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The weather in Nerja during last autumn until today

Precipitation and cloudiness

The wettest season lasts about 7 months, from the end of September to the second week of May. Also with a probability of more than 10 % that a certain day will be a wet day.

The rainy season lasts about 8 months. Also from the beginning of September to the end of May. With a moving interval of 31 rainy days of at least 13 millimetres. Most of the rain falls during the 31 days centered around November 9, with an average total accumulation of 54 millimeters.

That’s why the cloudiest time of year begins in early September. It lasts about 9 months because it ends in the first week of June. The 29th of October was the cloudiest day of the year. Because the sky was cloudy or mostly cloudy 46% of the time and clear, mostly clear or partly cloudy 54% of the time.


The fresh season in Nerja lasts about 4 months. From November 16 to March 16, and the maximum average daily temperature is less than 19 °C. The coldest day of the year was January 19, with a minimum temperature of 8 °C and a maximum of 16 °C.


In Nerja the humidity is very variable. Depending on the temperature always. The wettest day in the year 2019 was the 17th of August, with humidity 36 % of the time.

The least humid day of the year is 11 December when there were basically no humid conditions.

The wind

The average hourly wind speed in Nerja has considerable seasonal variations throughout the year.

Because the windiest time of year is from the end of October to May. With average wind speeds of more than 13 kilometres per hour The windiest day of the year 2,019 was 19th February, with a speed of 16.4 kilometres per hour.

Sea water

The water temperature has extreme seasonal variations throughout the year.

The time of year when the water is hottest is from July 7 to September 20, with an average temperature of about 23 °C. The day of the year when the water was hottest was August 12.

The time of year when the water was coldest lasts 5 months, from November 29th to April 30th. Because it has an average temperature of less than 17 °C. The day of the year when the water was colder was February 20, 2020, with a temperature of 15 °C.

Best time to visit Nerja

For all these reasons, the best times of the year to visit Nerja for general outdoor tourist activities are from the beginning of May to mid July and from the beginning of September to mid October.


Nerja climate: what will the weather be like?

Most rains in Costa del Sol happen in autumn and winter seasons. Nerja weather is usually dry, with mild temperatures throughout the year. Of course, winter is moderately cool, but not excessively so. January is coldest month with an average temperature of +12ºC, whilst summer is rather warm with temperatures ranging between +29-30ºC on average. It’s highly unlikely you will see cloudy skies starting from Easter holidays –which usually take place in March or April– to September, so you probably don’t have to worry about dealing with unpleasant weather during your holidays in Nerja.


The best seafood restaurants in Nerja

Bar-Restaurant El Puntilla

First of all, La Puntilla is a meeting point for the people of Nerja, tourists and visitors. Because this seafood restaurant is something… This seafood restaurant & brewery was the old “bar el pulguilla” converted, remodelled and named “EL PUNTILLA”.

It is an almost cult establishment for the residents of Nerja. It is also ideal for having some tapas, eating a good fried fish accompanied by some fresh drinks. 

The Craftsman

Dining at the Artesano restaurant, contemplating the Nerja Museum, is a wonderful sensation. You can also taste its surprising tuna, its generous squids or its incribles fish tapas. 

Also noteworthy is the treatment of the staff. As well as the quality and price of its products. 

It also has a great red and white wine list.

Restaurant El Mirador de Güilche

It is on the border of the town of Torrox Costa. This restaurant also has incredible views of the sea. That is why it is a perfect place to surprise and let yourself be surprised.

Restaurant El Mirador de Güilche offers exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, great service and a different way to enjoy the coast. It also has a magnificent open-air terrace and a large glassed-in lounge.

The Restaurant Mirador de Güilche is also exceptional for any type of event or celebration. Because it is in a special enclave. In addition to its quality menu that suits any diner. In addition to having a professional and quality staff.

La Marina Seafood Restaurant

In this seafood restaurant you can eat all kinds of fish, fried food and seafood. The quality/price ratio is unbeatable. You can find it near Tutti Frutti square. 

