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Meet Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is a mountainous system belonging to the Betic system, located in Granada. In it is the highest peak of the Iberian peninsula, the Mulhacén. In 1999 it was declared mostly Natural Park, for its richness in fauna, flora and landscape.

Before telling you all that this majestic mountain can offer, we tell you a little about its history.

A brief history of the Sierra Nevada

Already since the first century, there are mentions to this mountain in some writings. Throughout time it has been known by different names such as Mountain of the Sun, Mountain of the Air and Sun or Mountain of the Frost. From the 18th century it was baptized with the current name of Sierra Nevada.

Famous authors such as Washington Irving or Gerald Brenan dedicated entire works to this natural site, its beauty and the city of Granada. They also made the region of the Alpujarra known to the world. A group of small towns scattered among the mountain that harbour a unique beauty.

The ski resort of Sierra Nevada, accessible from the town of Pradollano, began to be created in the 60s. The boom of tourism in Spain led to the creation of alternative activities for people looking for another type of vacation. In it, there have been numerous tests of the World Cup of alpine skiing or winter games.

The weather in Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is the most representative example of Mediterranean high mountain ecosystems. The conditions that determine the enormous climatic diversity in Sierra Nevada are its altitudinal amplitude, latitude, and complex terrain topography.

Below 1500 meters the average annual temperature is between 12 and 16 degrees, in Pradollano (2500 meters) between 8 and 4 degrees and from 3000 meters is less than 0. In winter the precipitation is almost exclusively in the form of snow from a certain height. The rainiest months are between November and February. If you decide to go just after these months you will find the ski slopes in their best condition and views that will leave you open-mouthed.

Gastronomy of the Sierra Nevada

When we talk about the gastronomy in Sierra Nevada, we are talking about the typical food of La Alpujarra. Famous throughout the country, based on the Mediterranean diet and fresh food from the land.

Alpujarra gastronomy is based on agricultural products, livestock and the abundant edible and condiment plants that occur in the area. The dishes are influenced by cuisines of different cultures due to the historical richness of the area. It is a mixture of Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine with a personal touch of the villages in the area. Formerly in all the houses one or two pigs were raised for their later killing and family consumption. They are elaborated in an artisanal way, the loin in a pot, the blood sausage, the sausage, the ham, etc.

These are some of the most typical dishes that you should try if you visit the area. They are known as “The Alpujarra dishes”

La Olla de San Antón

It is a dish made with rice, black pudding and what the people of Granada call “pringá”. This hypercaloric stew mixes the broth with dried beans, beans or rice and a lot of pork, which is known to take advantage of pigs until the walk, to make a ‘light’ recipe with which to put an end to Christmas excess.

Gazpacho with potato omelette

In this area, the consumption of cold soups is very typical. Made with a mixture of olive oil, vinegar and raw vegetables: usually tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions and garlic, you should also bring bread. It is usually served fresh in the hot summer months.

This dish combines perfectly with a potato omelette typical of Spain. A simple but exquisite dish without a doubt. It will open your appetite just thinking about it.

“Migas” and “Gachas”

The “migas alpujarreñas” is a typical dish of the Alpujarra made with semolina flour. It is one of the best-known recipes in the area.

To make it, fry the semolina flour in a frying pan together with garlic, green peppers, bacon, water and salt. Its elaboration is laborious since they are constantly stirred so that it remains with good texture. The crumbs are always eaten with other foods so that they are not so heavy. They are very rich with fruit like grape or pomegranate, with sardines or with a fresh salad. 

“Las gachas”is another dish made from flour, but more watery. There are hundreds of recipes, sweet and salty however I will take it to the personal land and I will tell you about what my grandmother used to prepare me in childhood.

It is a simple dish, but if it is made well it is delicious. The flour is boiled with milk until it is like a paste, it is accompanied by a lot of sugar, nuts and pieces of bread. I would not know how to explain it but it has a special charm, I recommend you try it for dessert.

The restaurants in Sierra Nevada

First of all, you have to take into account that prices in Sierra Nevada are a little bit more expensive. Because it is far from any urban center. But this is always the case in all ski resorts. 

 Alcazaba Restaurant

First of all, without a doubt this is the best restaurant in Sierra Nevada and also with signature cuisine.

This restaurant is in the area of Borreguiles which is a privileged place. Because you can also have lunch a la carte with table service. This restaurant offers a wide range of salads, grilled meats, rice, tasting menu.

It has a very comfortable dining room and its decoration is Alpine. It also has a large solarium terrace with views of the Veleta and the slopes of Borreguiles.

