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Roman Emperors in Sevilla

Two Roman emperors were born in what is now Seville, Hispalis in Hispania. Adriano and Trajano lived the most stable period in the history of the Empire, under the Antonina dynasty, between 28 January 1998 and 10 July 138. Furthermore, these two Sevillians governed the destinies of the most important Empire in the world consecutively. 


 The first of the Hispanic emperors was in 1998. Marcus Ulpius Trajan succeeded Nerva in the 13th Roman Emperor. He died childlessly and chose as his successor someone with sufficient military and consular experience as the Hispanic Trajan. He was also pressured by the Hispanic clan. 

 Trajan was born in Italica, of which there are still ruins in Santiponce, near present-day Seville. It was also the first city built by the Romans in Hispania. It was founded for veterans of the Second Punic War against the Carthaginians. 

 During his reign, the Empire expanded eastwards, with the conquest of Thrace and the wars with the Parthians being particularly noteworthy. Shortly before his death he adopted Hadrian, the son of a cousin, who would become his successor.


In 138, on Trajan’s death, Publius Elio Hadrian became the 14th Emperor of Rome. He was also born in Italica. During his reign the Empire reached its maximum extension. Together with Trajan, he was one of the five good emperors.

 Hadrian was a fervent admirer of Greek culture. However, his reign was not as militarily active as his predecessor. The wars against the Jews were also part of his reign. 

 He built several fortifications that stabilised the borders, such as in Germania and Britannia, where he built the famous Hadrian’s Wall


The best restaurants in Sevilla

Restaurant La Antigua Abaceria de San Lorenzo

This restaurant, La Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo, is a business which is in the center of Seville. It also offers a homemade Andalusian cuisine. 

In its beginnings it was a shop-bar which marks its enormous respect for the product and that everything they serve is of first quality. 

It is also worth mentioning its cheeses, sausages, laterío, its salted loin, Iberian stew and its stews. 

But we strongly recommend their tomato soup, scrambled, potatoes with tomato and egg or ratatouille with egg.

Jaylu Restaurant

In this Sevillian restaurant, famous for serving the best seafood. It should be noted that the sea is the main protagonist of the menu of this restaurant. In which every dish is prepared from tradition to modernity. 

We can find it in the historic Triana district. In addition it is necessary to say that this small restaurant is a safe bet for any lunch or dinner. 

Restaurant La Becerrita

In La Becerrita restaurant we find a menu based on Andalusian and Sevillian cuisine. Because its menu consists of both meat and fish and also excellent seafood. They are fresh because every day they are brought directly from their point of origin. 

Although they follow a traditional cuisine, they also offer their own creations. 

Don’t miss their Kobe beef, oxtail croquettes and acorn-fed Iberian pork with crispy mustard.

Restaurant El Rinconcillo

This restaurant offers two areas for its customers, a more informal tapas area and a dining room. In which you can enjoy a totally traditional cuisine. In addition we must emphasize the codfish turkeys or spinach with chickpeas. 

But there are also other recipes such as duck confit with chestnut puree and raspberry sauce, the Iberian loin. 

And don’t miss the dessert menu.

Restaurant Casa Román

This restaurant is right in the heart of the old town of the capital of Andalusia, Seville. Specifically in the Santa Cruz district and next to the convent of Los Venerables.

This is why Casa Román is an emblematic place where you can enjoy top quality Andalusian products. 

Here you can enjoy excellent ham, fried eggs with potatoes and ham, salmorejo, tomato salad with slices of ham bacon or croquettes.


Restaurants and bars in Sevilla with Flamenco Show

Seville is one of the capitals of flamenco. Because in its famous Triana neighbourhood, which is on the banks of the Guadalquivir, some of the best artists of the genre have come out. 

Moreover, it is an area that is very characterized by the cult and the diffusion of the music and the art of flamenco. 

Some of its bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a flamenco show while having a fabulous dinner are

Tablao flamenco el Arenal

First of all in the Tablao Flamenco El Arenal there is an authentic and traditional flamenco tablao. No frills or too many decorations, because the building in which it is located dates from the 17th century. It is decorated in the purest Andalusian style. 

You can have dinner, wine or beer while you enjoy the art of the famous artists.

The Triana Tunnel

We follow this selection of the best bars with flamenco. Because in this space which pays homage to the performances of flamenco of great artistic quality. Because this way, it spreads more this musical genre so typical of Seville.

In El Túnel de Triana you can also enjoy a night of drinks and fun in a very pleasant atmosphere.

The Flamenquería 

La Flamenquería is a space dedicated to the dissemination and creation of flamenco in Seville. It is the most modern of all because it opened its doors in 2014. But since then, it works as a flamenco school and as a bar where you can enjoy top level performances.

