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Two important civilizations were here: Phoenicians and Romans. They took advantage of the resources of the area that were later used by the Arabs. There are still some remains of the presence of Phoenicians in the area of the municipality.

The Romans called it Turaniana, which was in the Ribera de la Algaida. But there they suffered several floods and moved to the present location.

A Roman road passed here from Cástulo to Malacca. Besides, there is still a milestone of it. It is one meter and a half high and has inscriptions in Roman numbers that point out the leagues between towns. Romans also extracted salt from Roquetas de Mar.

Middle Ages

During the Nasrid era, the Muslims built a series of fortifications: 

 Esparto Tower

Cerrillos Tower 

Roquetas Castle or Santa Ana Castle.

Modern Age

Almeria was conquered during the Reconquest in 1489.  

Roquetas de Mar was a square of great military interest although it did not manage to establish itself as such. 

The current Roquetas de Mar has its origin around the eighteenth century when the inhabitants of nearby villages such as Enix or Felix. They did not have fixed residence, they settled down definitively. 

Contemporary Age

At the beginning of the 18th century the first lasting settlements took place once the coast line began to be considered safe from attacks by Berber pirates. In 1737 some farmhouses, the village and houses of the military garrison around the Castle of Santa Ana are counted.

During the 19th century, the neighbourhoods of the Port and Cortijos de Marín were formed. Agriculture was the main means of subsistence. Later a lead industry appeared but ended up disappearing.

At the beginning of the 20th century the salt mines were modernized and were the first modern industry in Roquetas de Mar. 

In the 50’s numerous white houses were developed and built on plots of land, the school, and the teachers’ houses. Within the actions of the National Institute of Colonization are also developed other neighboring towns. The settlers came from the Alpujarras and the rest of the province of Granada. 

Francisco Fuentes Sánchez, better known as “Paco the pilot”, sets up the first greenhouse in the province of Almería, made of cane and wire. 

At the end of the 1960s, several tourist complexes were built and the development of tourism in the area began.

In the following decades of the 20th century, this development was consolidated, resulting in an increase in population.

Since 1997, the municipality has been declared a Tourist Excellence.


Monuments of Roquetas de Mar

The Castle of Las Roquetas, also called the Castle of Santa Ana, because in the chapel was venerated the image of the Virgin Ana, patron saint of fishermen.

It was rebuilt in 2001 after the earthquake that destroyed it in the last century. It served to defend itself against pirate attacks and now houses a museum and cultural exhibitions of various kinds.

The Lighthouse. It is another historic building of the city. Today it houses exhibitions throughout the year, and consists of two rooms where paintings, sculptures, photographs and other works of art are presented.

The archaeological site of Torrequebrada. This is where the ancient Phoenicians founded Turania, today Roquetas de Mar. Around it there are numerous archaeological remains that date back more than 2500 years.


The average climate in Roquetas de Mar

In Roquetas de Mar, summers are short, hot, sultry, arid and mostly clear and winters are long, cool, dry, windy and partially cloudy. Throughout the year, the temperature generally varies from 9 °C to 30 °C and rarely drops below 6 °C or rises above 34 °C.

Based on the beach/swimming pool score, the best time of year to visit Roquetas de Mar for hot activities is from late June to early September.


The hot season lasts 2.9 months, from June 21 to September 17, and the average daily maximum temperature is more than 27 °C. The hottest day of the year is July 30, with an average maximum temperature of 30 °C and an average minimum temperature of 23 °C.

The cool season lasts 4.1 months, from November 21 to March 23, and the average daily maximum temperature is less than 19 °C. The coldest day of the year is January 15, with an average minimum temperature of 9 °C and an average maximum of 16 °C.


The best beaches in Roquetas de Mar

Los Bajos Beach

This beach of Roquetas de Mar in the province of Almeria is also called as the Beach of the Rompillos. Which is on the outskirts of the city. You can access it by an unpaved road which goes from Roquetas de Mar to Aguadulce. The occupation level is medium/low, and the composition of the sand is mostly gravel, with areas of sand and pebbles. It has no services but it is almost 2 kilometers long. 

Cerrillos Beach

This is a virgin beach within the Natural Park of Punta Entinas-Sabinar. In addition this beach is about two and a half kilometers long, and is surrounded by dunes and hills covered with typical vegetation. Also nearby are the natural salt mines which are a protected area for birds.

Serena Beach

This beach is in front of the most modern hotels in Roquetas de Mar that have been built in front of the Golf Course. It is also a little more than a kilometer and a half long. Its level of occupation is quite high but without agglomerations. And it has all the necessary services.

Beach Urbanization Roquetas de Mar

This beach is 1980 meters, is in a predominantly tourist neighborhood with a lot of leisure and catering. Its level of occupation is quite high.

