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transfers from malaga airport to la herradura



La Herradura is a Spanish town and district belonging to the municipality of Almuñécar, in the province of Granada, an autonomous community of Andalusia. It is located at the western end of the region of the Costa Granadina. Four kilometres from the border with the province of Malaga, near this town are the towns of Almuñécar capital, El Cerval and Maro.

La Herradura is on the shores of the Mediterranean, in a bay with a single beach. Most of the population is in the middle of the ravine of the same name.La Herradura has had inhabitants since prehistoric times.

There are also vestiges of Roman settlements in the area of La Argentina and in the Las Tejas ravine. In addition, in the upper course of the Jate River there are the remains of a rural chapel or mausoleum from the sixth century of our era, of Byzantine origin.

More information is available about the Islamic period and the existence of a farmhouse called Sat or Xat is known. This is because we know of the arrival of Abderramán I to La Herradura in the year 755. There are also numerous details from this period, such as the fact that it was the scene of a battle during the revolt of the Muladies. In addition, raisins were exported from here, considered the best in the Islamic world at the time. From the Nazaorí period is the watchtower of the Punta de la Mona, which is now a lighthouse.

After the Reconquest, from 1526 the farmhouse was completely without inhabitants. On 19 October 1562, a tragic sinking of twenty-five Spanish warships took place off La Herradura. This is one of the greatest naval disasters. Because in which between three thousand and five thousand men died. Miguel de Cervantes himself would refer to this disaster in his Don Quixote of La Mancha.

Also in 1765 the Royal Barracks for infantry and cavalry or Barraca Cuartel de La Herradura were built. Later, in 1771, the bay’s defensive system was completed, with the construction of a battery popularly known as El Castillo.

From the middle of the 20th century the phenomenon of tourism changed the town forever.


Wreck of the Navy

 The La Herradura disaster is a multiple shipwreck which occurred on October 19, 1562. In which around 5,000 people died right in front of La Herradura Bay when 25 ships sank. They were there waiting to set sail for Africa and as the weather in the Port of Málaga was not favourable they sought refuge in this bay. Which is about 60 kilometres east of Malaga. The material and human losses were comparable to those suffered in the Battle of Los Gelves in 1560.

 The navy was made up of 28 galleys. There were 2,172 soldiers on board, 50 sailors and 144 oarsmen per boat, a total of over 7,000 people. All this without counting women, family members, and servants.

 The Navy was commanded by Juan de Mendoza who died in the shipwreck.

 They arrived from Malaga and once anchored in the Herradura. At Punta de la Mona, a strong south-westerly wind blew the galleys against the cliffs and against the beach, causing boats to collide with each other.

 The total number of victims was approximately 5000 people. 

 Thanks to Juan de Mendoza’s previous order to release the galleys, some 1740 people were saved. These 1740s were captured later, which is why their exact number is known, and they went on to serve on galleys that were being assembled in Barcelona.

Three galleys, Mendoza, Soberana and San Juan, escaped the disaster.


Chiringuitos in La Herradura

Chirnguito Bambu

In this chiringuito in La Herradura you can discover its excellent Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. Because tasting its tender empanadas, its famous tuna tataki or its tasty tapas is what all its customers recommend. It is also worth mentioning that it also offers a surprising ice cream and a very good cheese cake for dessert, as well as a unique cake. Also in the drinks we can emphasize its good beer, its excellent wine. But above all the sangria which is its distinctive feature.

The warm atmosphere of Chiringuito Bambu allows its guests to relax after a hard day at the beach. 

The staff is very attentive and reflects the style and character of this beach bar. That is why we can say that their service is magnificent. Besides, the prices are really nice.  His fantastic decoration is what opinions about this place mention as a considerable plus.

La Sardina beach bar in La Herradura

In this chiringuito you will be able to taste a magnificent Spanish cuisine in front of the Mediterranean. The dishes that we can highlight are the perfectly prepared prawns. Because Chiringuito La Sardina offers an excellent wine and a magnificent beer.

Its visitors say that the staff is great. That’s why their magnificent service shows the high level of quality of this Chiringuito. The quality/price ratio is perfect so this restaurant has a very pleasant atmosphere.

Chiringuito La Gaviota

This Chiringuito on La Herradura beach offers its customers excellent Spanish cuisine. In which we have to emphasize its famous swordfish. And for dessert its homemade custard, which is finger lickin’.  

Moreover, thanks to its magnificent location, it is very easy to find the chiringuito La Gaviota. Besides the fact that the food is delicious we have to emphasize its red wine of the house, but also to accompany the fish we recommend its excellent white wine. 

To finish any lunch there is nothing better than a good coffee. This will make your meal even more tasty. In addition it is important to emphasize that great part of the success of this chiringuito is thanks to its personnel and the good treatment of the waiters. And the quality/price ratio, because it has very affordable prices.


La Herradura Festivals

Although La Herradura is a district of neighbouring Almuñécar, it is large enough to have its own festival calendar.

Festivals in honour of San José

The patron saint of La Herradura is San José, and so the most important festival in the town is in honour of this saint. This is why La Herradura celebrates its popular fiestas around 19 March in honour of Saint Joseph.

