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History of the city

Throughout history many civilizations have passed through the peninsula and the Rock of Gibraltar. Due mainly to its strategic location and its natural wealth. We can find prehistoric earthenware in caves over 40,000 years old.

Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Visigoths made settlements in the area where Gibraltar is currently located. Greek mythology identified the rock as one of the columns of Hercules. For them, it was the end of the known world.

However, it was not until the arrival of the Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula when the first permanent settlement was created that it would evolve to the present city. The Arabs gave it the name, which with some variations has lasted until today, they called it Jabal Tariq, “Mount Tariq”.

 The Castilians conquered the area during the time known as The Reconquest, like the rest of the territories of the peninsula. However, his domination did not last long. Later during the war of Spanish Succession Gibraltar played an important role. This war faced the interests of the Spanish territories of several claimants to the throne and of English and Dutch.

A fleet of English and Dutch ships conquered Gibraltar. During the Treaty of Utrecht, by which the end of the war was signed, Spain ceded control of Gibraltar to the British crown. So the situation has continued until today.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the British authorities raised the border barrier known in Spain as “the gate”. Throughout the Second World War Gibraltar further increased its strategic positioning importance. It was a key point of supply during the course of it.

Gibraltar weather

The climate in Gibraltar is the tropical Mediterranean. This means that temperatures are mild throughout the year. Its annual average temperature is 25 degrees. The summers are dry and warm, perfect for visiting the amazing nearby beaches. The mild winters but with abundant rains. The seasons of spring and autumn are ideal for your visit since the rains are moderate and the temperature very pleasant.

The most favourable period of time for tourism goes from May to September. Its average temperatures between 18 and 27 degrees favour outdoor activities. 

The beaches of the city, or nearby ones such as Tarifa, stand out for their intense wind. However, they are incredibly beautiful beaches. But if you prefer a quieter one, you have the whole Malaga coast, with emblematic places like Marbella. On the other side some of the most famous beaches of Andalusia such as Bolonia, Zahara de los Atúnes or Conil.

Traditional gastronomy of Gibraltar

The time has come to talk about one of our favourite sections since it always opens our appetite. If you are one of those people who enjoy eating and knowing cuisine from all corners of the world, you are interested in continuing reading.

In the traditional gastronomy of Gibraltar, as in the rest of the traditions of the area, the Andalusian cuisine is mixed with obvious influences of English cuisine. Today we are going to talk especially about three dishes that are very typical in all the houses and bars in the city. We tell you that they are the “Calentita”, the Panissa or the “Hornazo”.

“La Calentita” one is a dish made with chickpea flour, water, olive oil, salt and pepper, similar to the Italian farinata

Its name comes from the Spanish word “caliente” which means hot. It is said that the locals who sold it shouted: ¡calentita! in the middle of the street to indicate that the plate had just come out of the oven and thus call the attention of the passers-by.

The “hornazos” are dishes that are prepared in the oven (hence the name) with greased bread dough. They can be prepared in different ways and with different ingredients. It is a kind of pie that can be made with sweet or savoury ingredients, so it can be used as a main course or dessert. You can order them in many shops and bars in the city, so we invite you to try them all and find your favourite.

The panissa really is a traditional Italian dish, but it is typical to find it also in the kitchens of Gibraltar. It is a recipe made from chickpea flour and seasoned with oil, lemon and spices.

Gibraltar top 5 restaurants


Very close to the port we found this restaurant. Which is an ideal place to spend a pleasant time. It also has a large terrace which is open in summer.

In addition its menu has numerous options at any time of day. 

Sacarello’s Coffee Shop and Restaurant 

This restaurant is located in an old warehouse from the beginning of the 19th century. 

If you like coffee, this is your restaurant. 

To eat they have a menu where you can try traditional English dishes such as steak. But you can also enjoy the typical Spanish cuisine and it is a meeting point of the local culture. 

There is also a place for culture because there are always exhibitions or music.

Roy’s Cod Place

Their star dish is fried cod with potatoes. In addition this restaurant has an interior dining room and also a good terrace.

Because here you can eat the best “fish and chip” of Gibraltar. We find it at the end of the main street.

