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Puerto Banus 50th Anniversary 

This year 2020 Puerto Banus was 50 years old, because it was inaugurated in 1970. For that reason it had planned a series of events since everything was announced at the end of last year 2.019. So it was a unique opportunity to reinforce the positioning of Puerto Banus, building what will be the Puerto Banus of the future.

Because in these 50 years Puerto Banus has been the meeting point and enjoyment of the international jet set. An eclectic place with an intense social life that has captivated characters as different as Rainero de Monaco and Grace Kelly, the kings of Spain Don Juan Carlos I and Doña Sofia, Liza Minelli, Maria Callas, Audrey Helpburn… and more recently the Aga Khan, Lola Flores, Lady Gaga, Zinedine Zidane or Cristiano Ronaldo, among many others. Not to mention the great Julio Iglesias, who even has a dedicated street just like Lola Flores.

For this reason, throughout the year 2020, a series of actions were planned with the aim of attracting a new target audience. Although due to the Covid19 pandemic and health restrictions only a few could be celebrated. The 2020 campaign with its events was designed to attract the youngest, the millennials, a profile with high purchasing power. In addition, the campaign has had the presence of nationally and internationally relevant prescribers who represent the main brand values of Puerto Banús. Social networks will play a fundamental role in the campaign.

New image, new logo

To celebrate this moment a new image has been created, a new logo for the 50th anniversary of the port. It is a logo that follows the line of its identity with current and elegant strokes and with one of its identifying color: The Copper.

The image of the 50th Anniversary of Puerto Banus is Lady Kitty Spencer

British model Kitty Spencer, who is the niece of none other than Lady D. has filmed the promotional campaign that will use Puerto Banus to celebrate its half century of history.

For the first time in Marbella, Kitty has been posing all over the province of Malaga, from Ronda to the old town of Marbella. She has also been able to enjoy the gastronomy, nature, beach and the excellent 5 star services of the city. 

In the promotional video you can see the international model walking around Puerto Banus, in a spectacular day of shopping, a boat trip, as well as different activities that can be done in Pueto Banus. To show everybody the main attractions of the city: from its nautical offer, the luxury stores, the best meat and fish restaurants, 5 star hotels, its unbeatable golf courses, etc.

Because the image and the campaign of the 50th anniversary of Puerto Banús has been carried out for its diffusion mainly in the social networks, Instagram above all. Because Kitty’s profile reaches 519,000 followers, especially thousands, which is the target for which Kitty was chosen as ambassador of the “Have a great day” campaign.

Because the millenials public is of high purchasing power, a segment that is increasingly determining the tourism and luxury market at an international level. This is why Kitty’s visit to Marbella has been distributed on social networks in 12 countries: 

  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • United States
  • Morocco

More events in Puerto Banus this summer of 2020

Also during the month of August, every day, there have been outdoor music concerts. Following all the recommended measures to avoid contagion of Covid19. These are concerts for the whole family. From Saturday 1 August, until the end of the month, there has been live music at the Muelle de Honor in the port area. With a total of 26 free concerts ranging from pop, rock and soul music to flamenco, bossa nova and fusion.

Genres such as flamenco, pop, rock, among others, have been enjoyed

every day in August (except Mondays) from 8:30 p.m. at the Muelle de Honor in Puerto Banús. Where there has also been a bar area with drinks to enjoy the most summery atmosphere with the most spectacular views of the city inside the nautical enclosure.

But the best thing of all, is that this year is extending the season in Puerto Banus. So you’re still in time. Don’t miss it.


Climate and Weather

What are you expecting for? You know this is Spain and here is sunny and warm all the time!! Haha, ok, now with no jokes and let me tell you the truth. Is truly common for us to meet with surprised customers because sometimes in Puerto Banus rains and is not so warm like you expect. Of course this is an exception and really unusual in holidays season. The winter is too sweet if you compare it season with northern Europe’s winter. Fresh temperatures but not really cold, rather mild temperatures.

Spring is a lottery as well as autumn because Spain is on the border between Africa and Europe. Depending on the strength of air mass, the weather can be fresh and wet or dry and hot. It is not required to tell you that the most usual situation is the second one. Precisely, the climate is one of the most appreciated attributes of the south of Spain. So do not be too worried about that.