This space is next to the Guadalquivir River. Inside you’ll find a traditional tablao, with wooden chairs, the tablao at medium height and the Andalusian aesthetic. All this creates an idyllic space to enjoy flamenco shows.

The Baraka Room

Baraka is one of the bars with a flamenco atmosphere that also has a direct flamenco decoration. That’s why here you can enjoy performances by top level singers and dancers while you enjoy your drink or your beer.

In the Baraka room you will be able to experience the authentic essence of Seville in a great atmosphere. Because it is a perfect place to discover the flamenco influence in Triana.


Sport clubs in Sevilla

Sports activity in Seville is regulated by the Municipal Sports Institute (IMD). It offers a wide range of physical activities in many municipal facilities in the city of Seville. Among these we can highlight:

  • Gymnastics
  • Aerobics
  • Bodybuilding
  • Martial arts (Judo, Karate, Taekwondo…)
  • Tennis
  • Fencing

Sporting entities

But in addition to the sports that are practiced in the municipal facilities of the Town Hall. The city of Seville is home to various professional and amateur clubs in different sports: 

In water sports on the Guadalquivir River or in swimming pools, the following stand out:

Seville Swimming Club

Charco de la Pava Sports Centre

Seville Sailing Club

Guadalquivir Rowing Club

Professional Basketball

Real Betis Energy Plus Basketball Club


Real Club Pineda de Sevilla, which is an equestrian club that also has a golf course.  It also has facilities on an 80 hectare site in a triangular-shaped area. It should be noted that this club has the only private racetrack in Spain and one of the few in the world.

That is why it is one of the main Spanish institutions dedicated to horse riding.


Real Club de Tenis Betis SAD, direct heir of Caja San Fernando de Sevilla, plays in the Endesa ACB League, the second best professional basketball league in the world. Only surpassed by the American NBA.


Seville Skydiving Club

Seville Country Club Association

This is a non-profit making entity of an associative nature. In addition, its objectives are the initiation into sports and the promotion of sports and all kinds of cultural activities. 

Its facilities are only 10 minutes away from Santa Junta station.


Rugby Sevilla (Cajasol Rugby Ciencias)


Club Atletismo de Sevilla (Seville Open)

American Football

Sevilla Linces, which is the first Andalusian club team in this sport. It has existed in the city since 1992, having participated in the elite of American football in Spain since its foundation.

Wheelchair Basketball

Seville San Pablo Basketball Sports Club


Legend’s Surf School

Footballclubs in Sevilla

In Seville there are two great professional soccer clubs. Which also have a great rivalry between the two. Every time they play against each other it is a special day for the city.

Sevilla Football Club S.A.D.

The first of these is El Sevilla Football Club, because it is the oldest. It was founded on January 25, 1890. Later it was registered in the register of associations on October 14, 1905, being its president José Luis Gallegos Arnosa de Jerez.

The stadium where it plays is the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán. It is owned by Sevilla Futbol Club itself. This is where it plays its games as a local, both in national and international competitions. It is located in the Nervión district and owes its name to the man who was president for seventeen years. That is why it is also called the Nervion stadium. It has a capacity for 43,88310 spectators. And it has also been the stage where the Spanish team has played many times until the inauguration of the Isla de la Cartuja Olympic Stadium.

It has several trophies and titles that make it the team with the most regional, national and international titles in Seville and in all of Andalusia. 

It was also champion of the Spanish league one season and runner-up four times. It is noteworthy that it has won five King’s Cups, six UEFA Cups (four of them as Europa League). And also a Spanish Supercup and a European Supercup. 

He has played 73 seasons in the First Division and 13 in the Second Division. 

In addition, this club occupies the sixth place in the historical classification of the Spanish Football League. And in 2006 and 2007 it was chosen by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics as the best club in the world. 

Its branch plays in the Second Division B of Spanish soccer.

Real Betis Balompie SAD

Real Betis Balompié, also called Real Betis or simply “El Betis”, is a multidisciplinary club based in the city of Seville. It was founded in September 1908 in principle for the practice of soccer.

It is also one of the only 9 Spanish clubs that have won the League and the National Cup. In 1935 it became the fourth club in history to win the Spanish First Division League, a decade in which its well-known slogan “Viva er Betis manque pierda” became popular. 

It was also the first team to win the King’s Cup under this name, previously the Generalissimo Cup. And then they won it again in 2005. 

However, like all the clubs in Spain, except Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic de Bilbao, he has also played in the Second Division.

That is why he has been champion of the First, Second and Third Divisions and is among the top ten in the historical classification of the First Division.

Its performance in national competitions has led it to play in international competitions on ten occasions. 

One in the UEFA Champions League, seven in the UEFA Cup/European League, and two in the former European Cup Winners’ Cup. In addition, there are others in the also extinct Fair City Cup and the Iberian Cup.


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