesa you will also find a wide range of restaurants and a beautiful natural environment. In which you can complete your tourist visit.


 El Puerto de la Duquesa is a beautiful marina in the municipality of Manilva. It is halfway between Sotogrande and Marbella. It is the most western port of the province of Malaga, in the municipality of Manilva.

 Also with its calm waters and pleasant weather all year round. That is why we can say that it is one of the best ports on the Costa del Sol. 

 The port has 328 moorings that range from 8 to 20 metres in length. In addition the enclosure has a dry dock with a lifting gantry with a capacity of 70 Tm.

 Tourist area

 The port is the centre of most tourist activity in the area. It is between cozy hotels and urbanizations. They invite you to spend a good holiday on the beach and in the sun. 

 It is a peaceful place where Mediterranean light and pleasure boats combine in perfect harmony. And it also offers the taste of fresh fish from the daily catch. 

 A little about Manilva

 Manilva is the first town in the province of Malaga on the west coast. 

Manilva’s economy was largely based on agriculture and fishing. Until the tourism boom that is gaining weight every day. Surrounded by golf courses with beach and inland in the same village.

In this maritime town you can enjoy various activities, among others, the culture of civilizations that passed through here. You can also taste the most varied gastronomic offer. Because the richness of its gastronomy is based on the variety of fish.


Climate and usual weather

The weather throughout the year from Malaga airport to Duquesa is usually temperate and with very different seasons in terms of rainfall. Spain and especially the coast of Andalusia is on the border between Europe and Africa. It means that the climate can have characteristics of both continents in a few days of difference. Thus, in spring and autumn we can have hot days as well as cooler days. The precipitations in these seasons are irregular. Is possible to have large amounts of water in a few days as well as sun during most of the time. The winter is not very humid and in summer the rain is really unusual, so normally the weather will not be a concern for you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Beaches and Marina

The entire A7 road runs parallel to the coast. In some sections like the one that goes from Fuengirola to Cala de Mijas are especially beautiful. You will be able to enjoy seeing the sea in some moments during your transfer service as well as see the vegetation of the area. In this area there is a curious mix of tropical elements such as palm trees with pines and other trees that we usually find in the mountains. The marinas are common in many towns on the Costa del Sol. We can not see them from the road but they are easily accessible by car or on foot once you arrive at your hotel or accommodation.

Other interesting places: Campings, service stations, Shopping center.

The road of the Costa del Sol from Malaga airport to Duquesa has a large influx of users. It is easy to find different areas of services  such as parking, petrol stations, shopping centers, restaurants and hotels. If you wish to stop for a moment in one of these places, you can tell it to your driver. He will inform you if it is possible to stop, depending if he is full of time until his next service. However, if you have the need to stop along the way, you can indicate it in your booking request. To see the rates for waiting time, you can visit the terms and conditions that we have on our website.


Restaurants in Puerto Duquesa

 Bar-Restaurant La Casita in Duquesa

 First of all it is a classic bar-restaurant with a covered terrace. Where we can taste delicious rice, fish, seafood and grilled meats.

 The owner is Argentinean and it shows. But it also stands out for its surprising Spanish tapas. In addition to its perfectly prepared pork cheeks and fried fish. 

 And for dessert he offers homemade pudding, ice cream and delicious pancakes from La Casita. And to marinate everything an extraordinary beer or a great house wine.

 Also worth mentioning is their great service and friendly staff, always ready to help. The value for money is very good.

 Arcos 38, Fathoms Bar

 Arcos 38 offers magnificent tapas, specialising in the extraordinary prawns and exquisite pork. 

 From this bar in Duquesa you will always have a good memory because it is well known for its great service and its friendly staff, always willing to help. You will pay a low price when you eat at this place. The atmosphere is spectacular, as its visitors claim.

 Beach Club Cubanga Restaurant

 In Puerto de la Duquesa and next to the beach, diners can enjoy the best restaurant in the area. Which also offers a great atmosphere and the best desserts.

 For the owner of the establishment his passion has always been gastronomy. He was trained in France at the Ivry Hotel School. He has also always worked in the hotel industry in the most important restaurants in London and Paris. 

 But since 1997, he created this restaurant on the Duquesa beach, for the enjoyment of all its visitors. 


What activities can you practise in Puerto de la Duquesa

Boat trips

At Puerto de la Duquesa you can enjoy a boat trip with spectacular views of the Manilva Watchtowers, Puerto Sotogrande and the Rock of Gibraltar. 

There is also the possibility of going fishing or doing water activities such as Banana trip, Water Skiing or Wakeboarding.  

Rental of equipment

In the Duchess’ Port during the summer months you can rent them for a few hours:

  • Hidropedales
  • Kayaks
  • Paddle Surf Boards 

To enjoy the sea and water and sports activities.