Mons Calpe Suite

This is the restaurant with the best view of Gibraltar. Because it is on the top of the rock so you should know that the view it offers is more than spectacular. It also has a viewpoint.

Its kitchen in winter closes at four o’clock. This restaurant offers two menu options:

the English Menu option 

Spanish menu

In addition, all dishes are prepared with first class products and the price is reasonable. You can also just have a tea to enjoy its viewpoint.

Curry and Sushi

In this restaurant there is a fusion of oriental and Indian food with an extensive menu to choose from.

Because it is one of the places with the best international food in Gibraltar.  It is located at number 30 Parliament Lane, Irish Town, one of the most picturesque streets in Gibraltar.

And after lunch the best plan is to go up to see the famous and only monkeys in freedom that exist in Europe. To break the myths and discover these famous macaques.


The best seafood restaurants in Gibraltar

La Mamela

If you want to enjoy good Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine in Gibraltar, La Mamela is your place. Because they are specialists in sea bass which is very famous. They also offer a delicious house wine that will make your meal even more delicious, which will surely make you come back. 

It is also worth mentioning that it has incredible views. And their staff which is extraordinary and very professional. Also this restaurant has an important quality/price ratio.

El Faro

It is another restaurant in Gibraltar that offers magnificent Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine in a very pleasant atmosphere. They offer a generous halibut, their famous garlic prawns and their tasty paella. Also for dessert is highly recommended its ice cream. Also worth mentioning is their wine list, delicious beer or their irresistible liqueur. 

From El Faro you will take a good memory because it is also famous for its great service and its friendly staff, 

The Blue Anchor Restaurant

This restaurant has incredible flavors. We recommend its tasty prawns and fish tapas. And as for the drinks, its wine and its extraordinary beer.

About their service, we have to say that it is impeccable and very professional.

Ocean Restaurant

From this magnificent restaurant in Gibraltar we can highlight its generous seafood paella and its tasty grilled prawns. Besides, let’s not forget that we are in the south and here we can’t miss the attractive fried fish. 

Also to marinate everything we must point out that the wine list is very extensive.  

Restaurante Casa Pepe Gibraltar

With an unbeatable location in the port of Queensway Quay in Gibraltar. This magnificent restaurant offers the best in fish, meat, try our wine list, all in a quiet and family atmosphere.

Here you can enjoy a romantic dinner or with the family. Although you can also organize company dinners or big celebrations and events. Because you can also enjoy the desserts and the wine list of Casa Pepe.


Find accommodation in Gibraltar

Once you have solved your transfer from Gibraltar to the airport of Malaga, other questions may arise. Although one of the main concerns in all trips is the accommodation do not worry, we will give you some recommendations. Even if you are going to visit more places, Gibraltar is a good option to stay. Because the nearby cities are much sought after for their beaches, their hotels tend to be more expensive. It is preferable to rent a car and take this city as its headquarters.

Sunborn *****

The Sunborn is a very peculiar luxury hotel. It is a transatlantic superyacht moored in the marina and converted into a hotel. It consists of luxurious suites, restaurants, pool, spa and even a casino. If you can afford it, it is the ideal option for a new and glamorous experience.

Rock Hotel ****

This hotel is located very close to the beach so it has stunning views. It is considered a place of tourist interest since it was built with a colonial style in 1932. Famous people like Winston Churchill have passed through it.

It is very close to the centre and has all kinds of benefits. Parking, restaurant, a saltwater pool and a private garden. Its relationship between price-quality makes it a very suitable option for families.

O’Callaghan Eliott Hotel ****

It is a very central hotel located in the heart of the city. It is an elegant building overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar. Its situation makes it a key point to go out and visit the city or visit the dozens of shops that surround it.

It is equipped with all kinds of benefits, spacious and pleasant rooms that do not lack anything. They also have a restaurant that offers typical Mediterranean food and a terrace where you can have a quiet cocktail at sunset.

