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History of Yberique

 The first remains

 The first settlements in and around Ubrique date back to prehistoric times. This is evidenced by the Palaeolithic paintings found in several caves in the surrounding area some 15,000 years ago. 

 Later there is also evidence of the passage of the Phoenicians and let’s try the area. Nearby we find the Roman city of Ocuri, in the Benalfí mountain range also called “El Salto de la Mora”. So it is clear that here too there was a high degree of Romanization. Ubrique also belongs to the natural route that linked Ocuri to Ronda la Vieja, which was used by the Romans through a Roman road. 

 During the 3rd century A.D. it seems that Ocuri gradually lost importance and population, until it was completely abandoned. The population was dispersed towards other closer nuclei like the present Ubrique.

Foundation of Ubrique

 The Ubrique foundation was about 500 years ago. It is closely linked to the rest of the mountain range. Because at that time the foundation of its villas took place in the Sierra de Cádiz. As we know Ubrique today is the result of the Castilian repopulation after the Reconquest, however it has clear Muslim roots. 

 Because the population of the area was scattered during the Nazarite period from Ronda to the border with Castile. But from the 15th century onwards there were several changes which led to emigration to the enclaves closest to the border. 

 At that time the Berbers were the dominant group, although there was also a Mozarabic population made up of Christian captives. And it seems that the Mozarabs left among their toponyms that of Ubrique. A fortress called Cardela was also built during the Muslim period, which is now called Fatima Castle.



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