Access by stairs from inside the Borreguiles Restaurant.

Another point in its favour is that it has a ski-guard service for skis, poles and boots. 

Restaurant Borreguiles

It is a large building which is between the upper stations of the Al-Andalus and Borreguiles cable cars. Also near the main meeting points of the ski schools.  It also has a large terrace with views of the mountains and the slopes. 

And for the younger ones it also has a self-service. This is on the ground floor of the Borreguiles restaurant. In which you can taste pizzas, salads, paninis, pasta, paella, chicken, wok, soups, creams, stews of the day, vegetables, fried foods, fish… 

It also has a free WIFI zone

Badía Restaurant

This restaurant which is in the middle of Plaza de Pradollano opened its doors in the 2016/17 season. It is an innovative place to enjoy in Sierra Nevada. 

It is an innovative place to enjoy in the Sierra Nevada. Inside it has a rustic-vanguard design and a large terrace facing the ski slopes. 

It also has a bar to enjoy good music and good tapas. Remember that tapas are a classic in Granada.

 Visera Restaurant

This is the most classic restaurant in the southernmost ski resort in Europe. The Visera restaurant, which is in a very central location in the resort. Because it offers good value for money. 

It also has a terrace with beautiful views of the Veleta, where sometimes there is also live music with DJ. 

It must also be said that the menu is very varied. Because it offers everything from salads to migas, including stir-fries, pizzas and hamburgers.

 Los Jamones Restaurant

This restaurant is on the Sierra Nevada road. In which you will find a large dining room with a fireplace and very typical food.

The menu also includes migas alpujarreñas, rabo de toro or carne a la piedra. But for the more vegan people it also offers salads, soups, pizzas and pasta. 

Transfers from Malaga Airport to Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada typical restaurants

 Las Víboras Restaurant

First of all, Las Víboras restaurant specializes in meats, especially ham, with a great variety of them. Thanks to its location near the microclimate of the Sierra Nevada. It also has an extensive menu prepared in the most traditional and homemade way, including crumbs, salads and its delicious desserts.

It is also a family business that has been open uninterruptedly since 1957.

 Restaurant Puente de la Duquesa

This is a restaurant on the Sierra Nevada road from Granada. It is specifically in the municipality of Pinos Genil.

This restaurant offers a home cooking, natural and Spanish. And also the organization of all kinds of events and meetings.

With impressive views of the Rio Genil, which is the main river of the city of Granada.

 Sulayr Restaurant

Right in the middle of the Sierra Nevada National Park, this restaurant and rural hotel. It offers a few services to enjoy the tranquility, without bustle and with some exquisite products.

In addition, right from its door there are several paths for all levels, with spectacular landscapes.

It also offers a fresh terrace where you can taste grilled meats, homemade pizzas and typical dishes.

This restaurant also offers all the gastronomy of the area.

From a warm soup in the fireplace with some delicious migas alpujarreñas, watered with a good wine, for the winter. Like a fresh gazpacho in summer.

Hotel Restaurant la Higuera

This restaurant is famous among regular visitors to the Sierra Nevada ski resort. Because it is halfway between the city of Granada and the resort. 

It is a rural looking hotel and restaurant, where the traveller on his way to Sierra Nevada can enjoy a delicious homemade dish.

The restaurant, recently renovated, has a capacity for 130 guests. With a large fireplace in the centre.

Its cuisine is very varied although traditional dishes predominate among the specialties of the house. Here you can taste from a Dish Alpujarreño to the most varied salads, passing by meats to the live coal, beans with ham…

 Restaurant La Montaña in El Guerra

This restaurant “La Montaña” is within the facilities of the Hotel El Guerra. Surrounded by an environment which allows always have the best raw material in the area. Also here you will be able to enjoy the food just extracted from the orchard.

That is why in this restaurant you will be able to taste both the most typical and traditional dishes of Granada. But also the most modern cuisine. From beans with ham or suckling pig to avant-garde dishes.

What to do in Sierra Nevada?

In this section, we show you some ideas to spend a day in Sierra Nevada. This magical place is not only focused on sports and snow. It is rich in gastronomy, landscape richness, culture and tradition.

Visit the villages of La Alpujarra

La Alpujarra is a whole region of villages located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. The name comes from the Arabic Al Busherat which means Grassland or Land of pastures.

The region consists mainly of a series of valleys and ravines that descend from the summits of Sierra Nevada, in the north. It is a space of great beauty and contrast of landscapes. The Alpujarra has a high degree of fertility, so in spring the views are a range of colours.