Important information about Puerto Banus

Hotels, villas, restaurants, etc

The road of Costa del Sol maybe is one of the busiest roads of Spain, especially in holidays season. For this reason it is so usual to find several restaurants and many hotels. These are located close to the road to make easy the access to this locations. Additionally we will cross with many towns which occupies all the line of the coast. Not any free of urbanized spaces in the beach from Malaga airport to Puerto Banus. Following straight to Puerto Banus, these are the towns across the route: Torremolinos, Mijas, Fuengirola, La Cala de Mijas, Calahonda, Cabopino, Elviria, Marbella and Nueva Andalucía. We have to remind that Puerto Banus belong to Marbella and sometimes you can feel confused to differentiate one place from another. As well as Nueva Andalucia which borders with Puerto Banus.

The nightlife! marina, casino, pubs. Entertainment and enjoyment

Well, it’s possible to have a relaxed stay in Puerto Banus but obviously this is not its best attribute. Puerto Banus is excitement, music & loud, party, unusual experiences, passion… If you want to speed up your heart, you are right, this is your place.

The marina is one of the main reasons to visit this location. Here you can find more than ships, fabulous ships also upper class vehicles. And no less upper class are their shops and some of its famous people walking around. Most likely before to getting out your transfers service  you will cross with some of these luxury cars. Perhaps the driver has to let some famous person of your own country pass by.

If you like another kind of emotions, you can try to get lucky in the Casino. Arriving at Puerto Banus it’s possible to see the Casino at the right side of the road. In the border between Nueva Andalucia and Puerto Banus, close to H10 Plaza Hotel. You can hear the croupier before you even get there…

Not really, but you are already living this moment and you know it.

Not just nightlife: shopping, golf…

And well, ok, fine… Nightlife it’s super-duper, but what about daylife? You still need the excitement running through your veins so hurry up and go shopping, have a look at this jewellery shops or these wonderful clothes. Can you feel your heart trying to getting out of your chest? Tell me about paying for your purchases. This is THE luxury city my friend! Your transfer service provided by MalagaCabbie can bring you to the “heaven” but then you will flight alone. Have a good trip and don’t forget to book your return transfers service! Malaga airport is waiting for you… d’oh!

Maybe you prefer to relax… Well, you got the right to enjoy relax here or perhaps this is what you need after all of these crazy enjoyments.  Marbella and Puerto Banus area is full of golf courses. With several options from Malaga airport to Puerto Banus. That doesn’t sound bad, having golf time, a fresh soda and a little retirement of the noise. Be full of Puerto Banus and Spain, no limits, get it all. We hope you enjoy your stay and we are waiting for your new booking request for your next transfers services. Because we know that once you know all this, you will repeat.

Service areas

Petrol stations, supermarkets and other services areas are too usual in the route of the transfers from Malaga airport to Puerto Banus. If you need to go shopping some supplies or just need to pick up the keys of your villa or accommodation it’s possible to order an stop. But kindly please, inform us in your booking request because otherwise maybe the driver won’t be able to stop. Check out our terms and conditions about the stops in our website of MalagaCabbie.


The best seafood restaurants in Puerto Banus

Havana Lounge Puerto Banus

La Habana Lounge is a restaurant which offers high quality products and impeccable service.

It is one of the best terraces of Puerto Banus and you can enjoy its famous rice, salads, seafood and fish and its wonderful desserts.

In addition with an extensive wine list and champagne.

An exquisite service accompanied by an unbeatable attention will make you enjoy a delicious meal in one of the best terraces of Puerto Banus.

La Pesquera de Banus

This is a restaurant with several locations throughout Spain, with Puerto Banus being the most glamorous. In which all type of seafood can be tasted, from sardines and red mullets with summer red, to a magnificent seafood paella.

It is a restaurant with a magnificent service in the avenue Julio Iglesias of Puerto Banus.

Restaurant La Ola

This restaurant in Puerto Banus has an extensive menu, but stands out especially for its seafood. Also in a very pleasant atmosphere. We must also say that the restaurant La Ola has a decoration with very soft and relaxing colors but with a subtle touch of elegance.

