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Let us show you the details of the route of your transfers from Malaga airport to Estepona. Interesting information and places to visit or to see while crossing the route. Have a look at service areas (petrol stations, bars, hotels, campings) or entertainment (golf courses, beaches) and principally, the climate and weather.

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transfers from malaga airport to estepona

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Climate: what will be the weather from Malaga airport to Estepona?

Usually your biggest worry will be, how much hot I’m going to feel? From more or less Holy week to October the answer is pretty warm and, as little, warm enough. 

Estepona is not an exception in Costa del Sol, talking about the climate.

Winter is not too cold, in fact, the temperatures are mild and eventually you can feel hot in this season. The average temperature is 13-14ºC and maximun average temperature during the day is 16-18ºC. But you have to take care with the rain because  almost forty per cent of days are rainy days.

Spring also autumn are really unpredictable at long term due south of Spain is in the border between Africa and Europe. That means that if we recibe african air mass influence, the weather will be dry and hot. As well as winds proceeds from continental Europe, the weather will be cold. The humidity comes from Atlantic influence and there is not a regular rain pattern.

But no worries about any doubt in summer. We promise you that you will be full of warm and rarely you will see clouds.




The best meat restaurants in Estepona

La Casa de la Abuela

First of all we recommend this restaurant for its meat and more specifically for its tasty entrecôte, its famous grill or its unique salads. This restaurant allows you to choose from a wide variety of dishes at low prices. No doubt you will enjoy its charming atmosphere and its divine decoration. And for dessert we recommend its delicate pudding. 

And in addition all it marinated by a delicious and sensational wine, although when you visit the house of my grandmother, you must prove its delicious wine, and its sensational beer or its good cordial. 

Its location is also easy to find. We also have to emphasize that the treatment of their staff is always cordial and excellent. That’s why their service is magnificent.  

Las Brasas de Alberto (The Embers of the Alberto)

We can say that your customers are delighted with your Spanish cuisine from Las Brasas de Alberto. Here you can enjoy his amazing sirloin and his famous laing all done to the natural ember.

And to marinate everything they have a very appetizing and varied wine list is very varied. And of post on the one hand they offer a magnificent cut coffee, a very good homemade cheese cake, but also we recommended its. singular pudding of the house. 

The relation quality price is correct and the service of the waiters very professional and amiable. And finally the discreet decoration and the charming atmosphere help your customers to feel relaxed.

Parrilla Argentina de Roby (Roby’s Argentinean Grill) in Estepona 

And last but not least, the Argentine Grill. Because if you like grilled meat from Argentina, don’t miss it. We strongly recommend its famous Argentinean Parrillada, where you can enjoy all types of grilled meat. On the other hand, we must also highlight its generous empanadillas and its perfectly prepared entrecôte. In addition, Parrilla Roby offers among its drinks a good wine and an excellent liquor. Don’t miss the opportunity to try its spectacular café cortado or its magnificent lemonade.

The excellent location of this place makes it very easy to get there by any means. The success of this place would be impossible without an extraordinary staff. You will love their divine service. Based on the opinions of the users, the prices are adequate.

Restaurants for your children in Estepona

Chiringuito El Madero

The Chiringuito El Madero is on the beach La Rada in Estepona. It offers a Mediterranean cuisine always made with the natural products of the area.  We have to emphasize that its specialties as a good chiringuito are

  • The sardine skewers
  • The wilden Golden

But it also has a children’s menu as well as a special area for children. And as it is next to the beach, children can also play on the sand.

This Chiringuito is also ideal for eating outdoors on its large terrace, where the children also have space to play. 

Restaurant La Quinta El Jardín de las Delicias

The Restaurant Quinta El Jardín de las Delicias can be found in a beautiful villa in Estepona. It is located next to the Kempinski Hotel and a few meters from the beach.

It has a large indoor dining room, a ballroom, and also a large garden where children can play. Because this garden has many paths that wind between flowers, plants and ponds, where you can eat in the shade of the trees. In addition to an excellent terrace with sea views.

As it is an estate, the children can be there without danger from cars or the road. So parents can relax and eat in peace.

It offers a very extensive menu, with children’s menus as well as homemade and customised meals. It also has an excellent grill, where you can order roasted dishes such as. Of course it is worth noting that their menu also offers a special menu for children.

For all these reasons it is a perfect place to hold all kinds of events. Moreover, thanks to its location and the spaciousness of the place, it is an excellent place to go with the whole family.  

Tesela Restaurant

This exquisite restaurant is part of the Crowne Plaza Estepona-Costa del Sol hotel complex.

It also has an excellent garden area, children’s menu and children’s play area.

It should also be noted that this restaurant is open from early morning. Furthermore, it is always surrounded by calm and tranquillity. That is why coming to eat here is always a pleasure. Because you can taste a series of dishes made up of a great selection of purely Mediterranean ingredients.