Las Salinas Beach

Las Salinas Beach is located to the east of the city at the height of the old San Rafael Saltworks. It extends from the old road of the Salt mines to the Rambla del Cañuelo. It occupies the part of the residential neighborhood built near the Roquetas Auditorium and the Commercial Center, it extends from the old road of the Salt mines to the Rambla del Cañuelo, with a total length of 1330 meters. 

La Bajadilla Beach

This beach runs from the marina in Roquetas de Mar to the hotel Zoraida. Its level of occupation is high, being in the center of Roquetas de Mar. Being an urban beach has all the services.

La Romanilla Beach

This beach is also in the center of the town of Roquetas de Mar. Its occupation rate is very high, and has all the services.


Gastronomy in Roquetas de Mar

The gastronomy of Roquetas de Mar is marked by the products coming from the sea, first quality fish, and those that come from the land as the excellent horticultural products of this region, baptized as the orchard of Europe.

The autochthonous fish like the red mullet, breca, snapper, sea bass, gilthead bream, rooster pedro or redfish and the seafood like the gambón, cigala, shrimp, white shrimp are the base of irresistible plates that go from the broth of fish, the pickled one, of Arab origin or the rice apart, a unique typical sailor plate in all the province of Almería.

Although they can be cooked in a thousand ways, there are fish whose flavour is even better if they are eaten in a certain way.

Thus, the experts advise that the gallo pedro be tasted fried, the breca and the pargo to the cuajadera, the turbot to the plate and the redfish in cuajadera or fried… and so on.

The best thing is to ask and be advised by the excellent professionals of the restoration that there are in Roquetas de Mar. Your advice is sure to be worth it.


The best meat restaurants in Roquetas de Mar

 Di Modena Grill

This meat restaurant in Roquetas de Mar opened in January 2010. Its objective has always been: customer satisfaction. That’s why the maximum professionalism is demanded from all the staff and also the quality of the raw material. Thanks to these factors Asador Di Modena is a reference point in Roquetas de Mar.

 Moreover, since 2010, thanks to Asador Di Modena, there has been a revolution in the catering industry in the area. Because they pamper every detail so that your stay is a pleasure for your senses and always maintaining a good quality/price ratio.

 At Asador Di Modena you can enjoy succulent meats.

Asador Di Modena also has a great wine list and a collection of the best premium Whiskies, Rums and Gins in the world.

All this in its spacious and cosy interior lounge and its large glass terrace with sea views that will make your lunch or dinner a real luxury.

 Restaurant El Cortijo

In the restaurant El Cortijo you can taste a delicious steak and a perfectly elaborated ox. In addition it is necessary to emphasize its fried milk because it is surprising. 

 It is easy to find this place because it has a magnificent location. It is also a restaurant famous for its divine service. A homely decoration and a charming atmosphere help their customers to feel relaxed. 

 La Alcazaba Restaurant

A restaurant dedicated to Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. Where you can taste an extraordinary steak and an exquisite paella. This restaurant is also famous for its great wine. Come and enjoy a good coffee too.

Also Restaurante Alcazaba is well known for its great service and its friendly staff, always ready to help. It is also worth mentioning its value for money.


Seafood restaurants in Roquetas de Mar

La Casa de Santi

This restaurant in Roquetas de Mar is characterized by the work well done. You can tell that they are professionals in seafood and rice on the coast. So in this restaurant you can taste the best dishes and the freshest product. Which comes directly from the market to your plate. 

You can also make reservations to enjoy their exquisite menu. Which ranges from starters and portions, through of course the superb seafood, salads, rice and pasta. They are professionals and serve a unique product.

In addition to economic prices. They also have an aquarium in which you can see the seafood they offer.

A seafood restaurant in Roquetas de Mar with an authentic service of quality. 

Koral Restaurant-Bar

An ideal place to enjoy a good meal, at a reasonable price. Also with incredible views of Cabo de Gata. In which the children can enjoy playing in the amplitude of the beach. 

They are specialists in:

  • Paellas
  • Rices of various types.
  • Fish from the Mediterranean coast in its different variants:
  • Sole
  • Sea bass
  • Squid
  • Boquerón
  • Sardine
  • Clam
  • Mussel

And also in vegetables from the garden of Almeria with all the flavor of 

Everything within the best environment to make your visit more pleasant.

El Ancla restaurant-bar

In this restaurant on the beach of Roquetas de Mar you can enjoy the aromas and flavors which merge into a kitchen with a taste of the sea. In which it emphasizes by the quality of its products and its careful elaboration. 

In this restaurant they are specialists in Grilled Octopus, Seafood, Fried Fish, Grouper, Rooster Pedro, Rooster and the best rice dishes. 

