Transfers from Malaga Airport to Frigiliana

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Transfers from Malaga Airport to Frigiliana


transfers from malaga airport to frigiliana

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Distance and duration

The distance from Malaga Airport to Frigiliana is approximately 70 kilometers. Malaga Cabbie, your private transfer service will take about 50 minutes, depending on traffic and weather conditions. Even in summer, you will not find jam traffic except in unusual circumstances.

Weather conditions.

The Costa del Sol has a great climate (link Frigiliana climate) where the sun and mild temperatures will make the driving conditions unbeatable. Thus, MalagaCabbie will provide you with a safe and comfortable transfer service so that you can enjoy the pleasant surroundings. Especially in late spring and throughout the summer. However, the adverse weather is not usual for the rest of the year.

Tolls and Road Map

The A7 motorway in its section from Malaga airport to Frigiliana has no toll. The quality of the road is modern and exceptional, so the transfer route takes place in a fast and safe way.

When we are leaving the surroundings of the city of Malaga, the road is winding. For this reason, the speed limitation is 80 kilometers per hour. After that first section, the maximum speed allowed is again the usual for motorways in Spain that are 120 kilometers per hour

Beach and Landscape

Although the road runs parallel to the coastline, only in some sections you can see the sea. However, you can enjoy the typical landscape of the Costa del Sol where tropical crops and mountainous areas abound. You can check how the proximity to the sea and the cultivation of vegetables around will influence the cuisine of the restaurants you will visit later (link gastronomy frigiliana)

Due to the mountainous nature of the area, we will go through several tunnels which are especially fun for children. You can also see private developments and rural houses where tourists usually spend their vacations. It is thanks to the natural and relaxed environment as well as the proximity to the beach that people choose these locations close to the road. In addition you will find at a glance the Baviera golf club, a short distance from Frigiliana.

Stop & go

Occasionally, you may want to stop between Malaga airport and your hotel or drop off location. You can specified it before in your transfer booking. Additionally, if your driver is plenty of time until his next transfer service (link terms and conditions), you can order him to stop. We will have several service stations that we will find on the way to Frigiliana to buy some drinks or anything else you want.

Alternative way

Before the construction of the a7 motorway, there was a national road between Malaga and Frigiliana airports. This road currently exists. For reasons of time and safety, our drivers will take the A7 motorway. Only exceptionally in situations that necessarily require it, your driver could go by the old road N-340.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]



route from malaga airport to frigiliana


Route from Malaga Airport to Frigiliana