The Caleta Hotel Health, Beauty & Conference Centre ****

One of the few hotels on the beach that you will find in the city. It offers wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea. From your terrace with outdoor tables you can capture a beautiful image in your mind. In 2009 and 2010 it was recognized by the World Travel Award as the best hotel in Gibraltar.   The property offers bright, air-conditioned rooms with LCD satellite TV and a minibar.

These are some of the recommendations that we offer. However, the city is full of hotels, apartments and apartment rentals suitable for all budgets. For our part we have offered you but now we want you to spend some time of your holidays in this wonderful city and complete the experience. Remember that in Malaga Cabbie we offer you the transfer from Gibraltar to Malaga airport. However, we will be eager for you to visit Andalusian lands again. This land has no waste, happy holidays!

What to do in Gibraltar? Is time to enjoy!

In this part, we want to tell you about all the activities, events and festivities that the city offers. An emblematic place that does not leave indifferent to any type of traveller. Whether you are looking for adventure, discover new things or simply relax on the beach there are options for you. Leave in our hands your transfer from Gibraltar to Malaga airport and start thinking how to enjoy your holidays.

Places and points of interest

Europe Point

It is one of the most famous viewpoints of Gibraltar. Because of its situation, it is at the end of Europe and the beginning of Africa. From the top you can see the African coast. Taking a picture in this viewpoint is priceless since you can capture two continents in one shot.

The lair of the monkeys

The monkeys of the Rock of Gibraltar are already known all over the world. The macacus syvanus or barbary macaques is one of the inhabitants that more tourism attracts to the city.  There are several theories of how this macaque came to these lands, as it is one of the few species of wild monkey that still lives in Europe.

Some zoologists agree that they could be introduced by Muslims in their invasions of the peninsula. Others see them as the last survivors of a species that lived in southern Europe five or six million years ago.

The current population of Gibraltar is around 16% of the total of this species worldwide. However, there have been times when their existence has been jeopardized. During the Second World War the number of specimens descended alarmingly due to natural causes and was about to disappear.

Some years ago they also had problems related to tourism. The tourists, from ignorance, fed them all kinds of food, and began to have health problems. They called them “bags of fat.” Currently, the authorities forbid it, and feeding them is punishable by a fine, so limit yourself just to see them!

You can find them all along the rock. So a good option is to take a walk, admire the sights and hopefully get a selfie with these nice friends.

A final nuance, the legend tells that when the monkeys disappear from the rock, so will the British.

Pillars of Hercules

It is a monument located in one of the viewpoints of the Strait of Gibraltar. Its function was to indicate where the Mediterranean Sea ended and the Atlantic Ocean began. The column that we find in this part is the north, the location of the other has been disputed throughout history. The two most likely candidates are Mount Hacho in Ceuta and Mount Musa in Morocco.

The myth tells that Hercules built the columns as a monument of his tenth work to get rid of Euristeo. King of Tirintio who entrusted Hercules with 12 works to purify his soul.

A curiosity is that the Pillars of Hercules appear as symbology in many shields, it is even said that the symbol of the dollar comes from there. We can find them in the shield of Spain or in the one of Andalucia in which Hercules also appears as the founder of this land.

Cave of San Miguel

These caves are one of the main tourist attractions of the city. They are located on the top of the Upper Rock nature reserve. They are formed by several caves of different sizes and state of conservation. Inside the Cave of the Cathedral, for example, concerts are held regularly in an improvised auditorium. A show of music and lights worth seeing.

There is a tour to see the cave that connects all the small passages until reaching the auditorium.

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque

It is the southernmost mosque in Europe, although it is not intended for illegal immigrants because they do not land in patterns in Gibraltar when they need papers to cross customs. Its function is to serve the Muslim community of the Rock. Considering that the majority of merchants are Hindus it is estimated at more than two thousand faithful.

It is an opportunity to visit a little more of the Arab culture without leaving Europe.

Botanic Garden of Gibraltar

This garden has about 6 hectares of pure vegetation. It was founded in 1816 to provide a recreational and relaxation space for the population.

Garden plants are a combination of native species and others brought from abroad, often from former British territories such as Australia and South Africa, with which Gibraltar had maritime contacts during the time of the British Empire.