Also it is necessary to emphasize his enormous wine letter and the best music for a tablecloth with friends. Because it is an excellent chiringuito with terrace in a privileged place of the coast of Roquetas de Mar. So it is a perfect place to enjoy their rice, and fresh fish from the coast of Almeria. 

Also in this restaurant-bar you can book for all kinds of events such as weddings, baptisms, communions and birthdays. But also company or business dinners. Count on our excellent restaurant services. We celebrate communions, baptisms, private parties, etc. We do everything possible to make you feel at home.


The best bars to eat some tapas in Roquetas de Mar

The Golden Shrimp

This bar offers some great tapas, for 1.50 euros with your little rod and a good tapa. There is also a wide variety to choose from. 

Besides the tapas, the unbeatable attention and quality price is also worth mentioning because the tapas are also very consistent. 

 La Cabañita in Roquetas de Mar

This is a tapas bar near the beach. In which with a couple of tapas to choose with your drink you can have a perfect dinner. You can choose between meat or fish tapas.

Quality, price, quantity, all in agreement. Very pleasant treatment by the waiters and good attention. It is worth going to eat while you see the beach in the background. 

The Secret Corner

Imagine for a moment sitting in a bar and asking for a glass of wine or a beer with your cream on it, accompanied by a select and different tapa.

This tapas bar is characterized by the variety and rotation of its fresh products:

  • Galician octopus
  • Calamari Montadito
  • Soya marinated bluefin tuna tataki
  • Corvina on a black couscous timbale Mediterranean style

It also offers hamburgers and mini-burgers with designation of origin, as well as coloured bread for the little ones.

The Black Angus meat, considered one of the best in the world and national and international meats carefully selected are at your disposal in our local can cook it at the table to give the point that you like.

It also has a wide variety of signature tapas that fuse different cultures. In addition to the traditional ones that will leave you wanting more.

Cafe-Bar Bernardo

In the historical centre of the city of Roquetas is the Café-bar Bernardo.

For years, this tapas bar has been one of the emblems of the famous Calle Real de Roquetas. 

Variety in tapas of fresh fish from the Mediterranean Sea, fresh meat and adding the experience and professionalism of their cuisine.

 A visit is a must to taste a good tapa. They also have a terrace all year round.

Cafe-Bar La Marea

The Marea café-bar specialises in breakfast and tapas, offering the best value for money. Also with a good service and the best products on the market. Also in a traditional atmosphere with unbeatable sea views on the beachfront. 

Add a natural touch to your mornings, as at the Marea café-bar we are health conscious and incorporate a piece of seasonal fruit into our breakfasts. Strawberries, cherries, apricots, watermelon or melon will complete your daily diet.

In this café-bar, in addition to the excellent breakfasts, you can enjoy cold tapas:

  • Ham
  • Cheese
  • Salami 
  • Chorizo 

All of them accompanied by the best beer at the best price. In addition, the Marea café-bar is the ideal place to hold events.


Some of the best ice cream shops in Roquetas

After spending a day on the wonderful beach of Roquetas de Mar. Nothing better than enjoying a good ice cream walking along its promenade. That’s why we present you some of the best ice-cream parlors in Roquetas de Mar.

Helados Artesanales Milano

This family ice cream shop in Roquetas de Mar has more than 20 years of experience in the sector. He has developed part of his career as manager of some of the most important ice cream parlors in Argentina. But now he is in Roquetas de Mar.

Helados Artesanales Milano was born in 2012 in the premises, in the marina, where the first recipes were produced.

But soon moved to a modern work, in Roquetas de Mar. And from there they sell and send to other ice-cream shops their unbeatable ice creams.

Elaborated daily by hand, always with the best raw materials.

Roman Ice Cream Shop

After enjoying the gorilla attraction in Roquetas de Mar you can taste a magnificent ice cream in the Roman Ice Cream Shop. Because they are also the best ice cream you can find not only in Roquetas de Mar, but all of Almeria.

In addition the medium size is what any other ice cream is considered large. We can also say that they have a lot of flavors. Its location is unbeatable and the quality of ice cream is to suck your fingers.

Besides, we are constantly taking out buckets of freshly made ice cream and made to order.  Dream creams, with just the right amount of sugar and a multitude of flavors, to which more accurate. 

Alacant Ice Cream Shop in Roquetas de Mar

The best ice cream tradition, experience and the most advanced production and marketing technology at the service of a top quality product.

Heladería Alacant is present throughout Spain, offering some of the best ice cream in Spain in its ice cream parlours. These are valued and sought after for their extraordinary qualities, taste, texture and superior quality.

For more than 30 years, they have been in Roquetas de Mar and other emblematic places of Almeria. It is also a company of ice cream artisans born in the cradle of Alicante’s ice cream, thanks to their recipes and most ancient secrets.