Using the freshest and most seasonal raw materials, the restaurant Although it also offers seasonal dishes its specialty is the shrimp cocktail with pineapple and pink sauce.

Also with a staff that gives an excellent service.

Azul Marino Restaurant

The Azul Marino Restaurant is located on Paseo Muelle Ribera. It offers a varied type of cuisine, which can be highlighted by its grilled meats but especially seafood. The Azul Marino restaurant works with the freshest and most seasonal raw materials. 

Located in the Ribera Pier, it has the privilege of having a view of the sea which makes the stay in the restaurant more pleasant, which combined with its excellent and careful cuisine make an unforgettable evening.

Restaurant La Torre Puerto Banus

This magnificent restaurant in Puerto Banus offers among its specialties fish and seafood. Because its cooks prepare the dishes of the traditional Mediterranean cuisine and is an ideal place for business meals.

On the other hand we have its excellent wine list which is highly recommended.

And as its name suggests is in a stone tower in the center of Puerto Banus. And also has its own parking.


The best mojitos and cocktails

Astral Cocktail Bar Marbella

Astral Cocktail Bar Marbella is located right at the entrance of Puerto Banus since 2002. It is very easy to recognize it because Astral is a totally wooden Galleon. Also with a unique and original style in an excellent location. Also thanks to its lighting and sound it creates an exclusive atmosphere to relax and enjoy your cocktails.

Their cocktails have 4 points on which they are based:

  • fruits
  • liquors
  • natural ingredients
  • ice. 

Although they also offer alcohol-free cocktails. 

They work with both national and international alcohol brands. Their alcohols come from 4 and from the main bases in different areas of the world: 

  • Rum from the Caribbean and the Canary Islands.
  • Vodka from Russia.
  • Cachaşa from Brazil.
  • Tequila from Mexico.

 Sinatra Bar

 A classic of Puerto Banus. For many years it has been one of the reference bars. We also find it next to the entrance of Puerto Banus. It continues to be a place of reference, located at the entrance of the Port so much so that it is one of the mythical establishments of the Port.

 In addition to its good music that animates the port night, there is always a great atmosphere. 

 As far as the relation quality price, being Puerto Banús is very accessible. Because a gin-tonic award costs 12 euros. Also it is necessary to say that the waiters are majetes and rolled up.

Because to start the night and go cheering you up you should stop by and let yourself be seen…


These are the water activities you can enjoy in Puerto Banus!

This port in Marbella, Puerto Banus, is the perfect place to walk, go to the beach, and practice outdoor activities.

In Puerto Banús there is a wide range of activities available either in the open air or in an area where you can practice them all year round.

If you prefer to enjoy the outdoors and good weather in Puerto Banus, you will find companies that are dedicated to all water sports.

Also in the docks of Puerto there are different stands. They offer rentals of sailing boats. And also for fishing trips on the high seas.

Some of the water sports you can practice in Puerto Banus are:


For diving, whatever your level there are many companies and clubs that offer everything from equipment rental to courses. These can be for beginners or experts. These companies and clubs also offer guided underwater excursions.

Paddle Surf

Paddle surfing is an increasingly popular activity because it is easy to practice in the calm waters of Puerto Banus. It is also a perfect sport for all kinds of people. But if you like adrenaline, speed and waves, you can also catch the waves and ride them like any surfer.

And if what you want is to go for quieter rides, enjoy the sea and the breeze, you can also do it by sailing your board with peace of mind.

Fishing and fishing competitions 

Bottom fishing is ideal for anyone interested in spending a fantastic private fishing adventure on the Costa del Sol.

Dolphin watching

Because from here you can take a boat with a guided tour. Which will take you close to Gibraltar and Tarifa, where the sea and the ocean meet. So there you can observe an infinity of marine fauna. Among them we can find Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales, Fin Whales and different species of Dolphins.

Normally these are 2-hour trips and the excursions are accompanied by qualified marine biologists.


This is an exceptional activity that combines adrenaline, flight and sea to achieve an unforgettable feeling.

Water motorbikes 

In Puerto Banús you can drive a jet ski at full speed feeling the adrenaline of the jumps in the sea.