It also has a special area for tapas and a restaurant area. The fine shells in pil pil are the speciality of the house.


The best beaches in Nerja

Burriana Beach

This is the best known beach in Nerja because it has all the services. 

It is an urban beach in the centre of Nerja.

It also has a great nightlife atmosphere, from all kinds of restaurants to discos and pubs.

Carabeillo Beach

It is a small urban cove. It can be accessed on foot, by a staircase. It is a pleasant beach because of its tranquillity and exuberant vegetation.

Carabeo Beach

The Carabeo beach is a small beach about 120 metres long. It is also one of the busiest beaches in Nerja, but with all the services.

Chorrillo Beach

Composed of 3 small coves, accessible from both sides. This beach is excellent for snorkelling and enjoying the wonders of the marine fauna and flora. It is also a wild beach.

Calahonda Beach

It is a beautiful beach just below the Balcón de Europa. It is also accessible by one of the most photographed places in the village, the “boquete de Calahonda”.

La Caletilla Beach

It is a small cove also under the hotel Balcón de Europa.

El Salon Beach

Formerly a fishing beach, it is now one of the most charming beaches. It still preserves those houses and sheds of these fishermen. Houses that they use today as their summer home.

La Torrecilla Beach

La Torrecilla is one of the most popular beaches in Nerja. It is a beach very close to a restaurant area.

El Chucho Beach

Beach that goes from the ruins of the watchtower to the mouth of the Chillar River.

There is an area between the rocks surrounding the watchtower where you can see small octopuses and fish while enjoying snorkelling.

El Playazo Beach

It is a family beach and also the longest in Nerja with more than two kilometres.

Barranco de Maro Cove

It is at the mouth of the Barranco de Maro. It can be reached by the N-340 road. It has a secluded atmosphere. 

Cala Chica

It is a wonderful cove which was named the second best beach in Spain by the Antena 3 television channel. 

Maro Beach

Beach of easy access in the district of Maro. It is an excellent beach to rent a kayak and go all over the cliffs. 

Its fauna remains intact thanks to the fact that it is catalogued as a natural place, where fishing is prohibited.

Molino de Papel Beach

A beautiful beach whose name comes from a nearby mill. It is a beach about three hundred metres below the cliffs of Maro.

Alberquillas Beach

Totally virgin beach on the outskirts of Nerja.

El Pino Cove

A semi-nudist cove, it is also a cove with crystal-clear and clean water, very suitable for snorkelling. 

Cañuelo Beach

Spectacular beach on the outskirts of Nerja. In summer it is not accessible by car.

It is a very clean beach, with crystal clear water and known for its many underwater caves. It is semi nudist.


Out at night

 First of all it must be said that Nerja is a city of contrasts, especially at night. Because there are many atmospheres to breathe at night. 

 It should also be noted that most of Nerja’s nightlife is centred around the Plaza Tutti Frutti and Calle Antonio Millón.

 It is advisable to start with some tapas and then move on to the party.

 The Tutti Frutti Square

In this square there are many options for evening entertainment. Because here we find pubs with various styles of music. Then we can continue the party in one of the nearby discotheques. And end up having some churros with chocolate for breakfast.

 On the other hand, among the most famous pubs in Nerja, we must mention Cochran’s Pub. Because it is in the heart of Nerja, “El Balcón de Europa”, with its magnificent and immense terrace overlooking the sea. Here you can enjoy a drink with a taste of the sea on the terrace of this Irish pub.

 Another of Nerja’s most outstanding establishments is H2O. This is a spectacular discotheque. The main room has a great place to dance and also seats and tables to drink in the meantime. On the other hand, the pubs dedicated to hip-hop, R&B, pop, dance or electro at night should also be highlighted.

 Other pubs and clubs to highlight in Nerja are

  • Rockefeller Room
  • People Sound Room
  • Tantra Pub
  • Malibu Cocktail Bar

 Those who want to dance until dawn in Nerja have all the possibilities. 


Water sports you can practice in Nerja

Being a Mediterranean coastal town, all water sports are practicable. If you don’t know what to do on your holiday come to Nerja and enjoy all the water sports this town has to offer. 