 Holy Week

As in all of Andalusia, there are processions during Holy Week and the Christian festival par excellence is lived with great devotion. However, La Herradura has only one brotherhood, which owns all the images.

 The Day of the Cross

The Day of the Cross is celebrated every year from the 1st to the 3rd of May. In which a cross of flowers decorated with popular and typical motifs is mounted in each square or neighbourhood. In addition to livening up everything, there is also folk music.

 The Magic Night of San Juan

On the night of San Juan, from 23rd to 24th June, bonfires are lit on the beach. This is a tradition that, in addition to being celebrated in all the coastal towns, is also celebrated in other inland towns.  It is also customary to jump over the fire to make a wish.

 The Virgin of Carmen 

It is celebrated on the day of the Virgen del Carmen, the patron saint of sailors, on 16 July. Like all seafaring and fishing villages, there is a maritime procession in which the entire fishing fleet follows the boat with the image of the Virgin.

 The Rosary of the Dawn

Finally, in the early hours of the 21st to 24th December the Rosary of the Dawn takes place. This is a tradition that dates back to the end of the 19th century.


Arriving to Marina del Este

The famous marina of La Herradura is named “Marina del Este”. This place is located in the area of “Punta de la Mona”, after the main entrance of the town. A little hill kissing the sea, quite and relaxing area with narrow ways. Truly appreciated for his natural environment with a dense grove. We have to pay attention on the signs to arrive to the marina. It’s easy to get lose yourself trough the residential properties.


Cerro Gordo Natural Park

 The cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo are a natural place that is between the municipalities of Nerja in the province of Malaga, and the population center of La Herradura belonging to Almuñecar in the province of Granada.

It was also declared a ZEPIM.

 This natural park is formed by a series of coves and cliffs, with up to 250 m of unevenness. They are produced by the foothills of the Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama mountain ranges, eroded by the waves of the sea. 

Also in this same geological complex, are the famous Caves of Nerja, but which are outside the boundaries of Paraje Natural. 


The beaches of Las Alberquillas, Cala del Cañuelo and Cantarriján, a nudist beach, stand out from this Natural Park. They are separated from each other by the escarpments of Torre del Pino, Peñón del Fraile, Cerro de la Caleta and Cerro Gordo.


Among the fauna of the natural space, they stand out:

  • Two-tailed butterfly, endemic to the area
  • The chameleon, the jewel of the natural space, of African origin
  • The genet
  • Moorish hedgehog
  • Crabs
  • Marine Tomatoes
  • Mussels
  • Yellowlegged Gulls
  • Kestrels 
  • Peregrine falcons
  • Terns
  • Robins
  • Finches
  • Currucas


As for the vegetation, it is typically Mediterranean:

  •  Pine trees
  • Lentiscus
  • Heart of Palm
  • Myrtles
  • Myrtles
  • Maritime Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Lavender
  • Hallucemas 
  • Albaidas

 In addition, in the Alberquilla beach, there is also psammophilous vegetation, such as the thorny bark or the sea caterpillar.

  • Orange coral or starry coral
  • Atroids calycularis
  • Sea fennel
  • Posidonia oceanica
  • Cymodocea nodosa
  • Marine zoostera
  • Heritage

In the protected area there are several watchtowers from the 16th century. There is also an interesting aqueduct from the 19th century.

Limitations to navigation

As it is a Natural Park on the coast there are limitations and prohibitions to navigation and fishing in the area. 

The navigation with boats from 200 meters in the beaches and 50 meters in the rest of the coast, from the line of coast towards sea are allowed. Access from the sea to beaches, coves or cliffs with non-motorized boats.

But sport or leisure navigation, navigation for fishing purposes and the presence of any type of motor boat are forbidden.


Camping in La Herradura

Next to the entrance of the town, after leaving the motorway, you can find two different campings in La Herradura. Both of them close to the beach promenade. Their names are quite similar so you have to notify to our chauffeur your exactly destiny or previously in your transfer booking request:

  • Camping La Herradura”,
  •  “New Camping La Herradura


Festivals of La Herradura and Monuments

First of all, La Herradura celebrates its popular fiestas around 19 March in honour of San José. Because this Saint is the patron saint of the town.

In addition, during Holy Week it has a single brotherhood. It has as its headline all the images that go out during Holy Week, San José and the Virgen del Carmen.

From the 1st to the 3rd of May the Day of the Cross is celebrated every year. In addition, as a coastal town, it celebrates the magical night of San Juan, from 23rd to 24th June. In which bonfires are made on the beach. Also in the past, it was the first bath, in the sea of the summer season.

July 16th is also the day of the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of sailors.

Finally, in the early morning from December 21st to 24th the Rosary of the dawn takes place. This is an old tradition from the end of the 19th century. In which there is a procession through the streets of the village with a banner with the image of the virgin and two lanterns. There are also musicians with stringed instruments, bells and triangle.


