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History of Pampaneira

 Pampaneira is located in the heart of the Poqueira ravine, in the central-western part of the Alpujarra of Granada. It is also approximately 60 kilometres from the capital and about half an hour’s drive from the Costa Tropical. Also at one hour half from International Malaga Airport.

 In addition, most of its municipal area is in the Sierra Nevada National Park. And next to the Historical Complex of the Poqueira Ravine.

 It is a ver beautiful white village between the mountains of Sierra Nevada. Pampaneira has about 300 population.

 The origin of the name Pampaneira dates back to Roman times, and therefore from the Latin “pampinus”. Furthermore, its meaning is “pampinus”. It alludes to the lush land surrounding the municipality and the river Poqueira.

 The history of this village is similar to that of many other places in this region. On the one hand we have to take into account its geographical isolation. It has always developed its own distinct culture. And its moment of greatest splendour is the Arab-Andalusian period. Because then the whole region was an important agricultural emporium specialized in the production of silk.

 However, after the capture of Granada in 1492 by the Christians. The population was subjected to a pressure that became intolerable. That is why in 1568 a rich landowner in the area, Hernando de Válor, who took the name of Abén Humeya, took up arms against Felipe II. This gave rise to the Rebellion of the Alpujarras, which was a general revolt of the Moors throughout the kingdom of Granada. 

 But internal dissensions among the Moors themselves. They allowed the King’s half-brother, Don Juan of Austria to quickly defeat the rebels. That’s why in 1609 the Moors were totally expelled from Spain.

 The subsequent depopulation was quite widespread. So the Alpujarra was repopulated with people from the kingdom of Castile. Which is the origin of the present settlement.

 The name Pampaneira, like others in the Alpujarras ending in “eira”, comes from the Andalusian or Mozarabic romance. 


The weather in Pampaneira

Pampaneira has a continentalised Mediterranean climate because it is at an altitude above 1,000 metres above sea level.   And also because it is on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada. 

These factors cause it to have cold winters, in which it is normal to have snow or frost. On the other hand, we have the nearby ones, which are quite warm, with maximum extreme temperatures above 35 degrees. But below 40 degrees. The temperature is also milder due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the Alboran.

Rainfall is variable and even abundant, with dry periods in summer and cold drops in autumn. In addition, it is necessary to add that the rainfall has an annual average of 201 mm. It only rains for about 100 days a year, even less. On the other hand, the average humidity is 57% and the UV index is 4.

Normally the best time to travel to Pampaneira is from June to September. Because the climate at that time of the year is either very pleasant or hot with very little rainfall. 

However, winter is not ruled out in order to enjoy the snow, without the crowds of the Sierra Nevada ski resort. 

The average maximum temperature in Pampaneira is 28°C in July and 9°C in January. 

The average climate figure in Pampaneira is 7.6. This is based on several factors, such as average temperatures, possibilities of precipitation.


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