Because in Nerja you can rent a canoe and go with it to the cliffs of Maro, and you will see inaccessible places that cannot be seen from any other means but by boat or canoe. Or any of the water sports that we now offer:

Surfing and KiteSurfing

First of all, both surfing and kitesurfing are sports that have become more prominent in recent years in Nerjar. The beach of La Torrecilla has the necessary conditions to practice it. That is why many fans come to this beach in search of the necessary waves to surf. 

There are also several active tourism companies in Nerja that give courses to learn how to surf. Furthermore, KiteSurfing has experienced a great increase in the interest of sportsmen and women, making it one of the most popular summer sports.

Diving and snorkelling

The beaches of Nerja and Maro are also famous for the richness of their sea beds. That is why in Nerja there are many companies that offer everything from initiation courses to authentic excursions for diving professionals. Because diving on the coast of Nerja is the opportunity to live a unique experience. Furthermore, the courses are also suitable for children, who are offered special training.

Rental of water vehicles

In addition, in Nerja you can enjoy watercraft driving courses or boat rental. Because there are many establishments on the beach that offer everything from jet ski hire to organised trips to discover Nerja’s most hidden coves.

Paragliding and Bungee jumping

But not everything is strictly water sports in Nerja. Because there are also numerous companies that offer paragliding courses, paragliding rental, tandem flights… to enjoy the sky as well. 

So, if you want to experience the biggest dose of adrenaline in your life, bungee jumping is the ideal sport for it. The company SaltaRíos Málaga Puenting offers throughout the summer jumps on the viaduct over the Barranco de La Coladilla, Nerja. From a height of about 35 meters, you can live a unique experience with which to say goodbye to your fears.


Nerja hiking routes

Nerja’s natural environment is beautiful, which is why it is excellent for hiking. That’s why we can say that it is a paradise where you can discover places of great beauty, impressive cliffs, peaks and mountains overlooking the sea. 

 Here we present you some of the trails in Nerja.

 Esparto Fountain

 The path starts from the Fuente del Esparto which is next to the old miners’ houses. In addition it continues by the forest track until the slope of the Galgos by where it descends until the Chíllar river.

 This path reaches the beginning of the river Chillar, which is another of the permanent water rivers that are frequent in these mountains, thanks to the natural systems of underground reserves.

 From here you can enjoy views of the peaks of the Sierra Almijara. In which nest, besides big birds of prey and many other birds visible without great difficulty.

 Reserve of the river Chillar

 The route of the river chillar or route of the Cahorros, not to be confused with the Cahorros de Monachil (in Granada). It is a medium level trekking excursion, but even the first pool is a little easier and suitable for all.

 You are always surrounded by water, trees and native flowers. In addition, you will enjoy the relaxing sound of the birds and animals of the area.

 Navachica route along the Hunter’s Cliff

 It begins at the Fuente del Esparto and is 18 kilometres long because it reaches the Navachica peak at almost 2,000 metres. It is a route of medium difficulty.

 The route is recommended during the time of year when the days are longer. It is also advisable to be careful because there are wells not very visible among the vegetation outside the road.

 Almond Tree Route

 This is a spectacular route that is only 1 kilometer from the mines. This route reaches a mountain pass in the northern area of Almendrón from where you can see the whole valley.

 Rock of the Castillejos

 After kilometre 298 of the N-340, we climb up to the Caserios de la Fuente, where the river begins. On this route, from its highest point, you can see spectacular views of the coast and the valley.


Where you can stay in Nerja

The ancient inhabitants of Nerja thought that this was a good place to live. They started living in caves, but then moved on to villas and apartments. You can read a more extended account of this transition in our blog.

In the present day, you have tons of accommodation options in Nerja. You can easily rent an apartment or villa (through Airbnb or otherwise) or book a room in a hotel of your choice.