La Herradura Castle

The battery of La Herradura, also the Castle or Fort of La Herradura, is a fortification. It is a typical fort for the defense of the coast of the kingdom of Granada. Its origin is in the second half of the 18th century, during the reign of Charles III.

It consists of a rectangular enclosure with the main façade of Herradura, facing north. It also has semicircular towers in the northeast and northwest corners. It also has a large semicircular battery for artillery in the south.

Everything is built with ataluzados walls of masonry with llagueados of lime mortar. At the top of the slope, there is a flattened brick moulding, on which there is a bib, plastered and of great height, with elongated loopholes, perhaps of French construction, being of less height on the terrace of the battery.

Cerro Gordo Tower

The Cerro Gordo Tower is a coastal conical watchtower dating from the late 16th and early 17th centuries. But there was also a Nasrid tower there before that. It can be found at the cape or Punta de Cerro Gordo, on the western side of La Herradura Bay.


La Herradura Diving

 In La Herradura is the natural area of Cerro Gordo. This is a protected area of about 12 kilometres of coastline with numerous caves, cliffs and ravines. 

The dive sites are in the Cerro Gordo Natural Park, Punta de la Mona and in the bay of La Herradura. These are famous for their impressive seabed. 

 Because, you could never imagine that in a place like La Herradura it would hide so many treasures. That’s why in this post we discover you where to dive in La Herradura.

 Diving in La Herradura is an activity that enjoys a very good health. Because we are in a unique place for this purpose.

 La Herradura is a bay between Punta de la Mona and the rock of Cerro Gordo. It has the privilege of having the Paraje Natural Acantilados Maro-Cerro Gordo. This is more than a mile into the sea and is characterized by dizzying cliffs, beaches and spectacular coves.

 Why dive in La Herradura?

 Because La Herradura is considered one of the best areas for diving

 There are a number of elements that make La Herradura a privileged place for scuba diving. Like its subtropical climate or its location. 

 Companies in La Herradura

 In La Herradura there are many companies working in the field of diving. These have instructors in different categories.

 In addition, these companies offer different types of courses. The most popular types are: 

  • diving baptisms  
  • deep diving
  • dry suit
  • high-altitude diving
  • guidance
  • night diving
  • buoyancy
  • first aid
  • oxygen manager
  • underwater photography courses.

 The best places to dive in La Herradura

 The areas where diving is done for diving are also numerous. In the area of Cerro-Gordo, they are:

  •  Caves of Cantarriján
  • The Huerta
  • Congrio Territory
  • The Cave of the Siphon
  • The Mills 
  • Chalky. 

 In the Punta de la Mona area, the best dive sites are: 

  •  Marina del Este
  • Stone of Man
  • La Calita
  • High Stones
  • Jarro Cave
  • Punta de La Mona (The Corals)
  • Fig Stone 

 And on the beach of Cantarriján, in the sea, there is an area where a large number of plant species live together. In addition to a rich marine biodiversity. 


Distance, duration and weather conditions.

The distance from Malaga Airport to La Herradura is 85 kilometers. The chauffer of your transfer service will take about 55 minutes. Depending on traffic and weather conditions.

Road Map and Tolls

Currently, the A7 motorway passes through the municipality of Almuñécar, to which the town of La Herradura belongs. The section that goes from the town of Maro (which belongs to Nerja, Malaga province) to Almuñécar (Granada) was opened on 2007 and. The complexity of the terrain on which the current motorway sits as it passes through the town delayed its arrival for a long time.

Also the lack of political will affected, prolonging the wait. This made it difficult to communicate and transport by road from Malaga airport to La Herradura until recent times.

One of the greatest engineering works on the Spanish map

You can verify, as a user of the transfer service, the great engineering challenge that this work involved. Perhaps one of the most expensive roads in Spain, with a similar cost per kilometer to the high-speed train tracks. There are numerous tunnels, several bridges as well as several slopes skilfully drawn between ravines. The road winds between hills and cliffs until you reach the old town of La Herradura.

Not any toll costs in Costa Tropical

The highway that leaves from the airport of Malaga towards the Herradura runs through part of the Costa del Sol and Axarquía. Shortly before arriving at your hotel or destination, we can find beautiful natural spaces. These are the Natural Park of the Sierra de Almijara and the cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo on the beach line. In addition, tropical crops such as avocado and cherimoya abound in the area. These tropical fruits are very common, where you can taste them in the restaurants in the area. You can also see some properties climbing the hills. These are usually rustic houses or villas that belong to private land. Small areas of land where families have crops with little agricultural production.

Old road to La Herradura

The N340 national road that goes from Nerja to La Herradura is a beautiful road full of natural beauty. It goes under the new highway, through the natural park of Cerro Gordo. However, it is a slower and unsafe road so your driver will not use it unless necessary.

Weather conditions in your transfers

The whole route that runs between Malaga Airport and La Herradura runs parallel to the beach. Crossing part of the costa del sol until we reach the tropical coast, which is our destination. The weather is mild all year round, with mild temperatures and little rain, especially in summer. Therefore you will rarely have to worry about the driving conditions of your transfer service.

route from malaga airport to la herradura

Route from Malaga Airport to La Herradura