You can find it at the foot of the rock right where you take the chairlift to climb to the top.

The streets of Gibraltar

A simpler but no less attractive option is to take a walk through the streets of the city. Its buildings have a mixture of styles of Andalusia and the United Kingdom. In case the urban centre has nice streets, with shops and restaurants where you can spend a day or buy products at a low cost.

If you are a sociable person, we also recommend you to meet the inhabitants of the city. They have the best of two cultures and it is very curious to hear English spoken with an Andalusian accent.


Festivals in Gibralatar

Gibraltar follows the same official holiday calendar as the United Kingdom. In addition to Christmas and Easter with their peculiarities, the following holidays are celebrated in Gibraltar:

Commonwealth Day

Commonwealth Day, formerly known as Empire Day, is the annual celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations held on the second Monday in March. 

Commonwealth Day is a public holiday in some parts of the Commonwealth, but not currently in the United Kingdom

International Workers’ Day

On May 1st, as in the rest of the Western world, Gibraltar celebrates Workers’ Day. It is a day of celebration but also a day to demand Labour Rights.

Birthday of the Queen

The Queen’s Official Birthday is the day selected in some Commonwealth kingdoms to officially celebrate the monarch’s birthday in those countries. It does not necessarily correspond to the date of the monarch’s royal birth. It is a public holiday in Gibraltar and most other British overseas territories. 

Gibraltar National Day

The Gibraltar Festival, held annually on September 10th, is an official local holiday of the British colony. This holiday commemorates the first referendum on the sovereignty of Gibraltar in 1967. In which the voters chose to remain under British colonial administration, with its own colonial institutions.


The 31st of October is celebrated as in the whole Anglo-Saxon world and more and more in the rest of the world. The Halloween party, with its terrifying costumes. A parade, all the stores and houses decorated with motifs of terror. And the children playing from house to house saying trick or treat.

Sports you can practice!


Gibraltar has one of the most impressive underwater landscapes in the world. Because here you can find everything from anchors from Phoenician and Roman ships to artifacts from the Admiralty. These are among the remains of the Second World War. Plus hundreds of species of marine life.

Dolphin Sighting

Also in Gibraltar you can rent boat tours to see the dolphins and other species of whales. It is an ocean safari.


In Gibraltar there is St Michael’s Cave, discovered in 1942. It is an impressive system of caves at great depth. In Gibraltar there are guided tours every day.

As a curiosity these low caves were considered as a suitable place for an emergency hospital, 

What gives the Cueva Baja de San Miguel its exceptional uniqueness is that it houses numerous speleological formations. Here we can find stalactites, stalagmites, concretions, casts, gours, eccentrics or helictites, gouges, pisolites, conulites, columns…

Sailing Schools

In Gibraltar there are many schools to practice this sport in the waters of the Strait. With competent RYA crews, Day Skipper and Yachtmaster sailing courses. So you can set off from here and visit various ports on your sailing boat.

Electric Bike Tour

With these electric bike tours you can discover Gibraltar in a totally new and ecological way. To enjoy breathtaking views of 3 countries and 2 continents. 


The Strait is the best fishing spot on the Peninsula. Because there has never been an overexploitation by professional fishermen and it is also a real magnet for underwater life.

The Strait of Gibraltar is a mandatory passage for migratory marine species such as bluefin tuna. 

Other sports in Gibraltar

In addition, Gibraltar is home to a total of 49 associations and federations. Therefore, as far as sports facilities are concerned, Gibraltar is home to, in its 6.8 square kilometres:

  • The Victoria Stadium sports centre
  • 16 tennis courts
  • 4 basketball courts
  • 2 hockey training camps 

In addition to several facilities that allow the practice of disciplines such as:

  • volleyball
  • cricket
  • swimming
  • netball
  • badminton 
  • martial arts 

And these are just a few examples of the long list of government and concerted facilities that offer the possibility of using them completely free of charge.


Gibraltar Shopping

First of all Gibraltar is a British territory located in the south of Spain, a peninsula with a privileged geographical situation. It offers residents and foreigners the opportunity to make their purchases with some tax exemptions.