We could dedicate an entire post to these people, and we will do so in the future. However, we offer a summary of some of the most famous in terms of tourism.

The largest cities in the region are Órgiva, Ugíjar, Cádiar, Berja and Trevélez. The three white villages in the Poqueira river gorge are the towns of Pampaneira, Bubión and Capileira, and have been recognized as important tourist destinations. These towns are characterized by the arrangement of their houses, in a stacked way, due to the stepped geographical space where they are located, and to their warmth. 

The activities offered by these towns are endless. Each one has its traditions and festivities. You can do mountain sports, relax in Arab baths, take a walk through its streets with Andalusian spirit or enjoy excursions in the countryside.


It is the only town inhabited by the Sierra Nevada ski resort. It is located in the southeastern part of the plain of Granada.

A town totally focused on tourism. In high season it receives 14,000 visitors a day and has more than 4,500 hotel beds. However, it is a charming town, and worthy of photography.

The town was founded at the same time as the ski resort. So it is logical is totally focused on tourism. In it, we can find hotels, restaurants, banks, rental of equipment for the snow and numerous shops. In addition, the town annually organizes activities such as concerts, parties and sporting events. The best time to go is from February to May.

Skiing in Sierra Nevada

The ski resort of Sierra Nevada is the highest altitude in Spain. It is only 27km from the city of Granada and the road is good. In any case, do not worry because MalagaCabbie offers transfer from Malaga airport to Sierra Nevada, or from any town on the Malaga and Granada coast.

It has more than 100 kilometres of tracks, of different difficulty levels. Anyone with the desire to ski can do so since you will have guided classes and rental equipment. And if you still do not trust, you can always descend by sledge!

The ski station does not only offer snow sports activities. It also makes camps for the little ones, nocturnal outings to see the stars, excursions, ascents to the Mulhacén peak and endless events focused on the tourist leisure.

A route through Los Cahorros

The hanging bridges of the Cahorros route can be a great option for a long walk with the whole family, located in the small town of Monachil, only 8 kilometres from the centre of Granada. Despite its proximity, it remains a relatively unknown place for many tourists.

The route follows the course of the river through a limestone gorge. If you visit it in the spring, you will have views of great beauty and richness of flora and fauna. Although remember your waterproof boots and swimsuit since in some parts you will have to get wet.

The route has several roads, and it is very easy to make for all kinds of people. However, the most adventurous will have to crawl, climb and cross beautiful hanging bridges to discover what this special route hides, as well as its incredible views, waterfalls, natural pools made of rock, caves and narrow tunnels.

The Monachil river, through which the route runs, has its origin in Veleta, one of the highest peaks in Spain. So its water is pure and crystal clear.

Transfers from Malaga Airport to Sierra Nevada

Fly over the area in paragliding

Another option for the most daring is the flight in paragliding or tandem. Throughout Sierra Nevada you will find several companies dedicated to these activities and with very affordable prices.

We strongly recommend leaving fear at home and launching into this adventure. You will enjoy views that you will never repeat. Fly over mountains, rivers, valleys and villages. You can see Granada and the Alhambra under the protection of the Sierra Nevada from a bird’s eye view. An activity of pure adrenaline that will make you feel love for this land.

In short, Sierra Nevada offers activities of all kinds, from a few quiet days in a lost town to extreme adventure sports. You can go with family or friends and everyone will enjoy. A place with a lot of history in which I would lose again and again.

The best hiking trails in Sierra Nevada 

Pico del Veleta Glacier Route

The climb to Pico del Veleta is one of the classic hiking routes. This route is 12 kilometers long, which can be completed in about 6 or 7 hours.

This route begins in the Hoya de la Mora, where the A-395 road ends. Where there are dependencies of the University of Granada, from here you go up a path until you reach the image of the Virgen de las Nieves. Always with the ski resort on the right. The route continues until you reach the area known as Posiciones del Veleta. From this point we can enjoy the views of the Mulhacén, the Alcazaba and the Corral del Veleta. This is an area in the shadow of the northern ridge where it used to be, until it completely melted in the summer of 1913, the only Andalusian glacier. Because, the corral has kept an area of permafrost or 13,000 year old fossil ice on its surface, but scientists have discovered that it is disappearing with climate change.

At this point, the old road from 1935 that went directly up to the top of the Veleta also intersects. Which until it was closed to traffic in 1999 was the highest in Europe. 

Climbing the Mulhacén

The highest peak in the Iberian Peninsula (3,478 m) can be reached by different routes. However, here we show you the best one to do it with your family.