Usually, the best villas are located around the external perimeter of Nerja. Areas like Capistrano, Pueblo Rocío or the Burriana beach are the best to enjoy a relaxing stay. However, we must warn you, if you are going to book a place through Airbnb, beware of scams. Thoroughly check the host’s reviews and references to ensure a safe booking. Another option is to look up real-estate agencies, which have properties for sale, if you’re set to own a home here.

Several of our customers used to visit Nerja, but today have become this town’s residents.

Warning! You may easily fall in love with this magical place called Nerja, and never want to leave again.

Hey, honey… Now that we are in Nerja, what things can we do? Do you want to visit Nerja caves or do you prefer to celebrate our wedding, perhaps?

To be honest, I prefer to take a walk by the beach, my darling.”.

This could be a normal conversation of any couple visiting Nerja. Because yes, indeed everyone should go visit these breathtaking ancient caves that belonged to human prehistory. In these caves you will find written and drawn the first pages of our history as humans. You can also write here the first page of the book of your married life, because Nerja’s become quite a trendy place for wedding celebrations. And honestly, could you find a better place? Nerja has beautiful surroundings, outstanding climate and perfect location by the seaside.

Honey, did you know that Malaga Cabbie also provides wedding transfer services?”

I didn’t know, my darling. We can also book our transfer services for our return trip to Malaga airport with them. They are brilliant!”

Alright, alright, maybe this last one isn’t an actual daily conversion, but it could be…!

Other villages and towns near Nerja

During your transfer from Malaga airport to Nerja, we will pass by the following towns:

  • La Cala del Moral.
  • Rincón de la Victoria.
  • Benajarafe.
  • Torre del Mar, which belongs to Vélez-Málaga.
  • Caleta de Vélez.
  • Torrox town and Torrox Costa.
  • And finally, Frigiliana.

However, after passing Nerja you have even more interesting places to visit, namely La Herradura, Marina del Este or Almuñécar. These three places are part of Costa tropical, that owes its name to its special tropical climate.


Celebrate your wedding in Nerja

As we know, Nerja is a town with a fishing tradition and a historic centre with narrow white streets. It has a coast and beaches that are unbeatable in the whole of southern Spain.

Moreover, thanks to its spectacular views of the sea and the mountains, its squares and its beautiful churches, Nerja is the perfect place to have a dream wedding. 

Because the sunsets on its beaches can be unforgettable moments. From its small coves and large cliffs combined with its warm sun and the blue of the sea and sky, it is a place very close to paradise. 

For all these reasons, Nerja is a fantastic place to celebrate your dream wedding.

There are also several establishments in Nerja that specialise in this type of celebration. And here we present you some of them.

San Juan Towers

First of all, it is located right next to the Sierra de Tejeda-Almijara Natural Park. This makes it one of the best places to celebrate a dream wedding. It is also one of the best viewpoints because it has an excellent panoramic view of Nerja and its surroundings.

Thanks to its lounges with a large capacity, terrace with views of the whole town of Nerja here you can celebrate an unforgettable ceremony. It also has a private discotheque to continue the party.

Parador of Nerja

Among the wonderful beaches is the Parador de Nerja. This is a luxury hotel with spacious gardens where the greenery is outstanding. It can be turned into a peaceful place at any time. 

Besides the tourist interest that predominates in Nerja, its Parador is an attraction for the celebration of intimate weddings with a special charm. Because it also has a spectacular hall prepared to accommodate 120 people. On the one hand it has its privileged views and to put the finishing touch on it, an excellent meal with fresh and local products for your wedding.

Mar Bella Restaurant

With a location just a few metres from the beach and also with privileged views of the beaches of Nerja is this restaurant. 

Also with spectacular rooms to celebrate your dream wedding by the sea and all your loved ones. Surrounded by an earthly paradise like Nerja and its sunsets.

Marinas of Nerja

Because a beach wedding is one of the most special celebrations you can have.

Thanks to its unbeatable location on the beachfront and spectacular views of the sea. This is a magical complex to celebrate a unique and perfect wedding. We are talking about a perfect place for a wedding on the beach, surrounded by palm trees and listening to the waves of the sea.