Chiringuitos in Estepona

 Chiringuito Paco

 Chiringuito is a family-run beach bar which was started in 1997. We can find it in the Rada Beach, Estepona.

At the moment the 3 daughters of the couple are in charge with the quality and the good service that always offers. 

 With an unbeatable location in front of the beach. Also in this bar you can enjoy a coffee, a drink, or a good meal overlooking Gibraltar or Morocco.

 Chiringuito Paco stands out for the quality of its products, its extensive menu and its excellent service.

 Chiringuito el Madero

 This chiringuito is in the central area of the Paseo Marítimo, also in the heart of Playa La Rada. It also opened more than 20 years ago. They have improved their facilities to offer the best in a relaxing atmosphere, with beautiful views and an innovative design.

 We can also say that its sardine spikes are spectacular. They are famous for being the best, but you can also enjoy gilthead bream, sea bass and shrimp. 

 We also highlight the wide selection of salads and starters, paellas, meat and fish that we can enjoy on the terrace. 

 Chiringuito La Peseta

 It is a Chiringuito with very good food, very good location. In addition its relation quality price is unbeatable. Its spits are remarkable, which are cooked next to the bar.

 Very good price of the dishes, especially for the quality of the products offered.

 On the other hand we must emphasize the personal attention that is its added value.

 Chiringuito Crusoes

 First of all we can find this beach bar in Playa el Padron. It is also a very busy and popular place just 30 meters from the beach. 

 Open from March to October, its menu offers the best varieties of fish and seafood. In addition to a mixture of meats and salads. 

You can also relax here by savouring an ice-cream, a fresh drink, or even a fruit cocktail.

 Palm Beach Beach Bar

 This chiringuito is a perfect place to relax. Because it is very cozy. In addition to an exquisite service. We can say that it is also ideal to spend a day enjoying the beach or to go for a drink.

 With a traditional kitchen of a chiringuito, the chosen product is of very good quality, with fresh fish, vegetables of the day and varied garnishes.


Estepona Hiking Routes

 Estepona, besides the beach, has a natural wealth ideal for hiking trails. Because in Estepona you can enjoy more than 174 kilometres of hiking routes. 

 The Altabacales Way

 This path gives the option to do so on foot, on horseback or by bicycle. It is a linear route of quite a level. It runs along one of the most popular routes in Sierra Bermeja, the Altabacales route. 

 Path Fuente del Porrejón

 This is an ideal route for families with children. Because it is another linear route for beginner levels. This path passes through dense forests of resin pine.

 Pico de los Reales climbing trail

 It is a path that leads to the highest peak of the mountain range, which rises to 1452 meters above sea level.

 It is a path surrounded by the typical vegetation of Sierra Bermeja, resin pines, kermes oaks, gorse and herbaceous plants.

 In addition here the temperature is usually 10º less than on the beach.

 It is curious that as the path gains height, there are endemic species that add a natural and heritage importance. 

 Route Port of the Artesa

 Low-difficulty linear route to and from. By bicycle is a route of low difficulty and valid for a quiet ride on horseback. Which has a total of 14 kilometers. 

 Pass of the Spanish firs and Integral of the Reales

 This known route is a linear one, which passes through the only pinsapares that exist in the world on peridotites.

 There are 750 metres of path along which the Paseo de los Pinsapos runs.  There are also constant ups and downs, steps and stones. But there is a bridge that goes over the Garganta del Algarrobo.

 And to finish off, you reach the little square where a poem by Federico García Lorca adorns a mural.

 The Route House of the Guards

 This is a simple route which can be done on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. Because after the initial ramp of just 20 meters, the route continues to climb a constant slope not very steep and with a fairly homogeneous dirt floor. 

 After overcoming about 3.6 kilometers the route reaches its goal in the so-called Casa de los Guardas. This house was used by the forest rangers to control the public mountain of Estepona. 


Enjoy this water activities in Estepona

Estepona, between the Costa del Sol and the countryside of Gibraltar, is an idyllic place. It also has an old town because it is a white village on the coast of Malaga. The old town is full of colourful pots. But Estepona is more than just a beautiful coastal town, because here you can enjoy quality sun and beach and also a wide range of leisure activities. In Estepona you can practice any water sport, thanks to its infrastructure, marina and beaches.

In this post we present you some of the activities you can do in Estepona:


One of the most exciting activities you can do if you are on holiday in Estepona is diving. Because not always being in a coastal place is synonymous with being able to develop this sport. However in Estepona there are all the perfect conditions to enjoy your dives under water. Because it is a privileged place in this sense, as it has magnificent sea beds and also has all the necessary infrastructure. And there are quite a few companies dedicated to the practice of this exciting sport. 

No matter what your level is, in Estepona there is something for everyone, from professionals to your first time underwater.

Boat trips

If you are passing through Estepona, we recommend that you sign up for a boat trip on the Mediterranean Sea. Because from a boat you can travel along the coast and a guide will explain details about the rich sea, curiosities and anecdotes. 