What to do in Roquetas de Mar

First of all Roquetas de Mar is one of the biggest tourist centres in Germany. Because it has all the services and the quality of its facilities

In addition Roquetas de Mar offers more than 25000 hotel rooms, a golf course, a water park, an aquarium… And it also has an auditorium, with a wide range of concerts, a marina, a shopping centre, a promenade… That is why since 1967 it has been a Centre of National Tourist Interest. It is a city of leisure by the sea.

In Roquetas de Mar you can:

Walk by the sea

The city’s promenade is an urban continuum parallel to the sea. In addition to a network of new residential areas, parks, streets and avenues that lead to wide beaches. In addition the promenade of Roquetas is one of the largest in Almeria. Urbanisations and the promenade link up with the port, the lighthouse, the castle of Santa Ana and the fishermen’s quarter.

Visit the village

Until the tourism boom, the town of Roquetas de Mar had been a small coastal fishing settlement. A town that lived off brine, fishing and traditional agriculture. 

The seventies marked the beginning of the great transformations that this municipality would experience. With a strong economic expansion, driven by agriculture and tourism. Today Roquetas is a prosperous town, due to its tourist facilities, a Mediterranean town, bustling, cheerful and cosmopolitan.

Its heritage

Roquetas de Mar also has an important monumental and environmental heritage. Which is composed mainly of:

Castle of Santa Ana

Lighthouse of Roquetas de Mar

the natural space of Punta Entinas-Sabinar 

And also the beaches awarded with the Blue Flag quality accreditation.

Water sports

Thanks to its marina and all its services. Here you can do all kinds of water sports, from boating or kayaking to scuba diving. Snorkeling lovers can enjoy in Roquetas incredible sea beds.


Roquetas de Mar Popular Festivals

The dispersion of the population centers of Roquetas makes that this town enjoys celebrations practically all the year. 

In addition the celebrations of Roquetas can be enjoyed during the day and at night. 

The Parade of the Three Kings

As is traditional, on January 5th the traditional Cavalcade of the Three Kings is held. 

Entierro de la Sardina

It’s February 18, which is the farewell to the Carnival. The different groups and groups take to the streets accompanied by different floats and the giant sardine, the protagonist of the parade.

28th February

It is the Day of Andalusia, in which the autonomy of Andalusia is commemorated.

Holy Week

As in all Andalusia, this religious festival is celebrated with its processions and brotherhoods.

Festivals of San Marcos

On April 25th, San Marcos is celebrated. On that day there is a mass in honor of the Saint and then a procession.

Festivals of the Parador

This festival is celebrated from the 10th to the 15th of May in honour of San Isidro Labrador. He is the patron saint of farmers and the countryside. 

Festivals of Cortijos Marín

In honor of Saint Anthony and the Immaculate Conception, from June 6 to 9, with different activities for all ages. And also some religious acts.

The Corpus Christi

Its date depends on the Holy Week and in its celebration there is a Eucharist and then the procession of the Holy Sacrament. 

The Night of San Juan

As in all coastal towns and cities, on the night of June 23rd and 24th, bonfires are lit all over the beach. Also with all its traditions, of throwing the bad thoughts to the bonfire. And bathing at midnight.

Festivals of the 200 houses

They are held between 21 and 24 June, coinciding with the arrival of summer in honour of Saint John the Baptist. 

Festivals of Las Marinas

This festival is held from July 3rd to 7th. During these days the Las Marinas district celebrates the festival in honour of Our Lady Virgen del Mar.

Festivals of El Puerto in Honor of the Virgen del Carmen and Santa Ana

Like all fishing villages, it celebrates July 16 with a procession of the Virgen del Carmen. And also from the 26th of July are the festivities in the Port of Roquetas.

Solanillo Festivities

The festivities are celebrated every year in honour of the Virgen María Madre de la Iglesia in the district of Solanillo. 

San Cayetano

On August 6th and 7th in El Barrio of the same name.

Procession Cristo Del Mar

It takes place on August 10th in the port of Roquetas de Mar.

Procession of the Assumption of the Virgin

 August 15th in the neighborhood of El Parador de las Hortichuelas.

Festival of the Losas

In honor of the Sacred Heart of Mary on August 31 and September 1.

Festivals of the Glory

From 6th to 8th September in El Barrio of the same name.

Virgin of the Rosary

From 4 to 7 October, they are held in honour of the Virgen del Rosario, patron saint of the village. 

Festival of the Moragas

The day of “Las Moragas” is the most crowded daytime festival of all the pagan festivals in the province of Almeria, in which, like the night of San Juan, families and friends go to the beach and gather around bonfires to spend a day full of joy and fun.



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