In addition, this hotel offers its spacious lounge with a capacity of up to 400 people. But it also has other rooms such as the Beach Club Room, with a capacity for 110 guests.

And also its magnificent gardens to have a delicious welcome cocktail while the sun sets on the horizon. 


Nerja and Verano Azul

Nerja and Verano Azul are the same, because the series directed by Antonio Mercero marked a before and after. Because the series launched the town to international stardom.

Although the series premiered in the autumn of 1981. Since its premiere the series has been the representation of the dreamed summer holidays for many Spaniards born after the dictatorship. 

Because who wouldn’t want to spend a month on the beach with a gang of friends who whistle happily while they ride their bikes.

Verano Azul is one of Antonio Mercero’s greatest successes because he managed to capture the aspirations of many young people and capture them on television. And also because of TVE’s tireless revivals.

The scene of the dream holidays is Nerja, a village in the region of La Axarquía de Málaga. In which the team lived during the year and peak that lasted the shooting. Some locations were recorded in other towns such as Motril or Almuñecar (Granada). But the main reference is the town of Malaga.

The protagonists are:

  • Quique
  • Pancho
  • Bea
  • Desi
  • Javi
  • Piraña
  • Tito

They form a gang of kids of different ages (from infancy to pre-adolescence). All but Pancho are with their summer families in town. Besides making friends with each other, they discover two references that will change their idea of what it is to be an adult.

One is Chanquete, an old fisherman who lives in a boat stranded on the beach, La Dorada 1. 

And the other is Julia, a painter who spends the summer alone there. 

Besides, neither of them have anything to do with their parents and that also makes them friends and confidants.

Watch out Spoiler

During the 19 chapters of Blue Summer the kids discover the value of friendship, first love, the importance of taking care of the environment… 

All this under the sun, at the sea, on vacation and with happy endings, except for the Chanquete incident, which still brings tears to the eyes of the audience.

A curiosity is that the series does not say his name at any time.


Recommendations before you book your transfer

We are very happy and grateful that you’ve chosen us to be your transfer service company. To ensure that we are able to provide the best service, we must warn you that during peak season we may experience some difficulties to issue a confirmation for your booking request within 24 hours prior to your arrival.

We will try to do our best, in case you need to book your transfer services in such a short notice. Our priority is to keep providing excellent quality service that our customers deserve. So please, try to plan in advance and don’t leave your transfer booking to the last minute.

Have a good flight and we will see you in the arrival hall of Malaga Airport!


Distance and duration of the journey from Malaga airport to Nerja

During your transfer from Malaga airport to Nerja you will be taken to your accommodation location by the A7 motorway, which doesn’t have tolls. How does that work for you? Well, you won’t have to pay an extra fee, while still using a high quality road. Once we leave Malaga airport, you will be able to see a rugged terrain on which the road snakes. Many hills and beaches are some of the most appreciated attributes of Andalusia. 70 kilometres and 45 minutes separate the airport of Malaga from Nerja.  Within a few kilometres, after we leave Malaga city, you will begin to see some private properties and a golf course. On our way towards Nerja, you will quickly realise how peace and calm dominate the area. 

Approaching Nerja, we will observe extensive tropical tree crops. These produce fruit: avocados and cherimoyas. We will encounter several tunnels during the trip, which may be of some amusement to children, in particular. We advise you not to lose sight of the horizon and the sea, though, as these fabulous landscapes are quite something to remember.

This stunning scenery is part of Nerja’s charm. The beauty of this town would not be understood without its environmental jewels. We want you to see it for yourself, which is why our aim is that your holiday begins the moment you step into one of our private transfer vehicles, as we take you from Malaga airport to Nerja town.

Once we arrive to your hotel or apartment, it’s easy to know why Nerja is one the most beautiful towns in Spain. The characteristic white houses and narrow streets are Nerja’s hallmarks. In addition to these, we have to include the well-known “balcón de Europa“, which is probably the most beautiful beach landscape of the entire Costa del Sol and Spain.


Visit our Nerja travel guide!

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route from malaga airport to nerja


Route from Malaga Airport to Nerja