Don’t miss out on excursions to see dolphins of various species and whales in the Strait of Gibraltar. From the Port of Estepona, because it is a spectacle of nature to see these animals in freedom. 


You can also learn to sail this type of boat at the Estepona Sailing School. Because they have all the means and the indispensable knowledge to be able to steer a sailing boat. 

Here you can also learn and enjoy the types of wind, the parts of the boat, different boats and sailing strategies for regattas.


If you are passionate about risky sports, don’t hesitate and start surfing on the beach. Because on the beach of the Atalaya in Estepona there are exceptional conditions to practice this sport. Because it is on this beach that you can do these sports, such as surfing, kitesurfing, paddle surfing… It is also a place where many young people come to enjoy the best waves in the Mediterranean.


Horror and Fantastic Film Festival in Estepona

 First of all it is the Costa del Sol Fantastic Film Festival. It is held in Estepona every year in September for one week. 

 In addition its first edition was in the year 2000 concretely from the 11 to the 16 of September. It was organized by the Unicorn Association, which the first prize, which is the Golden Unicorn to the film with more success in box office in Spain that year, The Ring. 

 Although the Golden Unicorn is the main award, others were granted. For example, a tribute was made to the great British actress Caroline Muro. She is famous for horror films such as “The Devil’s Howl”. 

 In successive editions, awards have been given and actors and actresses of the stature of:

-Christopher Lee (2007), who is probably the most famous interpreter of Dracula along with Bela Logusi, although he has also been Frankenstein, Sauron in Lord of the Rings and Count Dookun in Star Wars. 

– Manuel Bandera (2013).

– Kristianna Loken (2008), the Terminatrix of Terminator 3.

In addition, they have the honor of having excellent cartoonists such as Alfonso Azpiri, who attends every year. 

The most frequent theme of the festival is terror, due to the great number of expectations from the public. 


The most iconic people from Estepona

There are many esteponeros who have been important personalities in the history of Spain, from the military to politicians to sportsmen. In this post we introduce you to some famous people from Estepona:

José Carrión y Marfil

An 18th century Spanish clergyman. He held high ecclesiastical positions, in the viceroyalties of New Spain, New Granada and Peru. In addition to holding the episcopal offices of Cuenca and Trujillo, he also directed the Abbey of Alcalá la Real.

Manuel Díaz del Real y Marmolejo

was a 19th century Spanish military man. He was the head of the Corps of Halberdiers of the Royal Palace with Isabel II. And also later commander of the Regiment of Infantry of Ronda.

María Espinosa de los Monteros was an activist in the fight for women’s rights at the beginning of the 20th century. She also founded the National Association of Spanish Women. And during the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera she was a councilwoman in the city council of Segovia.

Tomás de Figueroa y Caravaca

An Spanish military man who restored colonial order in Chile at the end of the 18th century. For this reason he was executed in 1811 by the government of Chile. That is why the riot is remembered as The Figueroa Mutiny.

Jaime Ramón Molina Mata

Better known as Jaime, is a footballer who stood out in the 80s and 90s of the last century. He is currently a coach.

Francisco Enrique Muñoz Pérez

Known as Muñoz Pérez, is another footballer from Estepona who played in the position of left wing. He also stood out in the 80s and 90s of the 20th century. y He also gives his name to the football field of Estepona.

Antonio Barrientos González

A politician who has been mayor of Estepona three times for the PSOE. He has also intervened in his party on a national level.

Javier Benítez Láinez

 He was born in Estepona in 1969 and won the 13th Barcarola International Poetry Prize in 1997. He was also director and founder of the magazine Letra Clara of the University of Granada. 


Economic resources

 Estepona is a municipality whose economy has historically revolved around two sectors, fishing and agriculture and livestock, today its economy is based on tourism. Although it has not left aside either fishing or the countryside.

 The Agricultural Cooperative of Estepona, which is one of the oldest and most important in Spain. And that is why its importance has been vital throughout its existence. It also has more than 600 members for the production of vegetables and especially lemons and avocados. The most common fisheries are sardines, anchovies and clams.

At present, its economy is based on two pillars: 

  • Tourism. 
  • construction.

 As far as tourism is concerned, we must highlight residential tourism. This is that of those people who have come to Estepona and have decided to stay here. Because this new population generates a very important cultural richness in Estepona. 

 The importance of foreigners in Estepona is such that the Town Hall has a telephone number for foreign residents. In addition to celebrating Foreign Residents Day, a large event is held at the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos. 

 As for the tertiary sector, in 2019 there were 20 hotel establishments with 5,900 hotel beds. And at the beginning of 2020 in Estepona there were more than 5,000 units in the pipeline for second homes, ahead of other municipalities on the Western Costa del Sol.

 In conclusion, fishing, livestock, agriculture, construction and tourism are the pillars of Estepona’s economy.


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