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Trevelez History

 Trevélez is a Spanish municipality in the province of Granada. It is located in the northern part of the Alpujarra region. It has approximately 750 inhabitants.

 Most of its municipal area belongs to the Sierra Nevada National Park. It is also the highest village in the Iberian Peninsula.

 Ancient Age

 First of all, Trevelez is one of the towns about which more history is known. Its origin for the challenges encountered would be the Neolithic.

 But really its exact origin is still unknown. We do know that its name comes from Latin: “inter-valles”. Therefore its name is of Roman origin, besides in the village there are remains from the 3rd century.

 Middle Ages

 As in the rest of Andalusia the arrival of the Muslims was very important. Because with their arrival the current Trevelez is configured. They introduced the irrigation system. Which helped to shape the landscape that today, with terraced crops, a plain around the village.

 In addition the population center divided into three neighborhoods. This heritage survives in many aspects, but above all in the way it was built. 

 Modern Age

 With the arrival of the Catholic Kings and the Conquest of the Kingdom of Granada, the Christian armies entered the Alpujarra. However, they did not reach Trevélez. So the population continued to be Muslim.

 In 1500 the Catholic Kings forced the Muslims to become Christians. This is how the Moors appeared, the name given to the Muslims who had theoretically converted to Christianity. However, they continued with their old religion in secret. Until the Moorish rebellion broke out in the Alpujarra region in the 16th century.

 The Moors of Trevelez rise up and take refuge in the Sierra Nevada. And from the mountains they survive as bandits against the Christian troops.

 With the definitive defeat of the Moors, King Felipe II decides to expel them definitively from Granada. To avoid the depopulation of the territory, new people are sought to populate Trevelez. Many people came from the North of the Peninsula, but also from closer regions such as Murcia, Valencia or Castile.

 In the seventeenth century the repopulation is strengthened and life is peaceful and isolated. 

 Contemporary Age

 Then at the end of the 18th century is when travellers and explorers of the Sierra Nevada begin to appear. Their expeditions began from Trevelez. And this situation will have its biggest peak in the following century (XIX) because the romantic travellers, especially the English. They will create a bucolic and idyllic aura of this region, talking about Moors, legends and telling myths that still remain.

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