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transfers from malaga airport to frigiliana

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The weather in Frigiliana

The Costa del Sol has a great climate (link Frigiliana climate) where the sun and mild temperatures will make the driving conditions unbeatable. Thus, MalagaCabbie will provide you with a safe and comfortable transfer service so that you can enjoy the pleasant surroundings. Especially in late spring and throughout the summer. However, the adverse weather is not usual for the rest of the year.


Beach and landscape

Although the road runs parallel to the coastline, only in some sections you can see the sea. However, you can enjoy the typical landscape of the Costa del Sol where tropical crops and mountainous areas abound. You can check how the proximity to the sea and the cultivation of vegetables around will influence the cuisine of the restaurants you will visit later (link gastronomy frigiliana)

Due to the mountainous nature of the area, we will go through several tunnels which are especially fun for children. You can also see private developments and rural houses where tourists usually spend their vacations. It is thanks to the natural and relaxed environment as well as the proximity to the beach that people choose these locations close to the road. In addition you will find at a glance the Baviera golf club, a short distance from Frigiliana.


The most typical food in Frigiliana

First of all we can say that Frigiliana is a reference point for the gastronomy of the region of Anarchy. Because thanks to the natural products of the area as they are:

  • Sugar cane honey
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Muscatel wines from its vineyards
  • Fresh vegetables from their gardens 

They make up one of the most unique kitchens in the province. Among its combinations we can highlight the exquisite and peculiar dishes cooked with choto meat. Because it can be prepared fried, either with garlic or with a variety of sauces, one of the most exquisite being almond sauce.

Specific gastronomy of Firgiliana

Probably the most typical dish of Frigiliana within the region of Anarchy is the stew. It has a large number of variations. Among which we can highlight: cabbage, fennel or Easter. This last one is made with cod and together with the egg and flour omelettes soaked in sugar cane honey, it is the classic menu for Easter and Lent.

The other very typical dish of the region and also of Frigiliana is the typical migas (a dish made from bread and corn flour). These are accompanied by fresh fish (sardines or anchovies), vegetables or chorizo and black pudding.  You can try migas in any bar or restaurant in Frigiliana all year round. But it is also true that this dish is usually made more on rainy days or that it is colder.  

The wine

And all this can always be macerated a little with the typical wine of the area. Because in Frigiliana the wine that is also produced here by private individuals. That is why they are called “vinos del terreno”. Moreover, these wines have different tones and degrees, and can be tasted from the sweetest to the driest.


Arropia and marcochas are the typical sweets of Frigiliana. These handmade desserts based on cane honey are prepared especially at the beginning of May for the Day of the Cross. But it is also important to say that other sweets are also made with honey, such as sweet potatoes with honey.


The most typical restaurants in Frigiliana

 La Bodeguilla Restaurant

 First of all, we can say that Restaurant La Bodeguilla is in Frigiliana the reference when it comes to home cooking.

 The history of this restaurant began by chance in the early 80s. One afternoon, Rosario was preparing a family meal at her house in Calle El Garral when a couple of tourists asked her if they could eat there. Rosario’s hospitality led her to offer them the same menu she had prepared in her kitchen for her own family. That was when it all began.

In one of the most charming corners of Frigiliana, behind the church, and in Rosario’s own kitchen, the most traditional and homemade recipes began to be prepared.

 Sacristan Tavern

 In this restaurant you can taste the authentic Spanish cuisine. Also don’t forget to try their typical perfectly prepared lamb shoulder. Although you can also taste its good cheese cake and its surprising profiteroles.

 In La Taberna del Sacristan you will have the opportunity to taste an excellent house wine.

 It is easy to find this place thanks to its great location. Besides, the staff is exquisite in this place. Their divine service is a great privilege. The relation quality price is also remarkable. 

 Adarve Restaurant

In the highest part of Frigiliana, in the “Barribarto”, within the historical Moorish-Mudejar case, is this restaurant. Both for the treatment of our staff, and for the quality of its cuisine, all seasoned with an unparalleled setting.

 Here you will be able to enjoy from the most suggestive kitchen to the most traditional one, and all it in an unique place. With impressive views of all the old town and the countryside. A dinner while the sun sets behind the mountains, with the only sound of the countryside around you.