Gibraltar is an independent territory from Great Britain, but in the south of Europe. So it is a combination of the two cultures. On the one hand the essence, climate and atmosphere of Andalusia and on the other hand the British seriousness.

Here are some tips for shopping in Gibraltar:

What products to buy?


This is the top product to buy in Gibraltar. Because in Gibraltar its price is much cheaper compared to the rest of Europe. They also sell an incredible range of cigars and cigarettes among others. But watch out for the customs controls, and don’t forget to check if the tobacco is duty free for the return to its country of origin. 

 Gibraltar Glass

You can also buy handmade glass items. Among many items we can highlight the glasses, goblets and vases. 

 Perfumes in Gibraltar

As shopping in Gibraltar is tax free you can take advantage of the opportunity to purchase perfumes. But beware of counterfeits in unofficial shops.


Like tobacco here there is less tax on alcohol. That’s why you can find a great selection of wines, beers, liquors among other drinks at very affordable prices. 

Where to buy in Gibraltar?

The main street of Gibraltar is Main Street. This is in the centre and is where most of the shops are. 

This street is one of the places where you can buy good quality products at a better price. Amongst the products that are exempt from VAT are: 

  • clothing
  • perfumes
  • clocks
  • jewellery
  • electronic and computer devices
  • glasses 
  • tobacco 
  • alcohol 

Main Street is a good place to shop in Gibralar because it is a long street that runs practically the entire length of the city.

It is best to pay by card, because they have their own currency, the Gibraltar Pound. Which is equivalent to the British Pound, but their currency is only valid in Gibraltar. And if you pay with Euros there is a surcharge.


Marina, Queensway Quay

 The Queensway Quay Marina is one of the three marinas in Gibraltar. Its yachting facilities are on the eastern side of the middle section of the Port of Gibraltar. 

 It is the oldest part of Gibraltar. It should also be noted that Gibraltar has three marinas:

  •  Marina Bay
  • Ocean Village Marina
  • Queensway Quay Marina.

 The first two are north of the port of Gibraltar, between the North Mole and the airport runway. But Queensway Quay Marina is in the middle section of the port. And it has the advantage of being further away from Gibraltar International Airport and its consequent noise and fuel odours.

 The marina has 185 berths, including facilities for eight 30-metre and two 40-metre boats. 

 It also has a 75 metre berth, although its capacity to accommodate a larger vessel depends on the draught of the boat. All the berths have water with meters and electricity, and some berths have access to cable television and telephone. 

 Among other services, there are also showers and toilets, as well as access to ice and laundry service. In addition, the Queensway Quay Marina has a wide variety of restaurants, bars and stores.


The economy in Gibraltar

The economy of Gibraltar is managed and controlled by the Gibraltarian Government itself. But it also belongs to the European Union. It is a special regime because it is a British Overseas Territory. It has a different legal and economic system than the United Kingdom and that is why it has a special tax system.

Until recently the main source of income was the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom. Because it invested a lot of money as it was a privileged strategic area. Because it controls the entry and exit of the whole Mediterranean Sea. But at present, the Gibraltarian economy is strongly supported by other sectors such as: 

  • Tourism
  • Online Betting

And financial services and Internet servers.

Tourism in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a destination for cruise tourism. It also has a bus system with many lines to Spain. It should also be noted that its airport has daily flight services connecting the United Kingdom and Spain. 

Gibraltar based companies and betting

On the other hand, given the flexibility of the gambling laws in Gibraltar there are many companies that are based in Gibraltar. The PrivateLimited Company, is one of the legal forms under which a company can be incorporated. Because this way companies are exempt from paying tax if they carry out operations outside the border and if the beneficiaries are non-residents.

On the other hand the growth of online gambling has come very well to the Gibraltar economy. Because the boom in online gambling has led to a “robust” business since 2,015. So much so that it has become the center of Internet gaming companies.

Gibraltar’s Financial Services

As we have already said, another of the main sectors of the Rock is the financial sector. We must take into account that in a territory of less than 7 square kilometers there are almost 20 international banks. Which offer offshore banking services for non-residents and investors.


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