You can also discover the sensation of flying over the sea at an altitude of 80 metres. Because it is an aquatic activity where one or several people attached to a parachute are towed by a boat. Thanks to the speed of the boat, the parachute is lifted, making it fly. 

Are you going to miss it?


Are you looking for a Luxury Shop in Puerto Banus?

First of all, Puerto Banus is the jewel in the crown of the Costa del Sol. Because every luxury brand that prides itself has its establishment open in this place.

Find out where you can find luxury in Puerto Banus and other places in Marbella. 

Luxury shopping area in Puerto Banus

Because it is the largest luxury shopping area in southern Spain. It is also famous because it has the highest concentration of luxury stores per square meter in all of Spain. We can also say that the luxury offer is very varied. That is why in Puerto Banús you can go discovering while you take a walk along the Paseo Muelle de Ribera among the yachts, sports cars like Ferrari and Maserati, Lamborghinis and the glamorous windows of Louis Vuitton and Prada, Versace, etc.

And if your passion is fashion and haute couture, the latest trends and luxury… in that case there is no room for excuses to add this new enclave to your list of places to visit. 

Because Puerto Banús is one of the most emblematic nautical and tourist destinations in the Mediterranean that, year after year. That is why year after year it is consolidating as a luxury and shopping destination among the rich and famous of Spain and the rest of the world.

It is a luxury marina that, since its inauguration in 1970. It is one of the most iconic places on the Costa del Sol. The area around Puerto Banús is growing all the time. 

That is why the fashionable Hermès and Loro Piana boutiques have recently reopened. In addition to the shops that already have a long tradition in Puerto Banus like Versace and Bash. 

And as if all this wasn’t enough, in 2020 the iconic Fendi brand has arrived in Puerto Banus. But it is not the only one that has just joined, because the luxurious Italian firm, Dolce & Gabbana, has also just arrived, and it has also opened a store in Puerto Banús, becoming the third establishment that Italian stylists have in our country, since until now they only had a presence in Madrid and Barcelona.

Marbella Luxury Weekend 

As we have already said Puerto Banus impresses any day of the year. However it shines even more during the Marbella Luxury Weekend. Because that weekend is dedicated to sports cars, designer clothes, jewellery, art, champagne, incredible dinners and parties… 

During that weekend, even if you don’t have a VIP invitation you can visit the Port because there are more activities, shows and stands for all the public.


Puerto Banus Bullring

 Located in the urbanization Puerto Banus, Marbella. Inaugurated in 1968 by Mondeño, Manuel Benítez El Cordobés and Miguel Márquez, and bulls by Atanasio Fernández.

 The square was one of the most important bastions of tourism during the seventies. 

 Since its construction it has been surrounded by controversy. Because only four years had been inaugurated the square of Marbella and an ordinance of those times prevented the construction of another in the same municipality.

And it is also true that Puerto Banús is only 8 kilometres away from the city of Marbella. Nevertheless, by a Francoist decree it was allowed to build 

It had a capacity of 11,300 spectators

A Dutch group acquired the bullfighting ring after paying three million euros to former bullfighter José Luis Román in 2001. The project that these businessmen put on the table contemplated an investment of 20 million euros for the remodelling of the enclosure. In addition, their intention was to host sporting events. And they also wanted to cover it and reduce the capacity. However, this investment never took place.

Four years later, the developer Emilio Rodríguez, CEO of Construcciones Salamanca, became the new owner of the Puerto Banús marina.

For years the rumor ran through the city that the bullring would end up being eliminated. Besides, four towers would be built there in their place.

No bullfighting activity since 2000. Since the company Construcciones Salamanca, acquired the square in 2005 the site changed its use and was transformed into a concert stage. International artists of the stature of Joe Cocker were brought in, as well as space for cultural activities.

In addition, the Puerto Banús bullring was the focus of attention for half the world in 2009. Because it hosted the final phase of the Davis Cup of tennis. The company ceded the facilities to the city council and the bullring ended up becoming an impressive court with almost 13,000 seats.

But we should not rule out that it may once again host bullfighting events. Although this is not yet the intention of the owners. 

Because the enclosure does not currently meet the requirements for holding bullfights.

The albero remains fenced in to this day. In 2010 it hosted its last concert.


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