This route starts in the Alpujarra town of Capileira. This is the point where the route on foot, about 12 kilometers round trip, begins to climb the Loma del Mulhacén. 

Also on this route we can enjoy the views of the nearby Pico del Veleta and even see mountain goats.

The reality, on the other hand, is that the Cañada de Borreguiles awaits us, which will not take us to the true summit. The Laguna de la Caldera, which we will soon see on the left of the road, is the sign that there is little left. It is advisable to make the ascent to the Mulhacén in summer, when at this height we can find some perpetual snow, but not the large amount of snow in the winter months, when the route is more difficult and requires high mountain equipment.

At the top there is a small chapel with the image of the Virgen de las Nieves. In which it is customary for hikers to leave their handkerchiefs and flags. Also on cloudless days, you can see the Mediterranean Sea and the African coast. 

Other routes through the Sierra Nevada Natural Park are:

  • The route of the Cubs in Monachil
  • Ruta de la Vereda de la Estrella, which follows the path of the old tram to Sierra Nevada.
  • Lagunillo Mysterious and Chorreras del Molinillo
  • Climb the Trevenque, which is the king of the mid-mountain with its more than 2,000 meters.


Sierra Nevada High Performance Center (CAR)

 The CSD’s High Performance Center for altitude training in the Sierra Nevada is a High Performance Center belonging to the Consejo Superior de Deportes. It was built so that elite athletes can train at altitude. Because its location is 2320 meters above sea level in the Sierra Nevada.

 The project began in the summer of 1990 thanks to the growing state support for elite sports. Due to the election of Barcelona for the 1992 Olympics.


The design of the facilities was a great challenge as we had to adopt a voluminous set of buildings on a mountainside.

 The first phase was inaugurated on February 29, 1992. And

the second phase on December 13, 1995.

 The third and last phase is the 89-room sports residence with some leisure facilities completed in 2004.

 The aim of the facilities is to provide a place for training at height. Because training at this height improves sports performance. Because a series of physical changes occur that act as a strong stimulus in the body. 

 Sports facilities:

  • Bodybuilding room
  • Floating parquet pavilion
  • Athletics module (130 m, 6 lanes)
  • Jump module with synthetic flooring
  • Indoor swimming pool (50 m, 6 lanes) with recording system
  • Individual sports room, aerobics and cardio
  • Collective sports room

 Among the relevant sportsmen who have concentrated in the CAR of Sierra Nevada There are the Niñas de Oro, the Spanish team of rhythmic gymnastics, Olympic champions in Atlanta ’96, which concentrated on the facilities between December 1995 and January 1996.

 Also in 2.015 the Spanish team of American soccer was concentrated here.


The economic impact of Sierra Nevada on the province

First of all, the Sierra Nevada is also known in economic terms as The White Locomotive.

Because it is the southernmost ski resort in Europe that generates an economic impact on its surroundings of 157 million euros per year.

Sierra Nevada for Granada has always been a reassuring image, a guarantee of water and goods for the whole year. 

Almost every person in Granada has a family member or friend who works at the ski resort or in the Natural Park.  Whether it’s selling or renting skis, serving coffee, in a hotel or simply as a monitor on the slopes. Since the last few years Sierra Nevada has generated between 150 and 165 million Euros, in a global economic movement that is close to 340 million Euros. 

So it is very clear that Sierra Nevada and its ski resort is an economic pillar. Because every year it attracts approximately one million visitors who come to ski or do other leisure activities. That is why it is a very important source of employment. With more than 3,000 jobs. Adding to that figure both direct and indirect jobs. 

On the other hand, there is the wealth it generates. This is where each season of the southernmost ski resort in Europe generates between 150 and 165 million Euros as we have already pointed out.

The visitors

The average daily expenditure of a visitor who comes to ski is about 100 euros and if he also stays overnight it can reach 112 euros. It should also be taken into account that according to statistics two thirds of all visitors stay overnight.  Of these, approximately half stay in the resort itself and the other half in Granada. 

The average overnight stay is 3.2 nights. And those who don’t stay over are coming from very close by. Because many visitors are from the rest of Andalusia and nearby towns. Although in recent years the number of visitors from Valencia has been growing.

The visit of foreign tourists and sportsmen is still very scarce, but it is also true that there is a tendency to grow. The internationalisation of the resort is also enhanced by the holding of competitions. After the Universiade of 2015, this trend has increased.

Sierra Nevada car testing

The province of Granada, and more specifically Sierra Nevada, is a place where the main car manufacturers test their new vehicles.

In addition to private test tracks, the brands test their models on public roads. 