Diving in Puerto de la Duquesa

Because near the Duchess’ Port it is an ideal area to learn and practice diving techniques. From the wall dive to the lee of the currents. But it can also be done with entrance from land. 

In addition the jetty offers many caves and holes where there are hundreds of species of underwater fauna. Or even enjoy a simple night dive. 

It should also be said that it is a place of special archaeological interest because there is an archaeological site nearby. Which is the Environment of the Castle of Sabinillas. 

Visit the Castle of the Duchess

Because next to the beach of La Duquesa is this castle from 1767.

It was built in the eighteenth century because this area had to be defended from the constant incursions of pirates and corsairs. 

Visit the Church of Santa Ana

She is the patron saint of this town, Santa Ana, and her image is kept in the church and her procession is on 26 July. Seeing her is one of the things to do in Manilva.

This temple was built between 1530 and 1573. 

In addition, in the Puerto Deportivo de La Duquesa there is also a wide range of restaurants of almost all types. From Mediterranean cuisine, fish and seafood of the best quality, Asian restaurants, Mexican, Indian cuisine and the best Italian food. 

And for dessert you can also taste a creamy ice cream. Because there are excellent ice-cream parlors and several places to have a drink.

Also during the summer months, in the evenings there is a flea market in the Port with a diverse offer of handicrafts, clothes and accessories.


Trekking routes

 A very beautiful hiking route of about 12 kilometres passes through the Puerto de la Duquesa.

 The route of the coastal path that begins near Gadiaro, crossing the Puerto de la Duquesa, Casares Costa and Sabinillas, to Estepona. It is a linear route of almost 12 kilometres, without any unevenness, with beautiful views. 

 You can leave your car in the car park of the Urbanization Playa Paraiso, at the 138th kilometre of the Malaga-Cadiz road.

 Then go down to the beach and start walking along the beach towards Estepona. After walking a few meters along the beach, there is a narrow lane. Then we arrive at an area of great ecological value. 

 We continue walking on land, which is a very comfortable surface to walk on, and we arrive at the area of the Castle of Manilva. From there we can already see the Port of the Duchess. We cross the Puerto de la Duquesa, not very big, beautiful, with a very British atmosphere. After passing the port we continue towards Sabinillas. We cross the promenade of Sabinillas, nice and very clean, with good beaches. Then we pass a wooden bridge, and at the height of kilometre 6 of this route, the most beautiful part begins, some beautiful views, which surprise you every minute. With the Salt Tower, beautiful from far away and more and more beautiful as you get closer. 

 The route continues along a sandy track, and in the distance we see other rocks over the sea, an impressive view, and, going down to the beach, we reach the height of the Bahia Dorada III urbanization, where the route ends.


Distance & duration

Duquesa is 93 kilometers far from Málaga Airport. Your transfer service will spend about 1 hour and 10 minutes by A7 way. This is the usual road that your chauffer of MalagaCabbie will take to bring you to your hotel or accommodation.

The alternative route from Málaga airport to Duquesa is taking the AP7 which is the toll way.  It’s possible that A7 had jam traffic in peak season so we recommend you to choose the toll way. We also recommend it for your own safety because there are fewer incidents on this road. If you want to take this way, you have to inform us in your booking request or to your driver before to begin the transfer service. MalagaCabbie doesn’t assume the extra cost of the toll which will have to be added to the price of the transfer service.


Tolls from Malaga airport to Duquesa

There are two toll sections from Málaga Airport to Duquesa. Your MalagaCabbie driver will normally take the A7 road to get to your hotel or accommodation. This road is free but sometimes, especially in peak season, it is not advisable to travel through it. Heavy traffic and the frequency of incidents on the road are common at that time of the season. The best way to start enjoying your holidays quickly, without worries and with greater safety is by taking the A7 motorway. If you prefer to go by the toll road, you must indicate it in your booking request. Also informing your transfer service’s driver before starting the trip.

We have said before that there are two toll sections which are those that goes from Malaga to Marbella and from Marbella to Estepona. The first of them has a price of 4.60 euros until May 31 and from October 1. From June 1 to September 30 the price is higher, being 7.50 euros. The second section that goes from Marbella to Estepona has a price of 3.15 euros until May 31 and from October 1. From June 1 to September 30, the price is 5.10 euros.

Toll section Málaga Airport to Marbella

01/01 to 05/31 & 10/01 to 12/31: 4,60 euros

06/01 to 09/30: 7,50 euros

Toll section Marbella to Estepona

01/01 to 05/31 & 10/01 to 12/31: 3,15  euros

06/01 to 09/30: 5,10 euros

If you finally want to take de AP7 toll road, you have to assume the cost of this extra fee. You can pay in cash during or after the trip or with debit/credit card.



route from malaga airport to Duquesa


Route from Malaga Airport to La Duquesa