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Popular festivals in Salobreña

 In addition to the long history of Salobreña, and its extraordinary monuments, this town on the coast of Granada has its own popular festivals.

 Because Salobreña apart from its central population centre has several outlying districts as well as another population centre (Lobres) that have their own celebrations.

 On the night of June 23rd, as in every city or coastal town in Andalusia, the magical night of San Juan is celebrated, with all its traditions. That is why around the 24th of June, which is the day of San Juan, the Salobreña fair is held in honour of San Juan Bautista. With its attractions, stalls and huts.

 In addition, due to its picturesque character, Easter is also celebrated. From Tuesday to Good Friday the processions of various brotherhoods leave the town. Among these, the Procession of La Soledad, which takes place on Good Friday, is particularly noteworthy. In which hundreds of women are dressed in rigorously black and in silence accompany the Holy Mary in her Solitude.

 As we have already said in the annexes of Lobres, La Caleta and La Guardia, the festivities in honour of their respective patron saints are also significant. 

 In Lobres we must mention the festival in honour of San Antonio which is on the 13th of June. Then, as the seafaring tradition of La Caleta and La Guardia dictates, its patron saint is the Virgen del Carmen. Her feast day is 16th July. 

 The patron saint of Salobreña is Our Lady of the Rosary, which is on 7 October. She is very famous throughout the province of Granada. 

 As a curiosity, the oldest known festival in the municipality of Salobreña is held in Lobres. It is the festival of the Candelaria which takes place on the 2nd of February.


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