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The weather in Malaga

The climate of Malaga is a very typical Mediterranean climate. Because it is also on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Which corresponds, according to the Köppen climate classification, to the Mediterranean climate Csa. 


Rainfall is concentrated in short periods of the year. The average humidity is 66 %. It is estimated that Malaga has only 43 days of rain per year. That in addition they are always in the coldest months of the year, that is to say, between November and February. 

That is why between the months of November and January more than half of the average annual rainfall falls, which is 524 mm. But in addition the rains are very irregular, what can be observed are torrential episodes of great virulence. In addition Malaga has the record of 313 mm recorded at the airport observatory on September 27, 1957. As well as the flooding of November 14th 1989. 

Sun Hours and Malaga Records

There are almost 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. And in 2007, Malaga was the second sunniest city in Spain, with 3059 hours of sunshine, according to the National Institute of Statistics, collected in its statistical yearbook. In 2009, July was the warmest month since 1942. According to data from the State Meteorological Agency, the average maximum temperature in Malaga was 32 degrees, with three days in a row with temperatures of 39 degrees.

Average temperatures

The average annual temperature is about 18 °C. In addition, it has an average maximum of approximately 25 °C in August. On the other hand, the average minimum is around 12 °C in the coldest month, which is January. We can say that the softness dominates the winter climate, at present the frosts are nonexistent in Malaga. However, until the beginning of the second half of the last century there were some. 

The summers are very hot, normally humid except when the earthly one blows.

The Terral

The Terral is a type of wind characteristic of Malaga, especially of the capital. It is a phenomenon that occurs when the solar radiation disappears and then the sea surface retains the heat captured during the day longer than the land. Which cools down more quickly. A thermal and pressure gradient is then created, which is the opposite of the daytime case: the warmer air from the sea rises and its place is taken by the colder air from the land. This is the origin of the terrestrial breeze.

In Malaga city, the Terral is a catabatic wind which brings an increase in temperature and a decrease in humidity.


Popular festivals

 The Holy Week

It is the religious celebration that is lived with more devotion in Malaga, being as spectacular as the one of Seville. In which images on thrones are carried in procession on shoulders. In addition it is a celebration of international tourist interest from 1965.

The most popular invocations are:

  • The Captive.
  • Virgin of the Rocio.
  • Virgin of the Dove.
  • The Rich.
  • The Expiration.
  • The Christ of the Good Death.

 Throughout the Holy Week there are more than 40 that cross all the streets of the center. But in addition, the brotherhoods and confraternities also carry out charitable work.

 Saint John

The night of the bonfires on the beach is the night of June 23rd.

 Our Lady of Carmen

The Festivity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on July 16th. As in all coastal towns and cities there is a land procession and later a sea procession of the Virgin of Carmen, patron saint of sailors.

 The Fair of Malaga

On the second Friday of August until Sunday of the following week the Malaga Fair is celebrated. In her we can enjoy the people dressed in flamenco suits and exponents of the race of the Andalusian horse. 

It is divided in two the day fair that is celebrated in the historical center of the city. And the fair by night in the Real del Cortijo de Torres, where in addition to the mechanical attractions are located the booths. There are also bulls in the Plaza de La Malagueta and music concerts. In addition, every Saturday during the fair there is a pilgrimage to the Basilica of Our Lady of Victory. This is the patron saint of the city. Whose feast day is September 8.


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