Transfers from Malaga Airport to Torrox


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transfers from malaga airport to Torrox

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Climate and weather on Torrox route

Is difficult to do a long term prediction due to the climate in Costa del Sol is very variable. The only one that you can be sure is that your holidays in summer will be sunny and warm. As a result of air mass influency, not any rains or clouds in this season. Rest of the year is more difficult to know in advance because Spain is in the border between Africa and Europe. It means that anytime the weather can behave like your own country or as a tropical place. But are rather mild temperatures in winter with the most rains in this season. Spring and autumn could be an extended summer or soon winter, easily you can have this mix year by year.


Torrox pueblo and Torrox Costa: where to go?

Once we take A7 highway and approaching to Torrox, we have two options to go which are Torrox costa and Torrox pueblo. Take care and not having confusion booking your Hotel or renting an accommodation because both are trully differente between them.

At left side of the motorway we can find Torrox pueblo, a typical place with its old town. You can discover the traditions of the ancient locations, watching its white houses and trying to talk with the old people who are sitted on their owns chairs in the street. Enjoy the smells of the typical spanish kitchens that come from private houses or from the restaurants of the area.  It’s not possible to differenciate them, nothing there can make you to remember a McDonald’s.

At right side of the motorway you have Torrox costa. As you can suppose, this is the Torrox area with beach. This is a modern place that was builted and focused to the turism. Here you can enjoy a large coast promenade or sit in one of its several terraces that belong to beach’s restaurants.  This is what you was probably looking for your holidays.


Accomodation in Torrox: Hotels, properties on sale, Torrox Park urbanization

Many accommodations options in Torrox costa but the favourite one of our customers is Hotel Iberostar Playa. Located next to the beach, this is one of the bigger building of Torrox costa. In addition to be one of the best Hotels in the area.

However, most of the accommodation options are the apartments as Torrox Beach Club, Laguna Beach apartments or Fuerte Calaceite, among others.

Are you looking for private properties to rent or for sale? You have to take a look most of all to Torrox Park. This big urbanization is located at half way from the highway to the beach. Not too far from the sea, which is less than 20 minutes walking.

Torrox offers you the best attributes of Costa del Sol which are long beach, good climate, good food, unbeatable communications and not expensive prices. This is the reason why some visitors finally decide to look for a property for sale.


Popular festivals in Torrox

Throughout the year in Torrox different popular festivals are celebrated. Which we present to you today, so that you don’t miss any celebrations:

The Carnival

First of all, in February, as in other cities and towns of Andalusia, the Carnival is celebrated. In addition there is a competition of murgas.  These are similar to the famous chirigotas of Cadiz but with more participants.

The May Crosses

Also as is the custom in other cities and towns in Andalusia. On the 3rd of May they celebrate the Day of the Cross. In which in different squares and neighborhoods of the city are erected crosses of flowers. They participate in a contest, and in addition each cross is enlivened with a bar, music, a stage for dancing…


On the Sunday immediately following the first full moon after the equinox, Easter is celebrated. With its spectacular processions throughout the city.  

Saint John’s Day

On the night of June 23rd and 24th, as in all coastal cities and towns. The magic night of San Juan is celebrated. In which it is customary to light bonfires, make wishes, swim at midnight… and have a big party on the beach all night long.

Festival of the Patrons

On August 5, the festival in honor of the town’s patron saints is held. They are the Virgin of the Snows and St. Roque. Also on this date is the International Festival of Choirs and Dances.

Pilgrimage of San Roque

Since August 26, 2.006 this pilgrimage is celebrated every year in Torrox. Which also with the Day of the Tourist in which the tourist is the protagonist. That day there are many activities focused on tourists for the enjoyment of all visitors.

The Candlemas

At the end of the first week of September: the inhabitants and tourists of Torrox go to the farmhouses to spend the weekend with friends. There they eat and drink, and in the evening a big fire is burned in each cortijo. To celebrate the end of the harvest.

The Fair

The first weekend of October the fair is held.

The day of the Migas

This typical dish has its own festival which is also of national tourist interest. Its date is always the last Sunday before Christmas.

This festivity began to be celebrated in 1980.


Hiking routes

To enjoy the landscapes of Torrox and La Axarquía there is nothing better than doing a bit of hiking.

Because hiking in Torrox during your holiday in La Axarquía is an excellent idea. Because this region has many areas where you can enjoy the sun, the sea and the landscapes.

Hiking in Torrox, from Nerja, Frigiliana, Velez Malaga, the Sierra de Tejeda or the Sierra de Almijara offer you a unique environment to walk and enjoy nature. 

It is also worth noting that in Torrox there are hiking routes for all levels.

The easternmost area of the coast of the province of Malaga has very attractive mountain areas for this adventure sport. 

One of the mountains and its footpath are also worth mentioning. This is the Sendero Pico de El Cielo in the Sierra de Almijara. Through the so-called Coladilla ravine we can reach the El Pinarillo recreational area and from there we can also visit the Picos del Cielo, Lomas Llanas, El Almendrón and El Cuervo. In which you can take some spectacular photographs.

It is true that the most famous path in the area is very close but it already belongs in large part to the municipality of Nerja. This is the route of the River Chillar. It is a route for all levels and can be done even with children. Because the Rio Chillar always carries water where the route runs 

In Torrox, Nerja or in the El Ingenio shopping centre in Torre del Mar you can buy all the trekking material in any sport shops.



route from malaga airport to Torrox


Route from Malaga Airport to Torrox