Because when manufacturers develop a new vehicle model sufficiently they need to test its qualities on a real road. That’s why brands have to choose very carefully where to do these tests. 

Because a new car is a very expensive project and one that must be kept secret for as long as possible. The more kilometers they drive on public roads, the more exposed they are to being copied, so you have to look for routes where you can test as many variables as possible in the shortest distance.

All over the planet there are several routes that are very popular with most manufacturers to test their cars. But the first brand to start testing in Andalusia was the German Audi in 1986. 

There are several reasons why a large number of brands have chosen these areas for testing. Among the most prominent are, the aforementioned Audi, Mercedes and Scania trucks. But also Peugeot, Renault and Citroën.

Reasons to choose the province of Granada, from its coast to Sierra Nevada:

1) The pressure differences: in less than 100 km you go from being at sea level to 2,500 m high. In addition to this route, in the last 20 km you go from 700 m (Granada capital) to 2,500 m (Padrollano). This is ideal for testing the response of the engines and their ability to adapt to differences in atmospheric pressure. In addition to being able to check the loss of performance due to the lower density of oxygen in the air.

2º) The different climates and temperatures: because in just one hour you can go from a tropical climate and at sea level (Costa Tropical, Motril and Almuñecar) to an extreme continental climate in a mountain port. The differences in temperature on that journey can be as much as 30ºC in winter.

3º) Different types of routes: on a very short route you have urban traffic, secondary roads, motorways and even high mountain roads, so it is possible to test the suspensions, steering and brakes in different situations.

4º) Its infrastructure: the tests imply the displacement of many people who will carry out the tests. This is why a lot of logistics are necessary. Therefore, easy access to main roads, airports, hotels… is very necessary.

In addition to the infrastructure of the place, manufacturers move their own devices there and it is easy to find refrigerated trailers for testing at low temperatures of cold starts of cars, real rolling test benches.

Transfers from Malaga Airport to Sierra Nevada

Virgen de las Nieves pilgrimage

First of all it must be said that this Pilgrimage is the most important event of the Monachil Fair. And besides, the main act of this festivity consists of a night Pilgrimage that goes from Pradollano to the Tajos de la Virgen , at the foot of the Veleta. This pilgrimage also passes through other emblematic places of the Sierra Nevada such as Borreguiles. 

We can also say that this is the highest pilgrimage in the world. Because it is done at more than 3,200 metres above sea level. It is also accompanied by a small image carried on the shoulders of the pilgrims. And always the image of the Virgin is the last to arrive. Most of the pilgrims are usually military due to tradition.

The pilgrimage begins in the Plaza de Andalucía in Monachil every 5th August. Because the pilgrims are called at 3.30 in the morning arriving in Borreguiles around 7.00. There they stop to recover their strength by drinking a hot chocolate, as the whole route is uphill and quite steep.

Afterwards, the route continues to the Tajos de la Virgen. This place is reached at around 8.00 in the morning. And where the pilgrim is also received with hot tea while waiting for the sun to illuminate the altar. Then a mass is held with the pilgrims. 

Since the creation of the Sierra Nevada National Park and in order to preserve it, the control of the Hoya de la Mora remains open for a few hours so that you can get to the Veleta positions by car and from there continue walking.

Do not forget to hire your transfer

If we have convinced you and you have decided to leave the beach for a few days, we promise that Sierra Nevada will not disappoint you. The transfer from Malaga airport to Sierra Nevada is very convenient as we have a highway for the entire trip. If you want to know how to get from Malaga to Sierra Nevada, we tell you the options.

Train from the airport to Sierra Nevada

There is not a train that links directly from Malaga to the mountain. However, you can take a train at the Maria Zambrano station that takes you to the centre of the city of Granada. And from there, buy a bus ticket that will take you to Pradollano. There are trips throughout the year and with numerous schedules, however, we recommend you book it in advance.

Trip by bus

In Malaga, you can hire organized trips through a variety of agencies that will take you by bus to the mountains. The advantage of these trips is that they already prepare some of the activities or bonuses for skiing, so you will not have to worry about anything else.

Rental taxi or car

Finally, the most convenient option is to hire a transfer from Malaga airport to Sierra Nevada by taxi, or a car hire. This option is somewhat more expensive, but will not depend on schedules or luggage problems. It is the most comfortable option for travelling as a family. In MalagaCabbie we offer you a list of prices, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

This is all we had to tell you, as always the rest of the adventure we leave it in your hands. We hope you enjoyed the post and your vacation. If you want you can leave us in the comments your own experience. Happy vacation traveller!


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