Transfers from Malaga Airport to Puerto Banus

The transfers route from Malaga airport to Puerto Banus will provide you with an excellent experience about the views that you can enjoy. In a few kilometers you can find what Puerto Banus means in Spain. And which is the reasons of your holidays here: nightlife, hotels, restaurants, marina and several more options of entertaiment. Have a look at the details that we show you of the route of your transfers from Malaga airport to Puerto Banus. And let us thank you for booking your transfers service with Malaga Cabbie.


transfers from malaga airport to puerto banus

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Where begins your transfers route from Malaga airport to Puerto Banus

Once your flight lands and you take your luggage from the baggage reclaim belt, yo have to follow to Malaga airport arrival hall. There you will find your transfer driver who is holding a sign with your name. After meeting him, he will pick your bags and carry its to the car which is parked in the tunnel. From Malaga airport to Puerto Banus you have two differet ways which are free road (A7) or toll road (AP7). First one is the usual way that your transfer driver will take. In case you want to take the toll road you have to notify to your driver. The toll road costs 7.50 euros in peak season which has o be assumed by the customer.

Puerto Banus is 60 kilometers far from Málaga airport and it takes about 45 minutes with fluent traffic. If you want to save some minutes, to avoid jam traffic or take the safest road, we recommend you to order your chauffer to take the motorway.


 What nearby your route transfers from Malaga airport to Puerto Banus: Hotels, villas, restaurants, etc

The road of Costa del Sol maybe is one of the busiest road of Spain, specially in holidays season. For this reason it is so usual to find several restaurants and many hotels. These are located close to the road to make easy the acces to this locations. Additionally we will cross with many towns which occupes all the line of the coast. Not any free of urbanizated spaces in the beach from Malaga airport to Puerto Banus. Following straight to Puerto Banus, these are the towns across the route: Torremolinos, Mijas, Fuengirola, La Cala de Mijas, Calahonda, Cabopino, Elviria, Marbella and Nueva Andalucía. We have to remind that Puerto Banus belong to Marbella and sometimes you can feel confused to differentiate one place from another. As well as Nueva Andalucia which borders with Puerto Banus.

Show me the nightlife!: marina, casino, pubs. Entertainment and enjoyment

Well, it’s possible to have a relaxed stay in Puerto Banus but obviously this is not its best attribute. Puerto Banus is excitement, music & loud, party, unusual experiencias, passion… If you want to speed up your heart, you are right, this is your place.

The marina is one of the main reasons to visit this location. Here you can find more than ships, fabulous ships also upper class vehicles. And no less upper class are their shops and some of its famous people walking around. Most likely before to getting out your transfers service  you will cross with some of these luxury car. Perhaps the driver has to let some famous person of your own country pass by.

If you like another kind of emotions, you can try to get luck in the Casino. Arriving to Puerto Banus it’s possible to see the Casino at right side of the road. In the border between Nueva Andalucia and Puerto Banus, close to H10 Plaza Hotel. You can hear the croupier before you even get there…

Not really, but you are already living this moment and you know it.

Puerto Banus transfers and you know it

Not just nightlife: shopping, golf…

And well, ok, fine… Nightlife it’s super-duper, but what about daylife? You still need the excitement running trough your veins so harry up and go shopping, have a look at this jewely shops or these wonderful clothes. Can you feel your heart trying to getting out of your chest? Tell me about paying for your purchases. This is THE luxury city my friend! Your transfer service provided by MalagaCabbie can bring you to the “heaven” but then you will flight alone. Have a good trip and don’t forget to book your return transfers service! Malaga airport is waiting for you… d’oh!

Maybe you preffer relax… Well, you got the right to enjoy relax here or perhaps this is what you need after all of these crazy enjoyments.  Marbella and Puerto Banus area is full of golf courses. With several option from Malaga airport to Puerto Banus. That doesn’t sound bad, having golf time, a fresh soda and a little retirement of the noise. Be full of Puerto Banus and Spain, no limits, get it all. We hope you enjoy your stay and we are waiting your new booking request for your next transfers services. Because we know that once you know all this, you will repeat.

Service areas from Malaga airport to Puerto Banus

Petrol stations, supermarkets and other services areas are too usual in the route of the transfers from Malaga airport to Puerto Banus. If you need to go shopping some supplies or just need to pick up the keys of your villa or accommodation it’s possible to order an stop. But kindly please, inform us in your booking request because otherwise maybe the driver won’t be able to stop. Check out our terms and conditions about the stops in our website of MalagaCabbie.

Climate and Weather

What are you expecting for? You know this is Spain and here is sunny and warm all the time!! Haha, ok, now with no jokes and let me tell you the truth. Is trully common for us to meet with surprised customers because sometimes in Puerto Banus rains and is not so warm like you expect. Of course this is an exception and really inusual in holidays season. The winter is too sweet if you compares it season with north Europe’s winter. Fresh temperatures but not really cold, rather mild temperatures.

Spring is a lottery as well as autumn because Spain is in the border between Africa and Europe. Depending of the strenght of air mass, the weather can be fresh and wet or dry and hot. It is not required to tell you that the most usual situation is the second one. Precisely, climate is one of the most appreciated attribute of the south of Spain. So do not be too worried about that.

Recommendations to book your transfers services.

At MalagaCabbie we are proud of the success that we are having with our customers due to provide with excellents transfers services. But in peak season we can have some difficulties to confirm your booking request within 24 hours prior of your arrival, due to the large demand that we have in order to be able to organise our vehicles. Anyway, if you need to book with us at such short notice, feel free to contact with us. We could not guarantee that but we will try to confirm your booking request within 24 hours.



route from malaga airport to puerto banus

Route from Malaga Airport to Puerto Banus