 Hotel Caracoles

Spectacular hotel whose rooms are some curious caves. In which a rural atmosphere is maintained in the decoration. The rooms also have a double bedroom, bathroom with bathtub and a large furnished terrace with views of the impressive landscapes of the area.

They are also fully equipped with air conditioning and free wifi.

The hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool with several terraces, one of which is accessible from the bar, and a restaurant that offers recipes for all tastes, with a wide variety of recipes. 

 Hotel La Posada Morisca

The hotel La Posada Morisca is located in a rural area next to the Sierra Almijara natural park and overlooking the sea. Here your guests can live an experience “between the sea and the mountains” in one of the extraordinary places on the Costa del Sol.

 Hotel Rural Almazara

Hotel Rural Almazara is also located in a dreamlike landscape. In the purest Andalusian rural style where you can enjoy a holiday in harmony with nature. It is a natural paradise surrounded by tranquillity and landscapes of unusual beauty.

It is located between Nerja and Frigiliana. Hotel Rural Almazara offers all the peace and comfort you could wish for, with a warm and welcoming decoration and a cordial and personalised treatment so that you can fully enjoy your stay.


Frigiliana Arabian Remains

Frigiliana is the Axarquia town that has best preserved its Arab legacy. Several awards endorse it, such as the Beautification of Towns in Spain (1982) or the National Prize of Andalusian Towns (1988). A walk through the old Moorish-Mudejar quarter is a journey into a time of splendour. Because it is undoubtedly one of the best preserved in Spain. Walking through it, will transport us in time to past times.

At present, the Historical Centre of Frigiliana has been declared a Historical and Artistic Site, and is the true representative symbol of Frigiliana.

The houses of the Barribarto are a clear example of popular Arab architecture. It is characterized by heights adapted to the terrain, juxtaposition as a whole, exterior simplicity, structures of crossings…

There is no premeditated urban layout, but rather large blocks connected by streets that turn.

One of the sections that best exemplifies this principle of the Hispano-Muslim city is the point where Hernando el Darra Street ends in Travesía and connects with Amargura Street and this one with Alta Street until it ends in Zacatín Street, to finish in the back of San Antonio Church.

The adarves are also a testimony of Andalusian urbanism, they give access to the houses that do not have a direct entrance from the streets. Most of the time it is a corridor that allows access to a landing that precedes the entrances of the houses that converge in that space.

In Frigiliana some adarves are preserved as:

Several in Zacatínel del Túnel Street

  • of the Lord
  • the Orchard
  • of Bitterness
  • of the Rock
  • the Batanero
  • the Tower
  • of the Cura Soto
  • of the Corral 
  • the Inquisitor

Other vestiges of the passage of the Arabs through Frigiliana are the ruins of the Castle, of which material was used to build the Mill.

Ruins of the Castle of Frigiliana

The castle of Frigiliana or Lízar is a ruined castle on the hill of the Sabina. Of which the remains of the foundations, a wall and part of the access ramp remain.

It was an Arab castle built between the 9th and 11th centuries. The fortress was destroyed in 1569 by order of the Commander-in-Chief of Castile, Luis de Requesens.

It is protected by the Generic Declaration of the Decree of 22 April 1949, and Law 16/1985 on Spanish Historical Heritage.

Palace of the Counts of Frigiliana

The palace of the Counts of Frigiliana, also known as El Ingenio It was built in the 16th century, by order of the Manrique de Lara family.

It is a great building, of Renaissance style. It occupies an area of more than 2,000 square meters and was built with materials from the Arab castle.


Frigiliana hiking routes

Frigiliana is in a privileged location. Because the municipality is within the Natural Park of the Sierras Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama, in the heart of the Sierra Tejeda. But about 5 minutes by car from the beach.

That’s why today we present you two hiking routes that can be done from Frigiliana:

Hiking route Frigiliana-Fuente Espartero

First of all you can start the tour from the building “El Ingenio”.  From there you have to go to the Higueron River. The linear route will be 5.5 kilometers long and can be covered in an estimated time of two hours.

Later you will reach the “Cruz del Pinto”, a small mountainous elevation crowned by a cross. This is where there are spectacular views of the Mediterranean and the Sierra Almijara. Afterwards there is an easier descent.

To reach an area of pine trees, and the vegetation is again rich in junipers, bursts goats and shrubs. 

