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Weather El Ejido

El Ejido is dominated by the local steppe climate. There is little rainfall throughout the year. This location is classified as BSk by Köppen and Geiger. In El Ejido, the average annual temperature is 17.8 ° C. The average rainfall is approximately 260 mm.

The driest month is July, with 2 mm. The highest amount of precipitation occurs in January, with an average of 36 mm.

The hottest month of the year with an average temperature of 25.5 °C in August. The lowest average temperatures of the year occur in January, when it is around 11.2 ° C.

Gastronomy of El Ejido

El Ejido has a delicuous and rich cuisine with gourmets tapas but also dishes from the Alpujarras. Due to its location El Ejido has influence of the healthy cuisine based on the Mediterranean diet, which contains a lot of locally tropical fruits and vegetables worldwide. Moreover , El Ejido is known as a fishing town providing its with a wide assortment of fish, in the most typical dishes of the Almeria coast. We might also mention the large diversity of  international well known restaurants you can find in El Ejido.

What to visit in El Ejido

Punta Entinas Sabinar

Located between Playa Serena (Roquetas de Mar) and Almerimar it is classified with a double protection by the Regional Government of Andalusia : Natural Area and Nature Reserve. Punta Entinas Sabinar covers more than  2,470 hectares and It is famous known for its great faunal , botanical and landscape values.

Castillo de Guardias Viejas

is located in the municipality of El Ejido, Almería specifically  in the town Los Baños de Guardias Viejas. The castle was built in 1769 , on low rise of the Mediterranean Sea. Actually is owned by the Government of Andalusia. It was refixed in 1980. A lot of events are celebrated in the Castle such as  the Creamfields Andalucia and The Natural Music Festival

Puerto Deportivo Almerimar

One of the largest infrastructures in Europe is Almerimar Marina with more than 1,100 moorings spots for boats and of all the different depths.

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