In about an hour you reach the canyon of the river Chíllar. It offers an indescribable satisfaction for the small waterfalls, the refreshing pools, the vegetation and the cahorros.

The descent to the Chíllar River takes approximately fifteen minutes and is an excellent place to take a break. Afterwards, we continue until we reach the Collado del Apretadero, where we will find the Fuente del Esparto.

Fifth stage of the Gran Senda de Málaga, Frigiliana-Nerja

The fifth stage of the Gran Senda de Málaga, runs between the municipalities of Nerja and Frigiliana. There is a part of it that can be done by bicycle, but the rest can only be done on foot. It passes through ravines, and is a tiring stage. 

The whole route is through the natural park of Sierras de Tejeda, Alhama and Almijara. But it is also true that there are no fountains or refreshment posts.

The path can be divided into several subsections: 

  • From the Caves of Nerja to El Pinarillo
  • From the Pinarillo to the access crest of the Loma de las Garzas
  • From La Loma de las Garzas to the end of the stage in Frigiliana.

The path can be taken from Frigiliana to Nerja or vice versa, but it should be noted that the official route is from Nerja to Frigiliana. That is why all the indications point in that direction.


Frigiliana Cane Honey

The sugar cane honey “Ingenio Ntra. Sra. del Carmen” in Frigiliana, is 75 years old. In its factory in Frigiliana near Nerja, it continues to be produced as it was traditionally done. It was introduced by the Arabs from sugar cane.

Today this is the only remaining cane honey factory in the whole of Europe. Because this type of cane only grows in a very small strip of Eastern Andalusia. Specifically on the Costa Tropical of Granada and part of Anarchy.

How to obtain Sugar Cane Honey

Sugarcane syrup is made in the factory by perfectly concentrating the sugarcane juice. Eliminating the impurities to preserve all the beneficial active elements and vital principles contained in the plant.

 In addition, we must say that it is a very complete food and rich in nutritional principles. Among which are glucose, protein, calcium, sucrose, iron salts, vitamin B and other minerals.

 How is it taken?

 Normally it is used to make desserts. But it also accompanies soft cheese, milkshakes, custards, yoghurts, toasts, fried foods, sour fruits…

 In home baking it is used to make: 

  • Torrijas
  • Biscuits
  • Honey gowns
  • Cakes
  • Candy corn
  • Wipes
  • Cookies

 It is also used in industrial baking to give more juiciness and finesse to the dough.

 Description of Cane Honey:

 Sugarcane syrup is officially ‘sugarcane juice concentrate’.

 In addition, cane honey is a food that has important properties and health benefits:

 Because it has a high energy content which is recommended for people who make great efforts.

 Also because of its high concentration of copper it helps to obtain strong and healthy hair. 

 Because of its iron content it is recommended for people suffering from anaemia as well as for pregnant women.

 It is also attributed with natural laxative characteristics.

 Its content of magnesium makes it particularly effective in the prevention of ailments of the locomotive system.


Distance and duration

The distance from Malaga Airport to Frigiliana is approximately 70 kilometers. Malaga Cabbie, your private transfer service will take about 50 minutes, depending on traffic and weather conditions. Even in summer, you will not find jam traffic except in unusual circumstances.

Tolls and Road Map

The A7 motorway in its section from Malaga airport to Frigiliana has no toll. The quality of the road is modern and exceptional, so the transfer route takes place in a fast and safe way.

When we are leaving the surroundings of the city of Malaga, the road is winding. For this reason, the speed limitation is 80 kilometers per hour. After that first section, the maximum speed allowed is again the usual for motorways in Spain that are 120 kilometers per hour

Stop & Go

Occasionally, you may want to stop between Malaga airport and your hotel or drop off location. You can specified it before in your transfer booking. Additionally, if your driver is plenty of time until his next transfer service (link terms and conditions), you can order him to stop. We will have several service stations that we will find on the way to Frigiliana to buy some drinks or anything else you want.

Alternative way

Before the construction of the a7 motorway, there was a national road between Malaga and Frigiliana airports. This road currently exists. For reasons of time and safety, our drivers will take the A7 motorway. Only exceptionally in situations that necessarily require it, your driver could go by the old road N-340.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]



route from malaga airport to frigiliana


Route from Malaga Airport to Frigiliana